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Inbox Blueprint Review: Can It Elevate Your Profits in Email Marketing?

Do you keep a high quality emailing list for marketing your business? If not, you should! If you already have one, are you really making the most profit out of it? Most online entrepreneurs aren’t! But Inbox Blueprint, a program by Anik Singal claims to have the secrets to making your email marketing a success, which translates to elevated sales and ultimate riches! Though, does it really deliver? We are just going to find out in a few minutes with this review!

Official Site: http://inboxblueprint.com

What is Inbox Blueprint?

Developed by a young entrepreneur, Anik Singal, Inbox Blueprint is a step-by-step course to start a profitable business via email even if you lack a contact list. This program is divided into eight modules and contains all nuances of email marketing and getting a list of subscribers.

With Twitter and Facebook being so much famous, an email is still 40 times more efficient. You can use Inbox Blueprint for gaining advantage over competitors. It takes only few minutes to set up your business and in very less time, money will start pouring into your bank account.

This program is aimed to create passive income sources in the shortest possible time mostly by the way of affiliate marketing so that you should not spend much time in creating your own products. Inbox Blueprint is for those people who are serious about establishing an automated moneymaking business with the help of email alone.

About Anik Singal

Anik SingalAnik Singal is amongst industry’s topmost Digital Marketers. For over 13 years, he has been active in the field of online marketing. He holds the credit for several flourishing marketing campaigns and he has taught more than 20,000 students via Lurn, an online school by Anik Singal. For his great work, he was honored by “Businessweek” and “Inc 500”.

How Does the Program Work?

Inbox Blueprint has 8 modules which when used can start bringing profits right away. To make sure that you are on the right track, take up the training and task at the end of each module. Below are the 8 steps which you should follow to create an Inbox Blueprint based automated business.

Step 1: Addiction Meter

This is the first step of Inbox Blueprint training program. You will be provided with more than 30 proven profitable niches and you can choose any from them to develop your online email marketing business. Inbox Blueprint lets you choose a niche in very simple way, so that no time is wasted on non-profitable niches.

In this step, you will also be introduced to some websites so that you can choose single/many products you wish to promote and further, you will be introduced to various methods of generating money online.

For example, you will be introduced to CPA (Cost Per Action) and CPL (Cost Per Lead). These help you in getting commission for every successful referral or lead of a product/service.

Step 2: The Bait

In this step, you will find an effective way of attracting people to join the mailing list. There are many email marketers who are ineffective and fail to build a list because they don’t have anything to offer.

You will learn to create an opt-in page and various insights about effective and ineffective designs of opt-in pages will be shared with you. Moreover, you will learn what sort of data should be collected from every subscriber.

This step further teaches you the right way of providing value to the subscribers and what all valuable information should be given to them. This program will bring real profits to you but always remember that everything in life is not certain, do not expect instant success.

Step 3: Thank You Page (TYP) Method

In this step, you will learn the correct method to monetize a thank you page so that you can start earning money as soon as you get first subscriber. This is a very important step and will keep you a step ahead of your competition because at present, very less people are utilizing this method. With this step, you will be ahead of 95 percent of email marketers out there.

In this step, you will learn the effective way to deliver the “bait” of previous step and you will also learn to make a tempting thank you page proposal.

Step 4: Email Machine

Inbox Blueprint trains you to automate the business so that minimum time is spent in doing the work and huge profit margin is gained. Here, the talk is about auto-responder service. This service will allow you to automatically send emails to subscribers who join your list. With this service, you can also send ad-hoc emails or automatic emails daily.

Some of the email marketing suppliers (auto responder services) are Aweber, Get-response, Send lane and ConvertKit (all these providers give a free trial of 30days). If you feel that these services don’t fit you, then Inbox Blueprint might not be right thing for you.

Step 5: Email Relationship

Email marketing is much more than just making money. You should provide value to customers and they should be given enough reasons to remain on the email list. A long-lasting relationship between you and your subscribers will give them the impression that you are not just after money, instead you care about them.

Step 6: Payday Secrets

In this step, you will be taught exact methods to attract traffic towards the opt-in page, ways to monetize traffic, and sustain the business. The secrets to make more and more money from an email marketing business are revealed.

By the end of this step, you would have learnt key secrets to promote product launches, event marketing (e.g. for Black Friday, Christmas or Easter) and the usage of webinars to sell the products.

Step 7: Easy Traffic

This module teaches you how to attract traffic because without traffic, you will not be able to make any money from your business. If you ask any of the marketers what they are struggling with, you will get an answer as types of strategies that attract traffic (i.e. the strategies which actually work).

You will understand that traffic is instantly gained by two ways – either by spending money or by spending time. The latter one is a slow yet steady process. Some of the traffic generating sources are social media, forums, guest blogging, Facebook ads, Yahoo answers, and Google ads.

Step 8: Unlimited Success

If you have reached here, it is clear that you have understood how Inbox Blueprint will help you to grow your business. Most of the modules discussed above cover the factors to enhance deliverability and open-rate. You should remember that you will not gain if your emails containing the offers are not opened.

That’s why, you will be taught the secrets to boost open rates and conversions. Moreover, you will learn different ways to avoid emails rushing to spam folder and most importantly, you will learn which are the vital metrics to follow.

Who can benefit from Inbox Blueprint?

It is best for people who are dependent upon social media and search traffic (SEO). This program is best for all the advanced marketers who are well-aware of the basics of creating email marketing and a website. If you are a newbie, then training can work for you, but remember that it will be challenging in the starting stages. Another group of people who can benefit from Inbox Blueprint is those who are already having a subscriber list but are unaware of the methods to monetize it.

Pricing of Inbox Blueprint

If a customer prefers to buy it instantly, he/she can pay the total price of $997. Another way of buying it is through 4 easy instalments of $297 each.

Bonuses of Inbox Blueprint

There are several bonuses which you will get with Inbox Blueprint and these bonuses ensure that the desired results are achieved through this program. Your business will skyrocket in the shortest possible time and touch newer heights. Some of the bonuses are:

  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing
  • Ultimate Traffic Mantra
  • Free Traffic Frenzy
  • Commission Blueprint
  • FB LiveWire
  • List Building on Steroids

  • Full training program on email marketing.
  • Training is available in both video and written formats.
  • Unlimited support for 12 months.
  • Time is saved in developing a business from scratch.

  • Its price seems a bit higher.
  • It is not a scheme to quickly get rich but it guarantees success with time and dedication.
  • Not friendly to newbies.

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Inbox Blueprint is the best email marketing program for those who want to carry out a successful business of email marketing. Email marketing is nothing less than a Gold Mine which should be accessible to each internet entrepreneur out there. Email marketing lets the traffic to be in your hands and not on the blessings of others.

9.8 Total Score
Bottom Line

Inbox Blueprint is a good program to purchase but it is not suitable for anyone who is desperate to make money online, especially all those people who do not have any knowledge about the world of online business can maintain a distance from it. Inbox Blueprint is a program that requires money to earn more money.

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