The Woman Men Adore by Bob Grant: Full Review

If you got a key lock to discover why a man you loved left you or why that man you are secretly in love with is not attracted to you, will you want to have that key? The Woman Men Adore is a guide to getting a man back or getting men to want using the tactics that one woman, a 41 year old single mom with three kids and lots of other women have used.

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About The Women Men Adore

The secret to what men really want has been for years hidden just in front of women’s eyes; men don’t want what they tell you they want. This is why most of the time a woman will get into a marriage or fall in love with a man they deeply adore and will do everything that the man says they want, like not complain and not work too hard, but the man will eventually lose interest in the relationship and leave.

Bob Grant, after 20 plus years of helping women unlock their bonding code by revealing to them the mysterious “campfire Effect” that irresistibly draws a man to a woman like a moth to a flame, is now willing to share the secret.  The Woman men Adore is a program that he combined together to help women release the qualities that make men notice them effortlessly.

The Woman Men Adore is a discovery based on Anna’s experience and the experience of hundreds of other clients helped by Grant to discover the emotional key to a man. Mr. Grant is a licensed professional with a clinical training. He runs a private practice where he helps women from all classes and backgrounds find that missing factor that’s preventing them from creating forever lasting relationships.

The Woman Men Adore has been organized into 5 Easy Modules.

Module 1 – The first module gives an insight into the critical emotion that men unconsciously look for in a woman. This secret emotion is what ignites in the man the desire for a particular woman.

Module 2 – In this second Module, Bob explores a man’s most deep desires in a woman. The module teaches on how you can make a man pay attention to your unique individual needs and how to get him to want to protect you.

Module 3 – In this third module you have already attracted the right man and only need the techniques of making him even closer to you. Bob will give you a three sentence secret that you can use to make a man give you anything you request of him.

Module 4 – There are certain behaviors in a woman that unconsciously arouse a man.  In this module you will learn about those and also a secret part of your body that a man is most attracted to but that most women haven’t realized has power over a man’s emotions. You will also learn what you should do to make a man more protective of you and attentive to your needs.

Module 5 – This final module comprises of a series of steps that that when you take will make a man see you as irresistible.

About Anna

Anna is a 41 year old woman with 3 kids who was left by her husband Tyler after 10 years of marriage citing the reason “I’m no longer in love with you.” Bob helps Anna decode the emotional needs of men and the missing factor that led to her sudden end of marriage. With Bob’s help, Anna was able to attract several men and finally settle on one who committed to her. It’s these same tips that Bob used to help Anna and other clients that he compiled in the Women Men Adore program. Anna is a true example of the fact that the Woman Men Adore program can work for any woman under any circumstance. Single without kids, single with kids, never married, name it.

Understanding a Man’s Emotional Needs

Unless a woman fully and comprehensively understands a woman’s needs more than the man understands their own needs it becomes impossible for the woman to glue the man to herself. What happens is that most times men will ask for what they think they need. When as a woman you don’t understand what his emotional needs are, you will give in to his requests and will only be pulled to his “Giving Pit”.

The ‘giving pit’ is an unconscious and selfish urge in a man that is happy when a woman does everything that he wants. Most women think when they continue giving in to what the man ‘wants’ he gets devoted and more attracted to them. The shocking fact is that instead of this giving pit fulfilling a man’s desire; it begins to make a man despise you. So actually the more you’re giving to a man, the more he starts despising you and the chances of him leaving you increases. The path down the “giving pit” can be illustrated using three myths.

#Myth 1 – You must be accommodating so that a man thinks you’re easy going and fun.

Once you’re too accommodating, the man will start taking you for granted instead of finding you fun. He will have the feeling that you care about his needs like is mother and the fact that he will feel you don’t care about your happiness but are only focused on is will drive his attention away.

#Myth 2 – You’ve been told to never get angry with a man because it is a turn off.

If you can’t handle a man’s different emotions then he is bound to get bored with you.

#Myth 3 – the more you give to a man the deeper in love with you he will be.

What this will do is actually make a man take you for granted because he will have varying desire for you and will only call you when in the mood. He will also not expect you to turn off his offers any time.

The “Campfire Effect”

This is a mysterious mind-heart connection that Bob teaches his clients. This effect not only makes a man to notice you but will also give him the irresistible desire to be with you. It’s like the effect that a real campfire gives on a winter day. One can feel the warmth and effect by simply looking at the campfire.

The effect can be created in three ways:

  1. Create tension – creating desire in a man necessitates the need to create tension so that the man feels incomplete without you. Once he feels that he has caught you he will bond more strongly with you.
  2. Never argue – arguing with a man is pointless because he won’t feel your frustration and that you’re upset.
  3. Give less than you receive – men are naturally created to be givers. If you compete in giving or if he feels that you’re giving him more than he gives you he will feel useless and will stop giving.


  • All men secrets at your finger tips: Bob has worked with a lot of women. Some, following heartbreak by a man they adored, others not able to find a man to commit to them. Unfortunately the one thing that these two types of women have in common is that they don’t understand how the mind and heart of a man works. Bob will reveal to you all the secrets and you will be surprised at just how easy it is to get a man attracted to you.
  • 60-Day Risk Free 100%Money Back Guarantee: Because the training Bob gives is so accurate, he is willing to refund you all your money back if in 60 days you don’t notice men giving you more attention. This is just to show his confidence in the Woman Men Adore program that he has used to help hundreds of his private clients get their one true love.
  • Bonus #1 – The Single Woman Quick Change Guide: These are tips for single women looking for love. This guide will help any single woman to attract the right kind of man and to get them committed to being with you for the rest of their life.
  • Bonus #2 – The Married Woman Quick Change Guide: This guide shows married women how to keep the romance in their marriage on fire and also how to satisfy the deepest emotional needs of a man so that he doesn’t get bored with the marriage or ‘fall out of love’.
  • Bonus #3 – The Women Men Adore Club: This is a free 30 day trial to the Women Men Adore Club which is a group of successful women that Bob gives personal guidance on relationship issues.

  • If you don’t try it you will never know: The women men adore program doesn’t give you any alternatives. All the secrets are in the program and unless you make the decision to try them you will never know just how it would have changed your life.
  • You won’t get a particular man: The program will help you attract a series of men and you get to choose. The decision on which man to give your heart to will not be made for you.

Get Access To The Woman Men Adore Today!

You can get “The woman men adore” as a 115 page book downloadable instantly after a one-time payment of $37. Although the book seems pricey, it’s definitely more affordable than costly relationship therapy sessions that will cost you on average $25 but for several sessions. Besides, don’t you want to understand how men reason once and for all?

9.5 Total Score
Bottom Line

The Woman Men Adore is the only hope for any woman desperate or willing to go an extra mile to finding that one true love. Men are difficult to decode and unless you have the secret to their emotions and mind, which you can only get from a man, it can be difficult for you to attract the right relationships or to keep the love of your life in marriage. The program is affordable and the price is justifiable in the long run.

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