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Best Way To Potty Train A Puppy (Even If You have a stubborn one)

Frustrating isn’t it?

Seeing your puppy soiling your house and helping himself. Yaks!!! Puppy poops everywhere.

With all the puppy training exercise.

He still doesn’t get it. You begin to wonder, did I get a bad puppy? Or should I have hope that he will change the moment he becomes a big dog?

I was once in your situation.

It was my first puppy. My first orientation with animals. I was almost giving up.

Until one day.

When I found the best training on how to potty train a puppy, I was happy, and all these problems became a ‘thing ‘ of the past.

In this article, I just want to show you two things. First, The basics when it comes to potty training of your puppy.

Second thing.

Where you can get hundreds of videos on how to train your puppy like Doggy Dan.

My goal is to make sure that your stubborn puppy listens to you no matter what.

The Little Truth About Puppy Training That You Need To Know

The playful little animal can be a source of great joy and companion in your home.

But when you don’t give it proper training… You may end up with a big dog that lacks any manners.

I have seen it happen with most dog owners.

For example…

Most dog owners find it ‘cool’ when their little puppy jumps over them. They see it as playful.

Now it may sound cool to let that cute puppy jump at you every single moment. But here is a great shocker.

When your puppy grows to be a big dog almost weighing 45kg, he will still jump at you.

Believe me. You won’t find it’ cool’ when he does this in front of your kids or visitors. They will see that your dog lacks manners.

I have heard most dog owners say that he won’t stop jumping.

My point.

Start puppy training very early if you don’t want to end up with an embarrassing dog.

The earlier you start, the higher chances of you ending up with a well-behaved dog that listens to you.


Let me show you.

How To Potty Train A Stubborn Puppy (Even If You Luck The Best Training Skills In The World)

Sounds like hype?

I get it.

But let me tell you something.

Training a puppy, it’s pretty easy if you know the best-kept secret.


See your puppy as a little child. What does it mean? Children adapt to


If you set clear routines like when your puppy needs to go out, he will surely learn it.

He will learn that if he wants to poop, he needs to go on the grass. To help your puppy learn very first, you need to be consistent.

Having said that, you need to have one place where it can poop. Not multiple sites.

Just as baby hears the word ‘potty’, they know that this means going to the toilet.

My point.

You must have a clear word that you can tell a puppy which means going to the toilet.

The words have to be short and clear to the point. Like.

‘Go poop,’ ‘Go toilet, ‘Go potty,’ Words like this would help your puppy associate helping himself with toilet.


Understand The Puppy’s Physiological Circle And Make It ‘Poop’.

It’s clear now.

The main reason why your puppy poops in your house, it’s that you don’t understand puppy’s toilet routines.

Let me get into the nitty gritty details to help you understand.

You see, a one-month-old puppy has a likelihood of going to the toilet every one hour. Or every 30-45 minutes.

The two-month-old puppy gets to the toilet after 2 hours.

What do these numbers mean?

Puppy toilet routines change with age. With that said, if you have a two-month-old puppy, after every two hours you need to take it out to the grass to make his poop.

Miss that and you will have to call the clean department to take care of your house.

One more point to this.

Apart from the checking their age and toilet routines. A puppy also needs to get to the toilet 60 seconds after they have had their meals.

When they wake up, you need to take them outside. Puppies don’t have sophisticated bowls like we do.

It’s only at night where they can’t poop.

Treats And Rewards And How They Speed Up Your Puppy’s Learning Process.

He has gone to the grass and made his poop? Now, what?

What you want to do here is to make your puppy remember everything.

That is the only way to make him learn faster. If your puppy like chicken nuggets or some biscuits.

Making it a point that whenever he has his ‘poop’ have the treats there and give it.

Let me him learn that whenever he pops onto the grass, he gets something sweets.

Get this part properly.

After your puppy has done his ‘poop’, give it immediately after. Don’t wait for it to come in this house that is when you give it.

Also give it lots of praise and be happy when he has done this. You can carry it or do something to make it feel happy.

For The Curious, ‘What If My Puppy Doesn’t Poop?’

I get it.

I take the puppy to ‘poop’ and it takes like 30 minutes. Or it doesn’t happen.

There is are two ways to deal with these.

First option.

Be patient until the puppy ‘poops’. Anyway, if you want your puppy to learn anything you need to be patient. Patience is something that you can’t run away from.

Second option.

Restrict the puppy in a particular area, preferably where it poops with a leash tied to something. Until they finish, that’s when you can take them inside.

When you do this correctly, within a month or less, you will have the best trained puppy in the world.

Where To Get The 1297+ Videos That You Can Use To Train Your Puppy To Listen, Obey And Respect You.

It looks easy, right?

When I tell you how to do this puppy potty training in writing. Now, I want you to do something for your puppy before you leave.


Head over to YouTube and check out this video about Puppy Toilet Training, so that you can follow it with my guide. It would be a great help.


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