Individualogist Program Review: Can This Practice Transform Your Life?

People have their own personal opinions about why some individuals are able to achieve success consistently while others struggle doing virtually the same thing but achieving little or no success. Practitioners of individuation believe that the key to success is more mental than physical and are willing to put their practice to the test to help you live a life of limitless joy and abundance.

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Who are Individualogist?

Individualogist are a group of adherents who practice intensive psychological and philosophical arts using their understanding of archetypes to propel them to success. They believe that every human being is born with a uniquely different archetype, which if harnessed to it’s fullest potential, can be a spring board to greater success in life.

The practice of individuation is still a mystery to the outside world but with the help of learned men and women in the field, you too can begin to live a life worth living. Individualogist seek to help those who are willing to learn the art and use the information they process to their advantage.

Who can use this program?

Anybody can profit off the use of individuation as long as it is done rightly. We all have dreams and aspirations that drives us to seek a better understanding of life and of ourselves. It is by the understanding of self that we can break beyond the limits to achieve all that we dream of. Individuation is for everyone regardless of their age, race, profession or religion.

What is Individuation?

Individuation is a path that takes the practitioner down the road of self discovery. When you practice this art, you will gradually unlock your true potential. You will also be able to live freely the life of your design without encountering insurmountable obstacles. The practice releases you from mental fatigue and limitations. Once this is achieved, you will begin to witness joy and freedom in every area of your life.

The practice of Individuation can only commence after learning about your true archetype. Your archetype forms the basis for every other action in the program. Individualogist help people discover their true archetype by giving them an accurate reading of their true form using their name and date of birth.

What is an archetype and how can you know yours?

An archetype is the prime representation of a person’s inner self. A clear understanding of your archetype is important as this is an effective way of discovering your life’s goal. Individualogist can help you identify your archetype by providing you with an analysis of that part of your personality that has remained shrouded in mystery. They offer free online archetype reading that you can take advantage of to obtain a clear understanding of yourself.

How many types of archetypes are there?

There are essentially 12 types of archetypes. You may not know what yours is but this online program can help you identify yours. The 12 types of archetypes are

  • Caregiver
  • Creator
  • Explorer
  • Hero
  • Innocent
  • Jester
  • Lover
  • Magician
  • Member
  • Outlaw
  • Ruler
  • Safe

What can you achieve using this program?

By subscribing to this program, you can achieve the following

Unearth hidden potential: Through the process of Individuation, you can be guided towards unearthing your hidden potential. The periodic readings offered to users can help them identify their hidden talents and skills they never knew they had.

Empowerment: This online program by the individualogy group will empower you to live the life that you want. Living your dream life is not always as easy as it should be due to the limitations that we face every day. With the aid of this program, you can break down barriers so you can live a life of freedom.

Self Discovery: This program affords you the unique opportunity to discover your archetype and learn more about your inner self. Your inner self can best be described as the part of you that remains unexplored. This program will help you discover your secret strengths and gifts.

Receive insight: Your personality is different from that of every other person. Even siamese twins have different personalities. If you have a clear understanding of what yours is, you gain more clarity regarding your moods, characteristics and why you to act the way you do.

Avoid potential pitfalls: Individualogist can also help you avoid potential pitfalls. They believe that you are bound to struggle when you focus your energy doing the wrong things. If you discover your true calling in life and devote yourself towards achieving it, you will avoid making unnecessary mistakes. You will also not struggle in your life’s pursuit.

What the online program contains

The program has a premium Archetypal Analysis tool. With this tool, you will

  • Align yourself with your archetypal destiny
  • Gain an unfair advantage over luck, joy and abundance
  • Guides you through all your trials, misfortunes and limitations.
  • It will show you how to leverage on your strength
  • Walk you through the affirmation process so as to diminish your weak points
  • At a heightened state, this tool will reveal to you your life’s purpose.
  • Help you to understand your role in the pursuit of excellence.

How can I know my archetype?

Individualogist provide free reading to subscribers who subscribe to their platform. An archetypal reading is a very simplified process of individuation that is quite easy to understand and master. With this information, you will learn the secret used by very successful people all through history to unlock their inner potential.

The 3-step process

Step 1: After subscribing to this program, your strength and calling will be revealed to you.

Step 2: This step is the second part of the process. The Archetypal tool will throw more light on your inner weakness and obstacles that limit you.

Step 3: The final stage of using this tool kit is to chart a course for your life so you can begin to live a life abundance.

Bonus tools

The team offers subscribers three bonus packages. They are…

Bonus 1: Exploring your birth date with the Chinese Zodiac

Bonus 2: Discover your aura and learn how to gain influence over others

Bonus 3: A Beginners guide to the Feng Shui Eastern Art Paradigm. A simple technique to maximizing energy flow.

Benefits of Using the Individualogist program

  • It will help you achieve breakthrough
  • Discover your new-found inner strength
  • Achieve a life of abundance
  • Receive a customized blueprint for success
  • Become an enlightened beacon of positive energy
  • Draw like-minded people to yourself at all times.
  • Receive constantly a detailed guide of the 5 Individuation components (They are the Archetypal Profile- Archetypal incarnation- Archetypal Odyssey – Archetypal exercise guide)

How to subscribe for the program?

Subscribing for this program has been made easy by the team. All you have to do is to submit your email and your date of birth. Upon submission, you will receive an email notification after which the website will send you your own free archetypal reading.


  • Free Archetypal reading: You get a free and accurate reading of your archetype. This helps you gain a foundational understanding of the program and process free of charge.
  • 3 step process: The three-step process is designed to help you grow in knowledge and accomplishment.
  • Relatively cheap: For $37 this program is relatively cheap. Once you pay the subscription fee, you are charged no other fee to continually use the program.
  • Easy to understand: Knowledge and practices of this ilk are often complex especially for those who have limited knowledge of the subject but the Individualogist program is broken down for your personal understanding.
  • Uniquely designed: Anybody can use this program because it is uniquely designed to read your archetype and with the information provided, you can chart a course for your life.


  • It may take time: It may take new users time to understand the basic concept of this online program.
  • Different results: The results may be different from what you expected.
  • Requires an internet connection: An internet connection is needed to receive updates on readings and direction.

Is subscribing to this program a good idea?
Science and technology have opened us up to new possibilities and realities but there remains a part of us that remains veiled. Understanding who you are is one way to realize what you have to do to live the life you’ve always wanted. To gain emotional and psychological clarity about your life’s goal, subscribe to this program by Individualogist by clicking the link below.
9.8 Total Score
Bottom Line

The practice of medieval meditation, tarot reading and mysticism is still shrouded in mystery but this program by Individualogist is tailor-made to help you gain a clear understanding of your life’s meaning without the need to unravel the complex mysteries on your own. I recommend this program because it is revealing, easy to use and worth practicing.

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