Reading Head Start Review: Bringing Out the Best in Your Child

Reading is a crucial part of education that enables an individual to absorb information and take in as much knowledge as this world could offer. Reading is one of the earliest skills taught to a child in school, but some kids struggle to learn alongside the rest of the class.

The Struggle of Learning to Read

Are you a parent of a school age child who seems to learn reading at a much slower pace than their peers? I have noticed the same with my first grader. One day, he came home from school, crying.

I asked what the problem was, and he told me that his classmates teased him because he mistakenly read a word wrong during recitation.

This act of bullying is troublesome, but what worried me was that he might get constantly bullied if he keeps struggling with any reading task assigned to him. It kept me awake at night, trying to find possible solutions.

The first thing we did was enrol him to a tutor, which worked fine the first few weeks… up until he just lost interest completely and I knew it wasn’t as effective in the long run. I needed a better alternative so he could cope up with the pressure of reading well in class.

Reading Head Start: How I Stumbled Upon It?

I relayed this concern to my dear friend who is a teacher, and she told me that sometimes, the child needs a specialized way of teaching to be able to learn how to read. She said there are times when the method of teaching in the classroom setting does not work for everyone.

She then introduced me to this website called Reading Head Start, which offered learning opportunities for children aged 1-9, and promised that their method of teaching will get children to appreciate books and start reading enthusiastically.

As a parent, the first concern was, “is this effective?”, and I guess I had that apprehension of trying something that I have heard for the very first time. I also wasn’t sure if it would help my child in any way, judging by the fact that there was no physical setting to it.

I was wondering whether to give it a go, but after much deliberation, I decided it was as good as any option I had.

Why I Said Yes to Reading Head Start?

The first thing that got me at ease with the idea of trying out Reading Head Start for my child is the fact that the program is developed by a former English teacher, Sara Shepard. She taught for 14 years, and so I was sure that the program will specially cater to children who are struggling to read and learn.

One other factor why I said yes was because Sara also relayed the story about her 6-year-old who came home with a bad English grade. Imagine seeing your child suffer in learning the subject that you have been teaching in school yourself. I felt for her.

So what I did was register an account with the mindset that my child will learn better reading comprehension with the Reading Head Start Method.

I later on found myself very satisfied with it.

What Is in Reading Head Start?

Reading Head Start is an online course that includes multimedia instructional videos and an interactive learning experience developed for the specific purpose of making learning fun. This develops the children’s interest in education, and gets them more eager to learn.

The program engages the child to learn more because the teaching method includes fun activities that are updated regularly. This ensures that the child will never be bored of answering the same thing, because there is so many new things to do every day.

The complete program is set with four levels. Each level is packed with instructional videos, worksheets, interactive games, and exercises. Each level the child passes, they are rewarded with a certificate that boosts self-esteem and engages them to keep getting involved in the program.

Reading Head Start is divided into three per week sessions, with each session lasting only 15 minutes. This is a plus for me, because I can easily fit learning time into my busy schedule. Those fifteen minutes turned out to be this precious quality time we spent together.

The best part for me is that as my child learns, I also get to learn new things with him. This isn’t only related to the subject, but also the way my child learns. I have come to notice his learning habits, and find ways to improve the way he learns.

Aside from the levelled course lasting 40 weeks, the site also offers additional material to aid in studying. There we can also find letter and picture cards, letter formation, and other flash cards that are very useful.

Benefits of Reading Head Start

After being initially hesitant, I have come to see how great of a help the whole course has been for my son. For starters, he is doing well in school these days, basing on his improving grades in school. It eases my heart that he doesn’t come home crying anymore.

The 40-week program of Reading Head Start has also given my son and I the quality bonding time that we didn’t get to do often before. The fifteen minutes we spend together are gold to me, because I feel like I am genuinely getting involved in his growth.

Comparing it to the tuition I have enrolled my child in, I could say that I made the right decision in choosing Reading Head Start. Now, my child can read better and is eager to learn through books and interactive quizzes without me having to tell him. He is more proactive in learning after the 40-week course we have undergone together.

If you ask me if the program really works, based on experience I would have to say a confident yes. I have seen the vast improvement from my son, and I’m sure that it would work for other struggling pupils out there.

It was a transformative 40-week learning program, not only for my son, but for myself as well.

Will I Recommend Reading Head Start?

Let me just start this by saying that I HIGHLY recommend you try this program. It’s the single best leap I have taken when it comes to aiding my child’s journey in education.

As with the benefits I have found through the learning course, I believe you will be able to give that to your child too, and more. We honestly are very satisfied with the product, and I bet you will be too if you tried it.

I just have to say that there are a few points you have to remember so you can have the best experience while immersing into the 40-week program. First off, please be patient. The first few times might be a period of adjustment not only for your child, but for you as well.

There is also a need to pay attention to the progress your child has been making. Giving them encouraging words, and praising them for their achievements aid in sparking interest in them. The more they believe in themselves, the more engaged they are in learning.

I also firmly believe that what I paid was worth all the improvement my son has gotten from this program. I believe this side of the bargain will be a deal breaker, but trust me when I say that I do not regret spending money for my child’s betterment.

Lastly, please invest time in your child. I was guilty of this before, particularly because work was demanding. I almost forgot that my child’s growth was demanding as well. Spending time with them will give you the sense of fulfillment that no monetary value can ever compare.


  • Instructions are easy to follow for both child and parent.
  • The site offers full refund guaranteed for unsatisfied customers.
  • It has flexible learning hours so you and your child can do it at a convenient time.
  • The teaching methods are scientifically proven.
  • Plenty of learning materials available.
  • It is multiplatform and works well in both PC and mobile.


  • It is a paid online program.
  • The site cannot be accessed without an internet connection.
  • Consistency is a must, so you must give time and patience for it to work.

Ready to Enroll Your Child to Reading Head Start?
This is the chance you shouldn’t miss—they opportunity to give your child access to a fun, interactive learning experience that he cannot get elsewhere. Register for an account at Reading Head Start and find out how you can provide only the best for your child’s educational journey.
9.7 Total Score
Bottom Line

Reading Head Start is an effective, user-friendly learning website that not only develops reading and comprehension skills, but also engages a child to love learning. Education is an important aspect of life, and investing in a program that guarantees wonderful results is magical as life itself.

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