Profit Maximiser Review: Is It as Effective as Its Name?

When you are strapped for cash, the first thing that comes into mind is to find ways to solve this problem. While taking loans is an immediate solution, it hurts your pockets in the long run. No, there are much more options than going in debt, and it’s time to explore that.

What Is Profit Maximiser?

Okay, I know I need to come clean with this. I have been in debt before. It wasn’t also just a one-time thing. It was months of trying to make ends meet, and it got to a point when I felt so hopeless so I took some loans… next thing I know I was a few thousand bucks in debt already.

I’m sure a lot of us have been in that situation. Sometimes, it cannot be helped. But what if I tell you that there is a much better alternative than to just simply asking for money and struggling to pay in the end?

Profit Maximiser is a binary-based software focused on trading. Simply put, it is an online matched betting service.

Some people get spooked when they see the word ‘betting,’ but in Profit Maximiser, the profit is guaranteed. How so? This software uses bet offers, casino deposit bonus, and other freebies you can find in an online casino, and pools it to maximise income, as what the name suggests.

If you have tried signing up for an account in an online betting website, you will notice that they give you free bet offers and sign up bonuses that you most likely overlook. Well, Profit Maximiser has found a way to put these into good use.

I know this because I tried the software, and it definitely works.

Who Devised Profit Maximiser?

Mike Cruickshank, the creator of Profit Maximiser, has made a name for himself in the matched betting industry with his first product, Bonus Bagging. He started this in 2010, and has created a couple more that have made its mark in matched betting enthusiasts.

Armed with experience on his side, Mike has made significant profit in taking advantage of various offers. He understands how small bonuses can turn into something big with the right calculations. He was able to perfect his software and share the secret to everyone who is interested in earning extra money online.

Knowledge is at the center of the software, and Profit Maximiser offers exactly that. Advantage play is one, wherein the service teaches knowledgeable strategies to win legally. It involves teaching the tips and tricks of a game to increase the odds of winning.

Matched betting strategies that are also taught in the software may refer to the bookie and bet bonuses we can get in every sign up or reload. These bonus offers come aplenty, but not everyone knows how to use them to make money. I will tell you more about this in the next section.

How to Make Money Using Profit Maximiser

Before being able to actually earn from Profit Maximiser, I had to of course sign up to the website and gain member access to its full offerings, which included tutorials, guides and bonus offers exclusive for members.

There is a Start Here tab for a first-time user, and a separate tab for the Training. This is where I have read and understood the basics of the Bookmaker. I have also learned about Casino offers, and was presented with videos to better understand the training material.

After learning all that, I proceeded on Bookmaker signups, where I managed to earn a couple of pounds just by applying the strategies on maximising profit through bonuses.

There are also instructions on completing offers to achieve the bonuses, which are simple to do.

The site also has a Casino and Advanced Casino tab that led me to casino offers with higher stakes than the bookie bonuses. This is where the mathematical approach devised by Mike is used, since these sections target long-term profit for the user.

For me personally, the casino offers make Profit Maximiser stand out from competition because it’s a proven way to get guaranteed profits. Most of all, it’s a low-risk system because I am not cheating—just in on an insider secret that only members know.

Is It a Scam?

If you knew how many times I have been asked if Profit Maximiser is a scam! I can only laugh now because I am earning more profit faster than they can doubt if the profits I gained are really true or not.

To make it clear, no, Profit Maximiser is not a scam. It’s also not cheating on any game online. As I have said, Profit Maximiser works by pooling bonuses from Bookmakers and Casino sign up and reload offers and teaching you how to convert these into cash.

I honestly can understand all the doubts on this method. There are so many fake reviews going around regarding Profit Maximiser. Let me emphasize this more: FAKE REVIEWS. I don’t think they’ve tried it. Otherwise, they would be praising it right now, like I am.

I mean, there is absolutely nothing to gain by judging before experiencing what it offers.  What is the point of saying a few bad words to this site if you haven’t really tried it even once?

Speaking of praises, let me tell you how I could honestly prove that it works. Just from introductory offers alone, I was able to make £1000. Add to that the money I made by completing casino offers, and you bet I was able to accumulate a few thousand more.

If that sounds impressive, get this: they have an updated pool of offers, so there are so many bonuses to earn on the daily. DAILY. That means you can earn daily just by using the site and following the instructions and tutorials.

Tips and Tricks

As a Profit Maximiser user, I’ll share you some of the things I learned to make your experience better and to gain the most out of their service.

Firstly, please be patient in understanding how it works. The website is complete with a guide and step-by-step instructions, but you will only be able to actually earn money only if you follow them well. There is no shortcut to it, so invest some time to learn it.

This is also one thing I cannot stress enough—please, please, play the game. You cannot just stand there and do nothing, and expect the website to earn for you. Based on my experience, that is bad practice.

Also, keep in mind that although offers are updated daily, it does not mean that they have the same value as that of the previous day’s value. Not all offers are equal in monetary value. There are also different offers for beginner and advanced users, so take note of that and only choose offers that fit your level of knowledge.

Players outside the UK and Ireland will have lesser bonuses and offers. Some will be inaccessible, but don’t let that discourage you.

Will I Recommend Profit Maximiser?

YES! A resounding yes to recommending Profit Maximiser. They don’t offer any ridiculous claims, and you will get what they say you will get.

Beginners will probably need some time to get used to the platform and understand the mechanics, but once you get the hang of it, the earning gets easier to do.

I also say this with confidence—you are not alone in wanting to earn by matched betting. They have a forum where people from the Profit Maximiser community can ask and answer queries from fellow members. Email support is also available, if you want to talk to a staff.

They also have add-on products that you can use for an additional fee, and most all of them are very helpful! The Profit Maximiser Software, for example, has a more cutting-edge OddsMatcher and other sports betting matchers.


  • Easy way to earn extra income online.
  • The system is automated.
  • Tutorials such as instructional videos are readily accessible.
  • Forum and email support for any queries.
  • Daily offers.
  • Flexible hours.


  • Requires some time to complete casino offers for advanced users.
  • Minor inconvenience with the upsells if you don’t like receiving them.
  • This is a paid membership, costing £97 + VAT.

Final Thoughts on Profit Maximiser
Before you think about taking more loans to gain money, why not try Profit Maximiser to increase your profits and not worry about being in debt anymore? If you want guaranteed income and quick results, I suggest you sign up right now and see for yourself that this website is as legit as can be.
9.5 Total Score
Bottom Line

Profit Maximiser is the dream companion of any matched bettor out there. Not only does it increase the odds of earning income, it also provides helpful insider knowledge of matched betting and advanced play. Guaranteed profits too! No need to look for other websites because Profit Maximiser can provide them all, and more.

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