The Secret Survey Review: Can women understand how men think?

Misunderstandings are one of the most common causes of relationship breakups. Many women find themselves in loveless relationships while others watch their men walk away without giving reasons why. A famous relationship expert, Michael Fiore, demystifies the myth of masculine psychology by revealing to women how to attract and sustain their relationships with his latest book, The Secret Survey.

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Meet the author

Michael Fiore is a trained relationship psychologist with several years of experience counselling people on ways to maintain healthy relationships. He has appeared on several high profile shows like the Rachael Ray show, Mancow radio, Fox TV, NBC and several online blogs discussing relationship related issues.

He has made it his life’s work to help people sustain their relationships. The prime focus of his book, The Secret Survey focuses on the common misconceptions held by women who have either lost a loving relationship or are currently battling to keep one. According to Michael, most women find it hard to understand how men think and why they act the way they do. The information he reveals in the Secret Survey teaches women how to read their partners using the subtle body signs they give out unconsciously. In the Secret Survey, the love expert reveals it all.

The Secret Survey

The Secret Survey is a four-week online relationship program designed for women to make them understand what men want them to know but are too terrified to reveal. It dwells on masculine psychology and discusses in great detail what men look out for in relationships. Sometimes, men act in ways their partners find strange. A once loving man can appear distant all of sudden and in a bid to win back his attention, their partners may in fact end up pushing them away. This book answers all the questions women have been asking for years and more

What this Relationship book teaches?

To begin with, most of the sentiments many women have about men are false because they are subjective guesses and not verifiable proofs. Understanding the human mind is a complex endeavor but when it comes to issues concerning men, who best to explain your boyfriend or spouse’s habits more than a man like himself? Mr. Fiore reveals the dirty truth about how men think. He breaks the guy code by telling it all in The Secret Survey. Those things your partner will not dare tell you no matter how much he loves you are all exposed in this book. There’s more though.

What goes through a man’s mind?

In this relationship piece, you will come to know what runs through your partner’ mind without him ever saying a word. Understanding what goes through his mind will better help you predict his mood and actions in ways that words can’t.

What men lust after

Men love beautiful and sexually attractive women and most women know this. However, in their pursuit for attention many ladies miss the plot. Physical beauty may be a romantic turn on for women but it’s not the only thing your man is after. Men lust after women who can mentally stimulate them as well. With this program, you get a better understanding of what your man is lusting after but may never tell you.

Why men lie?

A man may lie to the love of his life for several reasons. You can guess all you want but you will never find out the truth if he doesn’t tell you. If you have been lied to by a man who loves you loads, this book will tell you why.

What does he think about me?

It’s possible to be in a relationship with a man for a long time and not be so sure about what he thinks of you or what he truly wants. Many women ask this question in secret but the answer continues to remain elusive. The information in this book will teach you how to ask your man the right questions and get all the answers you seek.

Why men cheat

“Men will always cheat” is a common assertion made by ladies but they don’t know why. Why would a man love a woman dearly but cheat on her still? The Secret Survey will tell you why.

Will this love last forever?

Many women fear for their relationships even when all appears to be well between them and their partners. The fear of something so beautiful turning ugly drives many ladies to the point of no return. Conducting fruitless searches for answers is not necessary when you can take a peek into the future through the window of his mind.

Does he really love me?

Find out if your partner really loves you by digesting the details in Michael Fiore’s book. If you think he doesn’t love you as much as you want, is there a way to deepen the love?  Is it even possible? This book will show you that it is possible and how to make it happen.

Thought provoking answers

The thought-provoking answers contained in this book are unlike anything you may have read in the past because it adopts an unconventional approach to unraveling the hidden truths about what men want from women who they are in a relationship with.

What you will learn

Projective Empathy: Michael Fiore teaches the use of projective empathy in practical terms. With this technique you will be able to keep him glued to you at all times even in periods of tension.

Conversational tricks: Learn how to use intelligent conversations to open him up. By asking subtle questions, you will be able to draw answers from him that he may never have revealed on his own.

Truthful and honest communication: Many couples lie to each other and falsehood is a prerequisite for relationship failure. The secret Survey will teach you how to create a foundation for honest and truthful conversation.

Unravel his real intentions: What he says may not be what he feels. To be sure, you have to probe deeper than you normally would for the truth and nothing less. This book will help you unravel his real intention in a non-confrontational manner.

Drag his eyes back to you: It must be very frustrating to catch him eyeballing other women in your presence. This book will show you how to drag his eye back to you and maintain his gaze whenever you are together.

Sex as a weapon: Sex is a weapon that is only effective if your partner finds you sexually attractive. There are ways to get him sexually obsessed with you. Learn all you need to know about sex in relationships.

Bonus Package

Buyers can also enjoy three special bonus packages. They are:

Package 1: Unstoppable Confidence is a 90 minutes conversational training course on how to build feminine confidence.

Package 2: The Insecurity Cure explains why you feel insecure in your relationship and provides a remedy on how to create a sea of self calm.

Package 3: Sex Lies Exposed reveals the sex lies that destroy relationships and how to avoid them.

Benefits of using The Secret Survey 4-week online program

Revealing: The book reveals all there is to know about men, sex and relationships.

Relationship builder: With this eBook, you can build your relationship in ways you never thought possible before now.

It works for all men: Men are different but share so many things in common. The lessons learnt in this book can be used to spice up your relationship no matter your partner’s personality.

8 powerful honest lessons: The 8 powerful lessons you learn from The Secret Survey are honest, detailed and practical.

Works Fast: All it takes is a month or less to win back your ex or to strengthen an already failing relationship after reading the contents of this book.

Who is The Secret Survey for?

The Secret Survey is a complete package containing a series of written, audio and video lessons developed for women who are in distant or shaky relationships. It is also developed for women looking to win back the attention of an estranged spouse.


  • Step by step explainer manual: The book is a very detailed explainer manual that throws more light on the dark side of masculine sexuality.
  • Concise eBook: The information can be digested in a few hours. The information it contains is perfectly summarized for easy assimilation.
  • More practical than abstract: The Secret Survey is very practical and answers every day questions posed by women in relationships.
  • Quick results: It is a four-week program that promises positive results within a month.
  • Option combination: The content is spiced up with a mixture of written, audio, and video contents.


  • Unpredictable: Results may not come as fast for all users. You may have to wait a little longer than the one-month period promised to begin to see positive results.
  • Pricey: Some buyers may consider $67 a high price for a relationship manual.

Is the Secret Survey worth the read?
The Secret Survey is practical, thought-provoking, and an effective online program for building healthy and sustainable romantic relationships. If you believe that your current relationship is worth fighting for, this program is definitely for you. Click on the link below to order for it.
9.5 Total Score
Bottom Line

Not every relationship expert approaches relationship issues the way Michael Fiore has done in his online relationship program. The Secret Survey is very descriptive and self explanatory. I recommend this eBook to ladies who desire a fruitful relationship with their partners.

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