Backyard Revolution Review: Transforming your home into a beacon of clean energy

One of the key problems that we face today is the shortage of clean energy. This is something that is very grave and keeps escalating. So the solution must start from the individual houses. Backyard Revolution is one such effective solution that would help you to make your house a green building.

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An innovation that can potentially change the world

Countless engineers are working on the problems related to development of energy efficient processes and equipment. Also the research in fields of energy creation, transmission and distribution is quite extensive. All these say that energy is something that is very important and that the conventional methods of creating and using energy involves a lot of problems.

One of the most important problems is the pollution caused by the energy consumption. The most common method is to create energy by burning fossil fuels like coal and petroleum products. The problem is that a lot of harmful gases are released during the process. Hence these days, the fossil fuels are being replaced by other renewable sources like water, sunlight etc. The problem associated with such sources is that the technology used to generate electricity from these are primitive and quite costly.

The power of solar energy

Backyard revolution is primarily about extraction and usage of solar power with the help of solar cell panels. The cells generate electricity from sunlight and this energy is stored in batteries which are later used to power the different electrical systems.

Various challenges are present in this field and some are the high cost of panels, efficiency of the inverters used, the large area requirement to place the panels. Also the output of a single cell is quite low and hence a large number of cells are required to generate considerable energy. These are the problems tackled by the backyard revolution program. In fact the author claims that this is perhaps the best method available in the market if you are someone who wants to save electricity.

The story seems a bit too much

The author or the seller explains the entire program by narrating an event that took place in his life. This event seems to be a bit too good to be true. But as a customer, the only thing that you need to make sure is the effectiveness of the product. The story is that of a robbery and how his daughters saved the day. The robbery took place when the power was out and hence the author wanted to ensure that the situation did not happen in the future. This lead to the development of the backyard revolution program. Even though the author is not well qualified in the field and hence he says that he had to search a lot in order to get the perfect idea to carry out the program.

The MIT study and the breakthrough idea

Author claims that there was a MIT study about 3D solar arrays. This study took place in the year 2012 and aimed at enhancing the efficiency of solar energy production. The idea was to place the panels in a zig zag manner. This would ensure that the panels can be placed on above the other. The angle of inclination of each panel should be precise so that the solar energy reaches all the panels for easy conversion. This was very innovative but still no one had developed this idea into a full scale prototype. The author claims that he took up the challenge and developed the prototype. He developed a cost effective and maintenance free system that uses a very small area.

The claims

The site puts numerous claims regarding the solar energy production. The first one is that the system can be set up with a budget as small as 200 dollars which is quite a low amount. Also the area required is also quite small. An area as small as 10 sq. feet can be used to generate considerable amount of electricity. the claim is that 5% of the area required for a conventional system is enough to set up a system according to the backyard revolution. The author also claims that a reduction of 51% happened in the first month as far as the electricity bills are concerned.

Zero maintenance

There are numerous innovative products and systems available in the market and selecting the right one from the lot would be difficult choice. This where the maintenance free nature of backyard revolution comes into play. The seller claims that the first year would be completely maintenance free and that the miniature power plant at your home would take care of itself. Since the electricity bills would be reduced by huge factor, it is safe to say that the maintenance costs would be covered quite easily. There would be no black outs even if the grid goes down.

The product that is sold through the site

The actual product that is sold through the site is a disc that contains the details about all the things required to set up your own solar energy system in your own backyard. The disc would also contain the exact steps to follow to construct the system. The author claims that even people who are not familiar with the usage of tools would be able to set the system up with ease. Also the system can be set up very quickly and if the steps are followed perfectly then the system would be completed in about 4 hours. The disc also would provide instructions about reducing the cost of the solar system. Once established your house would be a beacon of self sustaining energy source. The dependence on the grid would be quite low and hence the electricity bills would be reduced by about 68%. Now this would be the perfect scenario, that is when the sunlight is available for most of the day time. So effectively a reduction of about 50% can be brought in the electricity bills. In certain cases, the additional energy generated during daytime can be fed back into the grid and the customer would have to pay for the difference of import and export of energy.

The costs of the products

Even though solar energy harvesting systems are quite common, guides that help the customers to set up such systems are quite rare. So there is nothing wrong in spending some money to buy such a guide. But in the case of backyard revolution, the disc is available at 89 dollars. And as a special discount the price has further come down to 39 dollars. It is true that the discount is just a method to attract customers, but still 39 dollars is not a high price at all.

The bonuses

One of the bonuses is the ‘Homestead EMP protection Protocol’ which would provide with details about protection of your power generation plants. This would ensure that you would never be in the dark.

Another bonus is the book called ‘energy stockpiling secrets’. This book includes details about different batteries to choose from and even on how to build new batteries from scrap materials.

The third bonus is the homestead alternative energy sources. This book is a guide that can educate you about the different alternative energy sources that can be used to generate electricity at your house. All of these are not implementable but still the knowledge is certainly worth the cost.

The most important bonus is that the you would be able to contact the author via email for a complete year and all your queries and doubts would be cleared. This is provided as a benefit or bonus to those who purchase the product.

The buyback policy

These days almost every product has a buy back policy. This is because customers do not like to lose their money in any manner. If the customer is not satisfied with the product and if he returns the product within 60 days, then the complete amount would be refunded by the seller. But since the cost is just 39 dollars, the customer is hardly going to return the products.

The feedbacks

Another key feature of the site is that there are feedbacks written by customers who have already received the products. But only positive reviews are to be found on the site.


  • The most important pro is that you would be able to be a part of the green energy revolution if you install a solar energy system in your backyard.
  • The new system has many advantages over the old one like low cost, low space requirement, etc.
  • There is a buy back policy.


  • The con is that the site contains a lot of story elements.
  • The customers might feel that the reviews are not genuine completely.

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9.5 Total Score
Bottom Line

The most important thing to understand about backyard revolution is that you would never feel that you have wasted your money. Even though you might not get the exact results as claimed by the site, you would certainly be able to reduce the bills by some margins which is in itself a great thing.

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