Natural Synergy Review: Say Goodbye to Conventional Drugs and Turn to Natural Treatments

These day, people are more interested in making money and in the due process, they fail to ensure that their health is intact. Also the conventional methods available to rectify the health issues have a lot of problems, hence it is better to turn to natural remedies like natural synergy.

The way of the nature is the best way!

The site is one that contains data and information about a particular product called natural synergy. This is a book which would help the customers to learn about numerous techniques to cure various diseases through natural ways.

Even though the site does not look very attractive to the eye, a lot of pain has gone into creating the site. It should be said that considerable amount of research has been done on the topic and this helps to gain the customer’s trust through various scientific claims. Though these claims might not be true completely, they are very helpful in attracting customers.

The structure of the site is okay. This means that some people might find it pretty unattractive and elaborate. The seller tries to talk about the products by explaining experiences that she has had in her life. This again would make some customers bored.

There are two different methods adopted by the seller to get to the customer. One is through a video and the other is by explaining everything through text. The video is something that is intended for customers who have a lot of time to spare and those who like to listen to things in details. If you are a person who likes to get to know things in a condensed method, then reading the text site would be the ideal choice. Also if you visit the written text site, then you would be able to skip directly to the part where the products are explained in detail. This would allow the person to save a lot of time.

The seller’s experience

When it comes to the credibility of the products, the explanation provided by the seller plays a very important part. In fact, the seller explains that it was the experiences in her life that led her to turn to natural synergy and then into selling the book.

She says that the she suffered from various ailments and as a remedy she had to take a lot of conventional drugs. Since she herself was a medical representative, she never hesitated to take drugs as a method to cure her ailments. But the result was the opposite. This means that she had to further suffer from a lot of side effects and this began making her life miserable. She even met with an accident and the reason was the side effects. This is when she started to search for natural remedies which did not have side effects.

Another reason is that she wanted a permanent solution and the conventional drugs only provided temporary solution. The seller then says that it was Dr Lin Xiaoxi who introduced her to the natural methods.

What are the natural methods?

In fact, the seller claims that Dr. Lin explained all the different natural methods to her. The first among them is the method called acupuncture. This is a method that involves needles to cure the different pains that we have.

Another method is call the electro acupuncture. This method uses needles as well. But here electric current is also used along with needles so that the curing process is somewhat quick. Also this method costs more when compared to acupuncture.

The third method is called acupressure. This is perhaps the oldest technique and is rarely used nowadays. The final method is called acoustic bio entertainment. This method is the latest and uses the science of entertainment in order to cure the different diseases.

In fact, all the particles vibrates in some frequency. This is also true with the human body so if you can change the frequency by using the laws of physics, then the diseases can be cured quite easily without any chemical medication. It is a fact that two objects with same frequency would resonate. Various body details like heart rate, brain waves, hormonal cycles etc. can all be corrected using the method without much problems.

The seller explains that different natural treatment methods can be combined together in order to develop a hybrid method that is much more effective when compared to other individual methods. One such method is call acu- frequency.

A person who knows details like locating acupoints, executing the process etc. would be able to carry the natural treatments very effectively. If you know the right exercises to do, then the treatment would be quite simple. The seller says that the Dr. Lin gave her notebook to the seller. This is how she came to understand all the different methods so deeply and precisely.

What are the products sold through the sites?

The primary product that is sold through the site is the book called natural synergy. The seller claims that this is the nature’s solution to healing pain. In fact, the author also claims that this is the only method in the whole world that is capable of solving health problems though natural techniques.

If you need to understand what is inside the book completely, then you would have to buy and read the book. But the seller says that the book aims at teaching the customers to use Acu Frequency in order to clear the different energy blocks present in their bodies. In fact, the process that the book suggests would meagerly take about 3 minutes of your time each day.

The bonuses

There are various bonuses that the customer would get when he or she purchases the book. The first bonus is the book named East West BP Balance. This book includes details about acupressure that can be used for regaining the blood pressure without any chemical drugs in a natural manner.

The next bonus is the book called Eastern Metabolism miracle. This book would help the customer to know about techniques to boost his or her metabolism by carrying out natural techniques which do not have any kinds of side effects. Also there are techniques for balancing the appetite.

Another bonus is Acu Facelift Revitalizer. This is also a book and this provides information about various processes that would help the customers to reduce the effects of ageing. Here again all the techniques mentioned in the book are natural and do not include the usage of any kinds of drugs.

Another bonus is the free subscription to the synergy App. This is values at 15 dollars. The app would be able to play the tones that would be soothing and having therapeutic action as far as various ailments are concerned.

The cost

The cost of the entire package which includes the natural synergy and the 3 bonuses together is priced at about 226 dollars. But the seller is providing a special discount and the price has been dropped to 47 dollars. The discount seems to be a gimmick in order to attract the customers. But whatever the reason might be, 47 dollars is not an unreasonable price for the package.

The buy back scheme

There is also a 60 day buy back policy. This policy is based on all normal buy back rules. The seller promises to return all the money if the customer is not satisfied with the product without asking any questions. But this can only be confirmed if you yourself return a product. This is valid for 60 days from the day of purchase.

The feedback

The seller has added a lot of reviews written by previous customers on the site itself. Yes, it is true that all the reviews do seem to be real. But the problem is that there are only positive reviews. So either the product is so good or else the seller is only posting positive feedbacks. One would never know. Also the seller herself has explained a lot of her own experiences. These too do not appear very believable.


  • The most important pro is that the techniques suggested are natural ones and natural techniques usually have no side effects at all.
  • Also the price is also very reasonable.
  • The buy back policy is great.


  • The problem with the site is that it seems to exaggerate a bit about the effectiveness of the products.

A natural solution at this price is a steal. So wait for no more!
Since the number of diseases that people are suffering from are increasing with each passing day, the need for a completely permanent cure is very important. Hence if you wish to try a new method then make sure that you purchase the whole natural synergy package.
9.6 Total Score
Bottom Line

Even though one can never be sure whether the procedure works or not without using it, there is no harm in buying such a product. Also the price is not very high. Even though you do not get the results as mentioned in the site, you would certainly find some relief.

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