Nano Towels Review : Is this Revolutionary piece of Eco Friendly Fabric worth using?

For a very long time now, paper towels have been the most commonly used cleaning materials by many for the removal of dirt and stains. Paper towels are not used alone but combined with chemical cleaning agents when cleaning off stains. But times are changing and developers have come up with an eco-friendly cleaning solution that works even better than paper towels and chemical cleaning agents. Nano Towels are fast replacing paper towels in many homes, but why is that?

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Nano Towels

Also called magical towels for their effectiveness, a nano towel is a revolutionary piece of fabric used in place of paper towels and chemical cleaners to clean up dirt, stains and grime. They are made of a special kind of fiber called Nanolon, which is a unique material with a sticky surface. The sticky nature of Nanolon makes it very easy to pick up dirt, liquid and even dust and they also work very well with water.

This is a far cry from what many of us are used to when cleaning with paper towels. In order to clean surfaces effectively, paper rolls can’t work well with only water but has to be combined with strong chemical agents, especially when dealing with tough and stubborn stains. Dried up dirt and stains cannot be removed so easily, hence the need to use cleaning chemicals as well. Many will argue in favor of the use of cleaning chemical agents because they are effective but when you take into consideration the harmful effects they have on the health of users over a long time period, you will agree that a cleaning fabric that works just as well without the attendant health hazard is indeed a much better option.

How the social cost of using Paper towels influenced the decision to come up with a new cleaning formula

Negative effects on the environment: Paper towels are essentially made with paper and papers are sourced from trees. What this means is that for users to be constantly provided with enough paper rolls per head, many more trees will have to be felled each year. With the constant loss of forest vegetation leading to atmospheric pollution and global warming, this is a development that is not in the best interest of humanity. To properly understand the damaging effects paper towel usage has on our natural environment, here are some facts to consider.

  • To produce a ton of paper towel, about 17 trees will have to be brought down for paper towel production.
  • As a result of tree felling and water source pollution caused by paper waste discharge, about 20,000 gallons of water will be polluted
  • 40,000 is the number of people whose water source will be affected due to the production of 1 ton of paper towel.
  • Decomposing paper towel has been adjudged to be one of the leading causes of global warming due to the emission of Methane gas during the decomposing process.

Although it will be wrong to blame our ozone layer depletion solely on paper roll production and usage, they play a significant role in the pollution of communities; particularly those where paper factories are situated. There are many pollutants communities have to deal with these days, from lead poisoning to the plastic pollution of water sources and channels. But when you add paper pollution to the others that entire communities are dealing with, the gravity of the situation becomes clearer for all to see.

Negative effects of Paper Towels

Harmful effects on users: As stated above, paper towels may be used with or without cleaning agents depending on the nature of the stains involved. When dealing with stains and tough dirt, working your paper towel on the stain without using a cleaning agent will not produce the desired result. Cleaning products come in different forms but one thing they all have in common is the presence of chemical agents. According to the US Poison Control Center, in 2000 about 10% of toxic exposure was due to the use of cleaning products by victims of chemical poisoning and the figure keeps increasing by the day.

The most dangerous cleaning products are corrosive drain and oven cleaners, acidic bowl cleaners and other forms of highly toxic chemical cleaners used in cleaning industrial stains. The effect of cleaning agents on users vary. Some have been known to cause acute or immediate hazards, such as:

  • Skin irritation
  • Respiratory irritation
  • Watery eyes
  • Chemical burns
  • Chronic or long-term cancer

If swallowed by mistake, they could cause grave medical complications such as acute respiratory irritation problems. Even the fragrance contained in some of these materials have ammonia, chlorine and lye which re known to be harmful to humans.

When you combine the harmful effects of paper towels on the environment and the destructive element of cleaning agents on humans, what you have is a combination of two highly destructive materials combined as one to wreck havoc on human lives and the world around us. Since one (paper towel) can’t be used often without the other (cleaning chemicals) these harmful consequences cannot be entirely avoided. To counter these negative effects, Nano towels are made from natural, eco-friendly materials that pose no danger to users or to the environment.

Nano towels: Are they a better and safer alternative?

When they were first introduced, many people were not so keen to embrace nano towels because they doubted their effectiveness. As with anything new, acceptance is often a gradual process. As their benefits became clearer, more and more users began to accept these magical cleaning wonders in place of other traditional cleaning materials. There are many healthy benefits of using nano towels for your daily cleaning.

Nano Towel benefits

Cleans with just water: While you would have to clean your surfaces with chemical agents when using paper towels, nano towels work well without them. The sticky towel surface picks up dirt easily no matter how tiny they may be. When faced with messy stains, all you need to do is to soak the towel in water for a perfect clean. This protects the user from the harmful effects posed by chemical cleaning agents.

A cheaper option: If you have ever had to deal with so much stain at a time you will remember how much paper towel you had to use to clean off the stains. The more paper towel you use the more money you lose as you would have to buy new ones to replace your stock. You don’t have to spend so much to maintain personal hygiene. Although Nano towels cost a lot more than paper towels, over a long-term period you spend less as one magical nano towel can deal with stains several paper towels can’t.

Save money: You save a lot more money when you make nano towels your preferred cleaning material. A single investment can serve you for a very long time.

Protect the environment: The less of paper towels we use, the safer our environment will be as fewer trees will be used to make processed paper towels.

Picks up dirt and impurities with ease: Nano towels capture dirt and impurities much better than paper towels do. Regardless of the surface you are cleaning, they work much better.

Healthy option: Using Nanolon materials for your cleaning is much safer than using paper towels and harmful cleaning agent. You can use it for as long as you wish without paying a visit to the doctor due to chemical poisoning from exposure. Its eco-friendly feature makes it one of the best cleaning materials for prolonged use.

Very durable cleaning material: It is very durable and if used properly, it can last for several months before the need arises to replace an old one with a new piece.

What are the Pros and Cons of using Nano Towels

Every product known to man has its merits and demerits and the more information you have about Nano Towels the more informed you will be when making a choice.


  • Money saver
  • Protects your health
  • More convenient to use
  • Versatile cleaning material
  • Eco friendly product
  • Long lasting


  • A little expensive
  • Not the best cleaning material for germ infested surfaces

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Bottom Line

Nano Towel is specially designed for homes and businesses looking to maintain personal hygiene without risking their environment or their health in the process. The product is safe and effective and I recommend it to anyone who is serious about health and environmental hygiene.

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