Shockwave Torch Review: Buy the ultimate self- defense tool and stay safe

When it comes to the present generation, almost nowhere is safe. This means that you can be too safe. So it is always better to carry a self- defense tool around. Also this tool should be within the rules and regulations and should be powerful enough to save you.

The ultimate flashlight

The site is basically one that is aimed at increasing the sales of the product called shockwave torch. Yes, the name is shockwave torch. It does sound like some sort of star- wars gadget. And to be truthful, the functionality of the product does justice to the name. In other words the name is apt for the torch.

The website starts with a video. This is nothing but a commercial that talks about the shockwave torch. It has quite engaging sounds and also it ensures that the viewers watch till the end. In fact, the video itself would be able to provide an overall outlook about the product to the customers.

The video: condensed and time saving

The video is followed by written text. All these text aim at conveying the advantages of having a shockwave torch in your possession. In short, the whole is dedicated to praise the torch and also persuade the customers into buying the product. If you are a customer who does not have much time to spare, then the video itself would be more than enough to understand all about the torch. So you need not read all the remaining torch details. You can skip to the part where the price of the torch is discussed.

As a tool for self defense

The seller makes sure that the site starts by making customers concerned for themselves. This is achieved by saying that the chances for an attack are not slim. So in order to ensure that you are safe, you would have to carry a self defense weapon at all times.

The first choice would definitely be a gun. But the seller solves this problem by saying that the number of places where guns are not allowed are increasing day by day. Also the chances for relaxations on the laws that regulate the use of guns are very close to none. Hence you would certainly not be able to carry a gun at all times. Also at all other times, a gun is useless. So the sellers urges the customer to select a tool rather than a weapon. This tool must serve the purpose of a weapon when the time comes.

A knife would also be in the minds of customers. But knifes are dangerous to handle and may end up causes harm to the person who is carrying it rather the attacker. Here again the customer would be better off with a tool.

this is where the shockwave torch comes in. this product can be considered as a tool and also at the time of danger, the customer would be able to use the tool as a weapon for self defense.

In fact, the seller goes to the extreme of saying that all the different reputed military people use the product or recommend the product. Navy seals, marines etc. all use tactical torches for defense and the seller portrays the shockwave torch as a tactical torch or tool.

What to expect from the torch?

The product is basically a torch and hence it must serve the purpose of one. And it is safe to say that the shockwave torch is very good in doing so.


The brightness of the light beam that the torch produces is immense. This beam is so bright that you can use the torch to see long distance even if the surroundings are pitch black.

Since the brightness is too high, the seller recommends that the customers do not shine the torch to any person’s eyes directly. This is because a temporary blindness would be caused and in some cases severe problems can be caused if the person has some sort of eye problems. In fact, this feature can be used to temporarily blind the attacker when he or she comes to harm you, simply by shining the torch on to his or her eyes.


Another feature is that the torch has super sharp bezel teeth on the front side. That is the cover of the bulb end has sharp bezels. In extreme cases, this end of the torch can be used to bring pain to someone. This someone can be the attacker in the case of a mugging. The seller also says that this is just an added feature of the torch and should never be used in the wrong manner. The words self defense is used a lot of times in the whole site. This is to make sure that the torch is not used as a weapon in any other manner.

The stun gun is pretty good

Just like the name suggests, the shockwave torch is capable of delivering a very powerful electric current to a person. The seller claims that the torch would be able to deliver about 2 amperes of current at a whooping potential of 4.5 million volts. Now this would be a serious jolt. This is more than enough to paralyze a fully grown adult and hence the customer would able to use the torch to escape from the clutches of an attacker.

4 major advantages

The first one is that it is pretty bright. Also the bulb would certainly last for a life time because it has a life for about 10000 hours. The claim is that the shockwave torch would produce a brightness that is at least 10 times that of other torches in the same category.

Another advantage is the build quality. In fact, the torch is built like a tank. This means that even if you use it in a very rough and tough manner, the torch would not be damaged in any way. The body is build using combat grade aluminum and hence the body would last long.

The ease of usage is another advantage. The body is made of aluminum and since aluminum is a light weight material, the weight of the torch is very low. In fact, any person above the age of 18 would be able to easily use the torch without any complication. The size of the torch is 6.5 x 1.5 inches. And the weight is about ounces and all these dimensions ensure that the torch would fit perfectly in a purse or a bag. 

Also there is a safety switch on the torch and this is to ensure that you do not accidently use the shock delivering capability of the product.


It is true that tactical weapons cost quite a fortune. This is the same point that the seller tries to make. He says that all tactical torches in the market would cost at least 200 dollars. But in the case of shockwave torch, the cost is just $29.97. this is not at all a very large amount when it comes to a torch that has so many capabilities.

If you look at it as just another ordinary torch, then the price is above the normal. But to be fair, you should weigh all the extra features of shockwave torch. The customer can easily click on the buy option and get redirected to the payment portal. The payment process is also quite simple and hence you can get hold of the torch without much fuss.

The money back feature

The seller also provides another added option to the customers who buy the product. This is nothing but a 60 day money back policy. The seller ensures that if the customer is not satisfied with the product and he or she decides to send the product back within 60 days, the whole amount of the product would be refunded without asking any questions. But this can only be confirmed by someone who has actually bought the product and sent it back.


  • Security is a very important concern to every person and hence a weapon for self defense is a very important thing. And the product is one in every sense.
  • Another key pro is that the cost is not very high when compared with other tactical torches.
  • The buy back policy is also quite attractive.


  • The con is that the written text seems to be a bit exaggerated.

Shockwave torch at this rate is quite a bargain. So make the purchase right now!
No one would want to make compromises with his or her personal security. Hence having a self defense equipment in your possession is very important. If you need to buy one, then make sure that you take a look at the shock wave torch.
9.5 Total Score
Bottom line

There are countless products that fall in the same category of torches. But it would be hard to find a product that has so many advantages to the customers. The shockwave torch is easy to use, compact, light weight and above all, it is a very effective self defense tool.

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