A Review of Text Chemistry: Are Text Messages a Woman’s Cupid Weapon?

Every woman deserves love and expects it not from everyone but from her love interest. However, most women do not get the feedback they desire because they either do not know how to attract a new partner or how to sustain the flames of an existing relationship. Text Chemistry by Amy North introduces to the reader a very effective weapon that has been relegated to the background in recent time - text messages.

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About the Author

Amy North is an accomplished author and relationship expert with years of experience in counselling women on ways to spice up their relationship. Being a firm believer in the power of communication, she brings her experience to bear when providing wise counsel to women who desire stable and rewarding relationships with their partners

She believes that spoken and written communication has been and remains the most effective way through which humans communicate their thoughts, emotions, hopes and dreams to others. In every relationship, the power of communication cannot be overemphasized. The pressure of our daily lives puts a strain on our relationships and for many women, repairing the cracks of a weak relationship is quite a challenge many have found insurmountable. For those who are too anxious to communicate their feelings in person, text messages can be an equally effective means of communicating with a partner and in Text Chemistry she teaches women how to harness the benefits of text messages in restoring a battered relationship or to attract and strengthen a new one.

Exploring Text Chemistry in detail

Text Chemistry is an eBook written by Amy North for women looking to either win the attention or affection of their love interests, get back an estranged ex or just to simply spice up a stale relationship that’s fast losing its spark. The book reflects on the way a man’s mind works and why men tend to walk away from relationships that once brought them so much joy and satisfaction. It also teaches women certain secrets about simple text messages and words that capture the imagination of the reader and spike their curiosity. This online program is broken down into 12 essential components all tailored towards improving the readers power of communication through text messages. Essentially written for women, it contains a lot more but below we briefly summarize 12 components of this romance classic and leave you to make your final postulation on the matter.

Ignoring text messages

This part dwells on the reasons why men ignore text messages and looks to draw to the attention of the reader some of the reasons why they do so. It is like an introductory part of the book that introduces text messages as a perfect instrument to the reader and shows helpful ways on how they can be used to elicit response from an unresponsive partner.

How to effectively use texts properly with the patented E Glow Text

This text message pattern by Amy North is introduced to women who do not know how to use text messages effectively and those who do not even use them at all. The Patented E Glow is essentially written for one reason and one reason alone - to get your partner replying your test messages after reading them. Nothing can be as frustrating as an unanswered text and some men may not respond to a message as quickly as their partner would want them to. Some may not even bother to respond at all. To get a positive response to messages, the text you send has to capture the imagination of your partner and make him even more attracted to you even though you are not present. Amy North teaches women how to craft messages of less than a hundred words that will attract the desired response.

Shows you how to get your Ex Back

This is an information many women are really in need of. Getting an ex back is more difficult than attracting and starting a new relationship with someone else. The difficulty lies in the fact that your ex is very much aware of all your flaws and your strengths, so there really is nothing new about you. But what if he is wrong? What if you are able to make him think that he is wrong even though he’s right with a simple message sent to his phone?  This book teaches the reader how to send “Satellite text messages” to an ex that does two things. Firstly, after reading the message, your ex will regret ever walking away and secondly, the urge to rekindle old flames will be hard to resist.

Spicing up stale and boring relationships

For ladies who are experiencing a down turn in their relationship, they can learn how to compose “Game on and Supernova” text messages that will bring back life to an existing relationship whose embers are burning low.

Mind Capturing

The power of fantasy is laid bare in Text Chemistry. The book shows you how to capture the imagination of a lover whether you are there or not. The point the writer is trying to make in this segment is that you don’t have to be around your man to keep him fixated on you. By composing what the author terms “Tantalizing seduction text messages,” you can use them as a weapon to infuse a man’s mind with thoughts of you and you alone.

A simple Cheat Sheet

If you are able to predict with an above average level of accuracy what a man is thinking, you will never have to guess what his reaction will be to your words or actions. With this simple Cheat Sheet included in this eBook, you can better understand him and speak his love language at all times. The better you are at this, the more favorable the results.

How to send Subliminal Messages

The desire of every woman currently in a happy relationship is that the union leads to marriage eventually. You may be thinking along this line but your man may not be on the same wavelength with you. If you have brought up the topic of marriage over and over again but he is not giving you the answers that you want to hear or taking the necessary steps that you want to see, you will have to reposition his mind towards that direction. Amy North’s Text Chemistry does just that with her “Crystal Ball” text technique. This text is suitable for relationships that seem to be going nowhere. By sending this type of text, your partner will begin to think what you are thinking and desire the same thing you desire - a marriage!

Distant Relationships

Text Chemistry teaches women how to maintain and sustain distant relationships with the aid of messages that will make their partners crave their presence as soon as they read it.

The art of Powerful photos

Portion photos like the author prefers to call them can be utilized to great effect by every woman. You don’t have to be the most beautiful woman on the planet to use portion photos to attract the opposite sex. Text Chemistry shows women how to exploit simple but devastatingly effective photos.

Desire increaser

After you learn how to effectively compose “big bang text messages” you should be able to make yourself more attractive to your partner. You can work your magic with this text method and reap the benefits consistently as often as you want.

Phone conversations

Learn how to talk to your partner on the phone whenever you both are unable to see in person. Most women are not able to hold a prolonged conversation on the phone because they feel it is too difficult. Text Chemistry debunks this myth and shows you how to stimulate the passion of your partner or love interest via phone calls.

Building Monogamous relationships

Another lesson you will learn from this book is how to build a loyal and monogamous relationship with your partner. Learn how increase and sustain the sexual and romantic chemistry in your relationship with messages that will keep your lover interested in you and oblivious of other women outside your union.


  • Detailed information – This piece is a no-nonsense literary composition that goes straight to the point. It doesn’t waste the time of the reader but explains unconventional text methods in a conventional manner.
  • Easy to read – The information in Text Chemistry is easy to digest due to the uncomplicated use of words.
  • Simple techniques – The text messaging techniques are simple and can be easily mastered.


  • Pricing – Some may consider the price of this eBook a bit expensive.
  • Too many chapters – Some of the chapters dwell on similar topics. With fewer chapters the book would have been more concise.

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Text Chemistry by Amy North is a must-read for every woman looking to build an existing relationship or to attract her dream man. The book is easy to read and clear examples are provided on how to craft killer texts that will work wonders for your relationship. To spice up your relationship, order by clicking the link below.
9.6 Total Score
Bottom Line

If you want to spice up that waning relationship of yours, Text Chemistry is the book for you. You don’t have to be a literary guru or a wordsmith to compose wonderful text messages. The easy-to-learn text messages contained in Text Chemistry by Amy North will teach you how to write the perfect text pieces.

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