Ultimate Small Shop Review: An ideal stop for woodworkers planning to start a shop

When it comes to all kinds of workshops, the person would only be able to work with full efficiency if the workshop is well designed and laid out. If you are planning to set up a new workshop, then the cost involved would also be a huge factor. These along with numerous other things needs to be considered and then a workshop should be set up. Ultimate Small Shop is a site that can help you with this process.

Official Site: https://ultimatesmallshop.com

A must have guide for every woodworker

There are numerous sites that offer help to people who are planning to set up new offices or new businesses. But when it comes to setting up workshops, the number of sites that offer help is quite low. This is also true if we take the case of books. There are countless guides that would be helpful to a new manager or a businessman. But finding a guide as far as a woodworker looking to set up a shop is concerned, would be very difficult. This is where ultimate small shop comes into the play. This is not only one of the few helpful sites but is also one of the most popular ones.

The products available on the site

Introducing the products available to the customers through this site would be the ideal thing to do as a start. In short the product is a book that would walk you through the process of setting up a workshop. The book is named ‘How to Set Up A Complete Shop on a Budget’.

There are also other bonuses like a book called ‘the workshop cheat list’ that would be provided along with the actual product to the customers. The cheat book contains tips that include getting huge discounts off the cost of timber and also getting discounts on power tools.  

Another key bonus is the deal day alert. This is something that can be considered as a priceless freebie. The customers who purchase the product would be notified about all the different deals regarding the various tools in the field. In fact the site also offers a special presentation to the customers without charging them even a penny.

The cost of the products

Since the requirement of the customer is to ensure that he or she is able to set the office up with the minimal cost, the guide should be absolutely worth its price. In the case of the book sold on ultimate small shop, the cost is pretty reasonable. The site says that the book is the one and only one of its kind under the cost of 1000 dollars. But this cannot be taken to the word. But the price that the site asks for the book is just 79 dollars.

One can feel that this again is a pretty high cost as far as a book is concerned. And maybe it is because of this feeling among the customers that caused the person running the site to reduce the price to a meagre 39 dollars.

Now this is a very reasonable cost even if you compare this with all the different written guides in the field. When you add in the bonuses which are the ‘ the workshop cheat list’ and the deal delay alert, the cost becomes even more reasonable. In fact, you would have to weigh in the deals that you would be notified of via the deal delay alert. So on the whole, it is safe to say that no one would complain about the cost of the products.

The main product: what does it contain?

The book’s title is ‘How to set up a complete shop on a budget’ and this itself tells the customers about the things that the book contains. It has six modules that together have 246 pages in total. Each module deals with separate departments that need to be taken care of when setting a workshop up.

The key objective of the book is to ensure that the customer would be able to set the shop without spending a whole lot of money. The author boasts about being able to help the customers to set up a workshop even if the room available is small as 8×8 square feet. Now it would be better if you have an overview of the book module by module. This would help you to understand what to expect from the book if you are planning to buy it.

  • The first module deals with the problems and solutions associated with tool selection. In fact, this is perhaps the most important part of setting a shop up because if a wrong tool is purchased, the whole process going on in the shop would be affected. Not to mention the financial problems. There are different tool kits that can be selected depending on the budget that you have for disposal. There are also direct links to the seller sites if you want to purchase the tools.
  • The second module deals with the space selection. A shop would only be great if the space chosen is the ideal one. The book has sizes of all the different parts of the shop so that designing is quite simple. Book also talks about spaces that should never be selected for setting a shop.
  • The third module is aimed at helping the customers by providing them layouts of the shop. All the aspects like doors and windows should be designed according to the ideas given in the book. The fourth module deals with electricity, soundproofing and lighting of the shop. An ideal workshop would have the ideal amount of lighting at the right intensity. So the lighting layout is also provided in the book. The conduits to use and also the types of lights to select is provided. Another part is the soundproofing part. Different levels of soundproofing are given and you can select the one that suits your budget.
  • The fifth module includes details of heating, cooling and ventilation. This is important because the temperature level inside the shop need to kept at the optimum level for the workers to be able to function properly. Also since a lot of dust would be created as part of the process, lack of ventilation would cause problems like suffocation and other irritations.
  • The sixth and the last module deals with the most important part of the shop, which is workshop safety. All sorts of safety equipment and protection gears are explained in this module. Various precautions to take if you want to prevent short circuits and also the steps to be taken if a fire breaks out are all explained in detail. There is also a checklist that should be followed strictly if you want to ensure safety of the shop.

An experienced author

The author of the book speaks with an experience of over 20 years in the field. This is something that is priceless because with experience, the knowledge of person also increases. Most of the content of the book involves experiences and incidents that the author had to face in his real worker life. These would certainly be helpful to people setting up new shops in order to avoid such situations and bitter experiences. Also finding such a person with such experience in the field who has the ability to convey his thoughts would be quite difficult.

The feedbacks

The site also displays the feedbacks from customers who have already bought the book. There are numerous feedbacks to go through but one mild disadvantage is that only the positive ones are displayed. And this gives some sort of a negative look to the site. There are also various photographs of shops that have been set up by following the books. Here again we would have to simply trust the author for his words.

The cash return policy: If you feel that you are not sure about the product, then you can try the product for yourself and then decide. The seller ensures that money would be returned if the product is returned within 60 days of purchase and the common money back rules apply. Also you can make the purchase with all the common online payment methods.


  • The site offers the product at a very cheap rate.
  • There is a 60 day return policy.
  • The bonuses provided are quite attractive.


  • Whereas the whole site lacks proper arrangement and a new visitor might find the site crowded.
  • The feedbacks written by previous customers seem unrealistic because there are only positive feedbacks.

Don’t waste any more time!
when it comes to setting up a new shop, there are numerous things to consider. The size of the space, the layout, lighting, ventilation etc. are some of the things. If you need assistance in designing your own shop then you should visit Ultimate small shop and purchase the guide.
9.4 Total Score
Bottom Line

as a bottom line or conclusion, I would say that purchasing the book would not be a wastage of money in any way. Even if you do not get anything valuable regarding the setting up process, the book would certainly be a help as a guide in your career at the shop.

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