28 Day Keto Challenge Review: Can Anyone Truly Lose Weight In 4 Weeks?

Losing weight is indeed a challenge that many fail at. This is because weight accumulation is much easier than weight shedding. Due to the difficulty associated with weight shedding, many people feel like the endeavor is a lost course. For people struggling with overweight issues, the 28 Day Keto Challenge might just be a lifesaver.

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Keto Specialists

The 28 Day Keto Challenge is the life’s work of a group of nutritionists, life coaches and fitness experts who have dedicated the time and effort to create this life saving fitness register for people dealing with overweight issues. These experts believe that the approach to burning excess fat should be systematic and consistent. By providing you with a feeding timetable, diet recipe as well as motivating you to replace harmful habits with productive ones, they believe that your efforts will achieve the desired results.

The motivation behind the Keto Challenge

The timeframe needed to shed unwanted fat varies from person to person. Oftentimes, people tend to get discouraged at the early stages or midway through their weight reduction exercise due to little or lack of results. The journey towards losing weight is indeed a long road that is made all the more unbearable when you consider the sacrifices made to check weight gain. To successfully lose weight, one will have to adhere strictly to a diet timetable and be motivated to remain consistent for a month or more. The Keto Challenge is for people who want to shed weight but have not been able to do so either because they don’t how to go about it or because they lack the resolve to remain consistent.

What exactly is the 28 Day Keto Challenge?

The 28 Day Keto Challenge is a medically crafted plan that is tailor made to get you through the first month of your weight loss pursuit, which is often the most difficult period for overweight individuals looking to lose weight. This program is much more than a weight loss plan. It is a challenge to anyone who is interested in losing weight fast. By following the 7 guides listed in this weight loss brochure, you will see your best effort rewarded as you witness a remarkable reduction of fat mass in your body.

The 7 Keto Guides: What you will learn

This eBook breaks down the exercise into short and quantifiable processes to aid you daily. It contains 7 guides which if strictly adhered to by you, will lead to healthy weight reduction. Here is a comprehensive summary of the 7 guides contained in this weight loss brochure.

1. Keto Diet: The Basic

To start things off, you will be introduced to the basics of the Keto Diet. Under this guide, you will learn

How it works

The concept of using Ketosis as a weight loss medium is something that is not truly understood by many but in this eBook, all your questions are answered and more.

Who is it for?

Is the 28 Day Keto Challenge for everyone and under what conditions will this plan work effectively? This eBook throws more light on these questions.

Furthermore, under Keto Diet Basics you will be provided with sufficient information regarding

  • The 11 benefits of the Keto Diet
  • Keto Food Pyramid (With a Shopping List)
  • 13 tips for success (With a list of food to enjoy and avoid)

2. Eating on Keto (Keto in Numbers)

This second guide reveals more information in detail by helping you draw up your own personal timetable that is suitable for you. Under Guide 2 you will be introduced to

  • 10 breakfast recipes
  • 14 lunch recipes
  • 14 dinner recipes

There is also a 28 Day meal calendar that helps you plan your diet on a day to day basis. This guide will show you what to eat everyday for the next 28 days and if you follow it through, losing weight is assured.

3. Ketosis: Tips for Staying in Ketosis

Under this guide, the developers dwell on the subject of Ketosis in great detail. Ketosis is explained in depth and you will get a perfect understanding of what happens to your body when it is in Ketosis. You will also be provided with tips on how to transit into Ketosis in just 72 hours (3 days), how to know when you are in Ketosis and the right time to cycle out of Ketosis state

4. Macros: A Micro Look at Macro Nutrients

Macro nutrients play a major role in fat burn outs but unfortunately, many people do not know how to effectively use macro nutrients to good effect when working on weight reduction. This guide will show you how many grams of fat, carbs and protein you need to consume daily to successfully lose weight. Consuming macro nutrients in their proper ratios is very important if you are looking to lose weight. This guide will help you calculate the macro nutrients your body needs in their proper quantity and will also teach you the type of carbs to look out for when preparing your meals.

5. Keto Flu: Beating it the healthy way

There are harmless symptoms associated with the 28 day Keto Challenge, but the experts allay whatever fears you may have about them. Keto flu is a regular symptom experienced by many but there are healthy ways to reduce the symptoms. This eBook will show you how.

6. Intermittent Fasting: Tips for Success

With Intermittent fasting (I.F), dieters can burn out a few calories each day. Fasting in itself can be dangerous to your health and counter productive is not done rightly. The developers of this plan show you how to fast Intermittently at regular intervals if you so wish. They also note that I.F is not a requirement of the Keto Challenge but for those interested, they reveal 5 different I.F styles you can try to accelerate the weight loss process.

7. Keto & Friends: Dealing with Social Pressures

Individuals battling with obesity have to deal with the social stigmatization of their condition. Society associates laziness, low IQ and several other negative stereotypes with overweight individuals. While these sentiments are not true, the stigma still holds sway. Overweight people deal with the challenges of their circumstance on a daily basis and oftentimes, their confidence is affected as they struggle to gain social acceptance in their community. Under Keto and Friends guide, you will be taught how to deal with the social pressures associated with weight issues and how to maintain consistency in the midst of these challenges.


In this eBook, there are three bonus packages and they include:

Keto Dessert: This bonus package contains 36 mouth watering “fat bomb” recipes that you can add to your menu list.

Avocado Recipes: Avocado is rich in carbs and healthy nutrients for metabolism boosting. This extra package is a cookbook that reveals 5 very unique ways to prepare avocado pears. You will learn how to prepare Avocado fries, Bacon guacamole cups, chocolate avocado pudding pops and more.

Keto Supplement guides: Supplements can also aid your weight loss pursuit when used in the right proportion. This guide reveals 12 of the best supplements you can buy online or over the counter for your personal use.

Benefits of using the 28 Day Keto Challenge

  • This weight loss plan will make you lighter and thinner as you lose weight fast
  • You will feel energized even with less food in your system as you eat in the right proportion.
  • As you lose weight and go to bed lighter, your sleep quality will improve.
  • You will appreciate the extra momentum this challenge gives you as you keep going for the long haul.


  • Information contained on this eBook is easy to understand and practice.
  • Complex details and nutritional terminologies are explained in lay man language.
  • The timetable provided is easy to adhere to.
  • Different recipes for the same purpose.
  • Quite cheap for a price of $37.


  • Essentially for a one-month period.
  • No extra links for more information.
  • Difficult to complete the challenge without a strong personal resolve.

Get Instant Access To The 28-Day Keto Challenge
The 28 Day Keto Challenge is for anyone who is currently battling with obesity symptoms and complications. This easy to use plan provides all the information you need to trim down that excess weight and get fit again. For a price of $37 you can get your own copy by clicking the link below.
9.6 Total Score
Bottom Line

Weight loss exercises don’t have to be death sentences for those looking to shed unwanted fat. This 7-plan guide with 3 bonus extras is one I recommend for individuals dealing with weight issues. The tasks are well explained in detail and very easy to follow. All the information you will ever require to lose weight is contained in this eBook and is worth a space in your memory storage.

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