Combat Fighter System Review: Can Lifesaving Self Defense Skills be Learnt Online?

Combat Fighter System by John Black (Pseudonym) is an innovative physical defense program that introduces fight techniques to amateurs and everyday people looking to improve their defense and fighting skills. This program takes a different approach to training and veers off the route taken by conventional combat sport training programs. The developer takes a different approach because according to him, violent experiences on the streets are nothing compared to fighting in the ring.

Meet the Expert

John Black (not the real name) is a trained US Special Force agent who has seen action in some of the most violent war-torn regions in the world, including Afghanistan. He started out as a combat athlete before joining the Force and his early experiences shaped his view about warfare and physical combat tactics. With the experience he garnered on the street, including as a professional bouncer at nightclubs as well as his experience as a field agent in Afghanistan, he has a dual view about combat and combat strategy and in his Combat Fighter System, he introduces a fighting strategy that works.

He teaches his students fighting tactics and reveals to them confident boosting techniques that they can use when faced with dangerous situations. Videos and articles posted on the system’ page are available to members who can learn from them and utilize the information gained in their training.

Reason for creating this program

The world is fast becoming a dangerous place and law enforcement agencies have their hands full dealing with criminals and hoodlums. Being able to protect oneself is an essential skill needed at this critical time. Combat Fighter System is created for those who wish to learn effective fighting techniques but are unable to do so due to a lack of time or the exorbitant costs of combat training. Furthermore, the developer understands that not everyone thrives in a regimented group. This informed the decision to create a system that can be used in private.

Combat Fighter Program

Combat Fighter program teaches users lifesaving skills when facing a violent aggressor. It educates members on what to do and the right move to make during emergencies by teaching them fighting skills that can be learnt in just a few hours. While this sounds suspicious, one would agree that knowing the right steps to take when learning something new can save you years and years of blood, sweat and tears. The developer of this training program being a trained elite fighter in the Armed forces brings his experience to bear on this program. Years of service in dangerous hotspots all over the world actually places him good stead to teach students fighting skills in a way that a combat sporting coach can’t do in the gym.

Skills you can learn with this Fighter Program

Subtle but Deadly Techniques used by some of the World’s Elite Forces: With the world gradually becoming a death hole filled with violence and hate, learning the skills provided in this program can save not only you but your loved ones. In this program, John Black reveals some of the techniques deployed on the battlefield by some of the world’s elite fighting forces. It introduces users to never-seen-before techniques used by British and American SAS, SEAL and DELTA forces, Israeli Special Forces and some of the other world-famous militaries.

Invaluable fighting skills: Users of this fighter program learn different fighting skills that will prove invaluable during life-threatening situations. The program teaches basic and intensive skills. A combination of defensive and attacking techniques will place the user in the same category with some of the world’s best fighters.

How to be Calm under Pressure: On a basic level, the program has hundreds of videos that teach all there is to know about fighting under pressure. It shows you how to conduct yourself during emergencies. Being calm under pressure is one of the most important attributes of confident fighters. With confidence on your side, you make fewer mistakes and when you choose to strike, you are likely to strike with devastating precision.

Recognize Danger: The Program teaches you how to recognize danger before it degenerates into chaos. It trains your eyes how to lookout for subtle signs. With this skill, you can recognize dangerous situations before they become obvious, allowing you to prepare a mental plan of action before you even move a muscle.

Intensive Fighting Techniques

There are so many different strike techniques to learn from this training manual but here we analyzed and summarized a few of them. After watching the videos and learning the moves, you should be able to determine the best time to use any of the moves during a fight. These moves are deadly, hence the need to apply them only when necessary and according to instructions. The system teaches you:

The Center Line Strike: The center line strike is one of the first strike techniques learnt in the program. John Black adjudges it to be very effective because of its high success rate. The center line strike stuns and knocks out the victim and is effective for short bust attacks. It is very effective if you don’t want to get into a prolonged fight with an opponent. The center line strike can kill an opponent if not done properly, hence the need to be taught by trained instructors.

Unorthodox Blitz Blast: The Unorthodox Blitz Blast is another strike method introduced by John in his training manual similar to the center line strike for its effectiveness and quickness. It is a devastating flurry of strikes that overwhelms your opponent in seconds. This strike is designed to help you gain the upper hand in a fight using the element of surprise to your advantage.

The Force Hijack: The Force Hijack trains the user to use body reflexes to divert attacks from an aggressor and not only that, the user of this method can use the attackers moves against him.

Out and Done Principle: Winning a fight doesn’t have to be a difficult exercise with the right skills and a high level of confidence. Combat Fighter System makes fighting easy by teaching you how to deliver deadly strikes whilst protecting yourself from injuries.

Tipping point Principle: The tipping point is one of the most important skills, if not the most important that you get to learn when you use this manual. This principle teaches you when to change your strategy from defense to attack. A successful fighting procedure is one that combines defense and attacks effectively and this system teaches exactly that.

The 3rd Eye Situational Awareness: This is another valuable skill the system teaches to the adherents. With the 3rd eye situational awareness skill, you will be able to spot openings you can exploit during a fight. Opponents often unconsciously leave openings during a fight and this program teaches you how to recognize these openings and capitalize on them.

Who can use the Combat Fighter System?

This ultimate fighter program is not designed for combat sport athletes but for everyday people who encounter dangerous misfits of society from time to time but rarely have the time to participate in fighter training courses. The short videos are instructive and skills can be learnt within a short time. The articles included are also detailed and provide all the information you need. The developer has developed this fighter system to increase the user’ chances of survival in life threatening situations.

Bonus Package Included

Advanced Situational Awareness manual – The advanced situational awareness skill is one that teaches the user how to use intuitive skills to explore the environment for danger.

Alpha survival manual – Survival tactics are an essential part of combat and knowing what to do during danger is an important skill to learn. This system teaches you how to stay on your feet when your back is against the wall.

Alpha nation online coaching community – There is a thriving online community of dedicated trainees and coaches who share their views, progress and techniques online. Once you register for the program you have access to all the extra contents made available to members for free.


  • Effective techniques practically suitable for real-life events.
  • The combat skills in the videos are easy to learn.
  • The program is heavily discounted at 60% to make it cheaper.
  • At $77, the price is cheap when you consider how much gym Instructors charge to teach the same skills.


  • Some of the moves shown in the videos are difficult to learn without an active opponent to train with.
  • Requires maximum concentration and privacy to properly digest.
  • Can only be bought via online order.
  • More time is required to master the moves.

Get Instant Access To Combat Fighter System
The Combat Fighter System by John Black is for those who have always wanted to learn fighting skills but couldn’t either because of lack of time or because they didn’t know where to go to get good training. This DIY program is easy to learn and apply in real life. If you have been looking for a very cheap program that teaches combat fundamentals from a beginner’s level up to an elite fighter level. Click on the link below to get your own package.
9.3 Total Score
Bottom Line

If you want to improve your skills and increase your chances of winning a fight, this fighting program is the one for you. John Black' Combat Fighter System is a program I recommend to those who wish to learn new fighting skills.

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