A Review of Manifestation Magic by Alexander Wilson: Is it Possible to Magically Manifest Real Spendable Cash?

A generally accepted rule for wealth creation states that one needs to work very hard to achieve financial prosperity, but this argument is flawed according to the author of this book. Alexander Wilson brings to light the power of magical manifestation in creating financial freedom through a higher level of consciousness.

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A little about the Author

Alexander Wilson is a psychic and a practitioner of Eastern magic. After witnessing the remarkable benefits of magical manifestations, he compiled his thoughts, experience and successful practices into an eBook he calls Manifestation Magic for readers who are interested in achieving financial prosperity and career fulfilment. Alexander and other practitioners of Eastern tantra who are in tune with their spiritual side agree that there are two dimensions - the spiritual and the physical side. Alexander Wilson believes that the spiritual dimension controls the physical dimension and with his book, Manifestation Magic, he seeks to disabuse the minds of those who see magic as a figment of deluded minds and unreal. The author shows readers how to transform their lives with the power of positive thoughts and positive energy.

What is Manifestation Magic?

Manifestation Magic is a book by Alexander Wilson a believer and practitioner of Eastern mysticism and Magical realism. The book dwells more on the subconscious and less on the conscious.  With a dynamic practice called “Energy Orbiting” readers are taught how to reprogram negative energies, thoughts and experiences towards a positive direction by changing or reordering their mentality and clearing out negative influences.

The book advocates the power of positive thoughts as a prerequisite for growth and financial freedom. According to the author, for a human being to be truly happy, he or she has to attain a certain level of financial freedom where material needs are fully taken care of even before they arise. Nobody can truly be happy with poverty and rising debts. To achieve financial freedom, the book advocates for a perfect blend of physical and mental work operating in unison to create the material reality the reader craves.

What this book hopes to achieve

Alexander Wilson hopes to help others achieve financial prosperity and wellness of mind and body using the lessons learnt after years of practice. The audio tracks are carefully arranged to help others improve the quality of their lives by opening themselves to the elemental forces of positive change. As listeners become aware of their life’s purpose, material success will come to them naturally.

An in-depth analysis of Manifestation Magic

Manifestation Magic throws more light on your Unfolding Purpose: Every human being born into this world has a life purpose or what some will call destiny. To achieve success in life, one needs to be certain about his or her life’s purpose. With clarity of purpose, you can chase your dreams without doubts or fears because you are sure of what you are doing. Manifestation Magic helps readers connect their conscious state to their subconscious and also helps them identify their life’s purpose. Alexander Wilson believes that once you are clear about this matter, you can chase your personal targets without any hesitation.

Living in Limitless Abundance:  Alexander Wilson exposes the secrets of living a life of abundance by listening to practical and helpful transformational videos. Hard work pays off but is nothing compared to the results of utilizing tested and trusted magical Chakri procedures. The author reveals some of the secrets he has used to call forth a life of abundance for himself and calls on readers to adopt the same approach that can work well for them as well.

Destiny Delivery Nuggets: Finding your destiny requires a high level of self awareness. Understanding your life’s purpose and your chosen part is a first step to achieving your destiny. The book delivers effective destiny nuggets that readers can key into and use for their self actualization pursuits.

Unraveling Life’s Secrets using real life Magic: Life is a complex web of secrets that can only be unraveled by those with a high level of spiritual discernment. The reader can unravel life’s secret by listening to the transformational audio tracks contained in the eBook. By opening up oneself to the limitless possibilities that life has to offer, the world around you becomes less mysterious.

Unleashing Boundless Energies: The issue of elemental energy is explored in great detail. Alexander Wilson calls on the reader to focus their minds on the possibilities in front of them and not on their doubts. The positive energies that propel you towards achieving financial freedom can be attracted by exposing yourself to the elemental forces of nature responsible for growth.

Boosting Body Confidence: The transformational audio tracks in Manifestation Magic boosts the self esteem of listeners who begin to see themselves in a positive light. The more they listen to the tracks, the better they will feel about themselves as the world will gravitate towards them in a positive way.

Maintaining Perfect Health: The author opines that negative emotions are a root cause of diseases and ailments, which negatively impact the quality of human life. Manifestation Magic wards off negative emotions and attracts positive ones.

Building healthy and deep relationships: After living a purposeful life for so many years, Alexander believes that a financially stable relationship is a healthy relationship. If you are able to meet the financial responsibilities in your relationship you will have addressed an important aspect that has been known to mar formerly healthy relationships. Manifestation Magic helps you consummate a healthy relationship with everyone around because it projects the good in you and helps you see the good in others. The messages and audio tracks are meant to attract positive people to yourself and ward off negative elements in tainted personalities.

Manifesting Financial freedom: This is the centerpiece of Alexander Wilson’s work. People can get the dream life they want if they tune into positive frequencies and turn off negative frequencies. The Eastern mystical practices espoused in Manifestation Magic is structured to aid the financial progress of the non-initiate or even a green horn who is new to the world and practice of magic.

Self Awakening: Like Socrates’ famous quote. “Man know thyself,” this book reveals the reader to himself. As readers listen to the audio book and open themselves up to the elemental forces responsible for change, they will become more self aware and more confident in themselves.

To summarize the concepts of Manifestation Magic briefly

  • It helps you identify your life’s purpose
  • Unravels magical mysteries
  • Teaches how to manifest financial freedom in real life
  • Leads you on the path to self discovery and self enlightenment
  • Aids relationship growth
  • Boosts self confidence through positive affirmation
  • Improves mental health
  • Clears out negative thoughts and energies
  • Teaches you how to attract positive feedback from others.

Who is Manifestation Magic eBook meant for?

Books on Eastern mysticism and Magical realism are not new, as hundreds of new books are published each year. Practitioners of yoga, tantrism and other forms of Western and Eastern magic who are fully aware of these practices and their effects may read this book for pleasure or to gain more understanding. However, Manifestation Magic is specially compiled for:

  • New students interested in gaining insights into magical manifestations
  • Those who desire to attract wealth into their lives
  • New practitioners of Yoga

How to sign up for a copy

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  • Confirm your order by clicking the link sent to your email
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  • A very good eBook for those who find it hard to concentrate during meditation exercises.
  • It teaches you how to use positive affirmation to brighten your mood and strengthen your confidence.
  • Although it dwells on magic, the details are easy to digest.


  • It dwells on Mysticism which many may find convoluted.
  • Unbelievers of magic will consider the book expensive.

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The central theme of Manifestation Magic is enlightening and the contents are easy to digest and understand. If you want to attract financial prosperity to into your life and you believe in the power of the subconscious, order this book by clicking on the link provided.
9.5 Total Score
Bottom Line

Manifestation Magic is not for a doubter or an ardent believer of material science. It is specially written for those who are on a mission of self discovery and financial fulfillment. To understand its basic concept, all the user has to do is listen attentively to the audio tracks and visualize the thought that the mind has conceived. For readers who wish to learn something new, I recommend this book because it is simplistic and an eye opener.

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