Membership Method Review: My Breakthrough in the Online Platform Using Membership Method

I am very hypercritical when it comes to online venturing, particularly since I was close to shelling out a hefty amount because of a scam. So, when somebody invited me to join Membership Method, you bet I was really a nonbeliever… until I found out what it really was about.

Membership Method – What It Really Is?

Membership Method is a training course owned and created by Chris Luck, a well-known online impresario who has helped transform the lives of a thousand people break through the online industry. Luck has been in the business since 1999, and now has at least 13 of his own enterprises.

Membership websites are gaining significant traction these days, but you bet most of those are a scam. Membership Method, on the other hand, cannot be lumped with the faulty ones. I’m telling you, this one is legit. Chris Luck has made a system that works and can’t be overlooked.

If you aren’t familiar with it, let me describe to you what a member website is. Suppose you have a gated community that offers amenities like a gym and a swimming pool. While it would be pleasant to look at, you can never experience these unless you are a member of that community.

A member website works as a gated and exclusive avenue where products or services are presented solely for people who register an account. This restriction not only makes it a special offer, but also a guarantee that those who avail these will get the maximum benefits of the site.

As I have mentioned, I have been burned quite a lot before when it comes to online ventures. I almost got into a scam that offered to double my money without having to do anything. I later found out that the more you give, the more you fall into their traps.

I bet you can relate to that as well. See, it is so easy to be fooled online, honestly. Imagine my surprise when, after carefully deliberating whether to take a chance in Membership Method, I finally decided to take the leap.

What Made Me Say Yes to Membership Method

There is really no specific formula for a well-oiled member website, but I am telling you, Chris Luck did all the work for us. After trying and failing quite a few times, he has figured out a methodical way to establish a member website. In Membership Method, I was made privy to that secret.

Being a work-from-home individual for years, I have been constantly trying out so many products and online businesses that have mostly failed or didn’t gain enough audience. I knew I needed some help, and after trying out a few training courses, I stumbled upon Membership Method’s website.

I have to admit, what attracted me the most was the fact that I may actually be able to earn money by giving free information, even if I had no prior education or skills regarding the business. I studied sciences, and you should know there was zero management and marketing subjects. I was at a loss. I was also scared because I didn’t know if I had what it takes to build a member website.

Well, not anymore.

Insider Info: Is the Membership Method Course Worth It?

Okay, now you are probably a bit curious what is inside the training course that makes me sound so in love with it. In all fairness, Membership Method is legit, and let me show you how it is.

After registering to the website, I was redirected to a dashboard that basically had everything I needed and more to learn and earn a six-figure income in a month. This includes the Masterclass tab that features a 6-week training course.

The Membership Method Masterclass follows a systematic learning process, starting from a virtual roadmap of the path you want to take. This includes brainstorming and learning how to register a domain. At the end of the week, an Assessment is made. This part is fun, and gauges whether the lessons have sunk in or not.

I am telling you, at the end of the 6-week training, you will surely consider yourself an insider in the online enterprise. You get to learn something new each day, and those lessons aren’t haphazardly done as its other counterparts from some “experts”. Assessments are done every week, so there is a balanced amount of worry (of whether I passed or not) and anticipation of the lessons to come.

So, the biggest question is: would enrolling in the Membership Method Masterclass be worth it? Please believe me when I say an absolute “YES!” to you. There is nothing I want right now than to tell you that every penny I spent on this program has come back to me a few folds thicker.

For someone who has had no background whatsoever in running a business, that 6-week sessions had transformed not only my thinking but also my attitude about business. I found out that I was seriously lacking in my dedication towards the craft that I wanted to succeed in. Looking back, I could say that I understand how the online ventures I went through have failed.

More than determining which part of the process I botched is actually just the tip of the iceberg for me. I am telling you now:  I have never been as enlightened as when I went through the Membership Method training.

The Main Reason Why Membership Method Works

Chris Luck has invested so much time in developing Membership Method that there is no way his course could fail. The biggest reason why Membership Method works is because the lessons and their distribution are well-placed, covering all the essentials needed to run a successful online business. As I said, it runs over the course of six weeks. At the end of each week there is an opportunity to clear up any doubts through the Assessment. It’s a fool-proof system of education.

The video narratives of each session are made in such a concise and clear way. There is no beating around the bush in each one. Really, it’s like Chris Luck is telling you the secret as simple as possible.

There are so many negative thoughts that surround online training courses, but it would surely be a loss to pass up on Membership Method. Once you embark on this journey, you will wonder how you have not done it sooner.

Along the way, Chris Luck not only introduces important marketing and management lessons, but also slowly builds up anyone’s confidence. By the time the 6-week training was done, I was also really fired up and ready to start my own empire.

What Sets It Apart

How is Membership Method different than all the other online courses out there? Yes, they might promise the same thing. They might even go the extra mile and say they are better than Membership Method. Some will go the extra mile and discredit this training program, because online training courses are usually viewed as a waste of time, right?

Let me just tell you this: they are wrong. Based on my experience, at least.

At the start, I was really intimidated about starting the training course, but as soon as the first lesson was done, I was eager to know more. I didn’t know it was that fun to learn about the online platform.

I think that’s what sets Membership Method apart—it welcomes you to the idea of breaking through the internet. The bonus point is that it teaches you what to do, and gives you the necessary skills and knowledge to actually succeed.

Membership Method has the most useful tips and tricks to start a member website. It is a comprehensive training course, and one that does not require you to be a tech expert to make it through. You only have to be willing to be taught, and eager to earn.


  • Easily comprehensible training course.
  • Effective and timely instructional videos.
  • Weekly assessments to go over the week’s sessions.
  • Owner is well-versed in the art of online ventures.


  • To get in the program, you must be prepared financially.
  • To succeed means having the right mindset to make the lessons a reality.
  • The program excludes additional costs for domain registry and other expenses.

Get Ready to Break Through the Online Platform, Too
Tired of the usual work you do? If you are as pumped as I am, then you are ready to start your own journey into making a member website using Membership Method. Register for an account today, and discover how you can change your life (and someone else’s) in just six weeks!
9.6 Total Score
Bottom Line

A legitimate opportunity like the Membership Method does not come easy. Following the guide and developing some tricks of your own are essential in succeeding in the online platform. Standing out is a must, and with that, knowledge and skills will work best with also the right mindset.

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