Easy Cellar Review: Build a Root Cellar from Scratch in your Backyard?

Are you living in a disaster prone area? Do you really have a backup plan should you find yourself in a crisis? Can you really protect your loved ones from natural or man-made uncertainties that can result to severe injuries or even death?  Tom Griffith’s Easy Cellar program claims to have the secret methods of building root cellars to provide military-like bank protection in times of disasters. But does it really deliver this promise as the author claims? This review will narrow it all down for you!

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 What is Easy Cellar?

We are now living in a world of unlimited possibilities. We often come across different types of disasters, both natural as well as artificial, that clear out the human life from entire blocks. Everyone is concerned about ensuring their own safety and the safety of their loved ones in ordinary conditions and especially in some sort of disastrous catastrophes. If you have been having the same thoughts, there is a good chance that you might have heard some stuff related to root cellars. This type of cellars enable you to make arrangements for your protection and survival in severe surroundings without any external help. Considering the world we have been living in, having access to a root cellar seems to be a good option to make sure of your safety and survival.

Easy Cellar may be referred to as a lifesaving set of techniques devised by Tom Griffith about the establishment of a backyard root cellar. The author is a 60 years old, retired nuclear safety inspector who spent his life working on nuclear energy related projects. The techniques listed by Griffith provide detailed information on setting your own cellar without any professional help. The stuff mentioned in the program for establishing a root cellar is very affordable while the techniques are easy to implement. The end product expected out of using the program is a root cellar of 50 sq. ft. with only a small fraction of time and money. Various details shedding some light on different aspects of the program are given below.

This is an easily understandable step by step guide to setting up your own root cellar in the backyard. It provides unlimited access to a variety of different instructions, plans and videos that come in very handy when it comes to establishing your own root cellar without the need of any external help. By using this program, you get to develop your own survival den that remains at your disposal round the clock. The cellars developed using this program possess all the qualities of the typical cellars seen in your great grand parents’ houses. The method discussed in the program provides viable step by step instructions on establishing a root cellar with a high degree of convenience. The best part about the product is that the listed items needed to develop the cellar are available at very inexpensive prices.

How does the program work?

Easy Cellar is designed to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones by providing you a safe shelter and preserving your supplies during the times of some sort of crisis. Using this program, you might be able to create your own root cellar in your house’s foundation or in some part of your backyard. The theme of the root cellar is to offer protection against any type of natural as well as artificial disasters. Just like the root cellars of your great grandparents, the root cellar designed using this program preserves year round supplies of food and water.

Tom Griffith helps you identify the most suitable location for the cellar in your house and elaborates how you might be able to develop it without spoiling your landscaping and the overall appearance of the backyard. In addition to natural disasters, the root cellar might also prove to be a perfect hideout with proper survival items against looters in different kinds of economic crises.

In comparison to other survival options, having your own root bunker or cellar is the safest and cheapest way to ensure your protection. The cellar designed using the help of Easy Cellar program is completely water proof so that you don’t have to worry about any water pipelines in close proximities. Such a cellar may be thought of as a unique type of bunker with extra ordinary features. It provides enough space for storing nutritious, healthy food for a whole year. All you need is 50 sq. ft. of space that might be used for the development of a cellar or bunker. In case you often remain concerned about the safety of your family, your days of getting worried are over since you can develop your own safe haven using this system.

What should be expected from the product?

When it comes to question of what to expect from Easy Cellar, there are a number of things that the program is capable of delivering. The first and foremost value delivered by the system is that it helps you discover the properful way of creating root cellars that remind you of olden times. The bunker developed by following the program is viable enough to safeguard you and your whole family in the event of a natural catastrophe or some other sort of disaster.

Using Easy Cellar, you would have a root cellar with healthy, fresh food to fill the tummies of all your family members in case your area gets struck by a crisis. The program also helps you design root cellars to survive the severest conditions like nuclear blasts and other high magnitude destructions. It also discusses 15 different remedies to keep your cellar free of nuclear radiations in the event of a nuclear strike.

The program focuses greatly upon how to store a reasonable amount of water and food in your root cellar and make sure of its health and freshness. Since a root cellar has a limited space, the program helps you learn how to use your space intelligently in order to safely store the supplies for several months. Last but not the least, the program also teaches you to make your own odorless toilet with a highly reliable sink in a time span of less than an hour.

Bonuses included in the program

There are 2 big bonuses that are included in the Easy Cellar Program for your convenience:

  1. Information on the Natural Nuclear Bunkers in America and finding the one in the closest proximity to your house
  2. 56 different items that must be stock piled in the root cellar

Main advantages of Easy Cellar

Some of the major advantages associated with the Easy Cellar program are discussed below in order to give you an idea on the value offered by the product.

  • Created by an experienced author

The author of the program has spent the good part of his life while serving as a nuclear safety professional. He has managed to keep it very simple and effective which makes it the right fit for people with and without any prior knowledge and experience about cellars. The approach described in the system is very simple as it provides you step by step instructions on developing the perfect cellar according to your requirements. The best part is that the author is very open to communicating and answering the queries of his readers.

  • Effectiveness

When we took a look at the reviews and testimonials posted by different clients of Easy Cellar on different online forums, the majority was found to be writing in favor of the program. Keeping that in view, it seems like a highly effective program that is equally good for all types of people.

  • Affordability and guarantee

Easy Cellar is available for a very nominal price which is relatively lower in comparison to the amounts charged by other similar programs available in the market. Moreover, it comes with a 60 days money back guarantee so there is nothing you could lose out of your experience with this program.


  • The program enables you to develop a highly comfortable root cellar building.
  • It helps you prepare for the worst in a very old fashioned yet highly reliable manner.
  • The program provides right information on keeping your water supplies fresh for a long span of time.
  • The root cellar model discussed in the program is very easy to implement.
  • It sheds some light on how to deploy the right type of ventilations in your cellar.
  • The cellar built using the program offers safety against airborne contaminants of any type.
  • Easy Cellar helps you develop a root cellar with a high degree of professionalism so it might be able to serve as a secret hideout against looters in extraordinary conditions.


  • The program is so comprehensive that it requires the reader to be patient till they understand it properly.
  • The program is not available off the internet.

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Bottom Line

To conclude, Easy Cellar is an online program that enables you to build your own safe haven in order to protect your family in the event of a natural or manmade disaster. Considering the features and value offered by the product, Easy Cellar appears to be a legitimate program that is capable of delivering the value that is being promised by the author. In case you are always concerned about the safety of your family, using this program might come in very useful since it helps you create the perfect type of backyard bunker to protect yourself from any external dangers.

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