Underground Fat Loss Manual Review: Planning to lose weight? Then this site would be worth a try…

Self-confidence is something that is very important for someone to work at their maximum efficiency. Also success in life is something that is related to self-confidence. The appearance of a person has a huge influence on confidence. If you are fat person then losing weight would certainly help. And if you are willing to take some risks to lose weight then this site would be ideal.

Planning to go on a diet? Think twice!

As mentioned above, every person would dream of being successful. And in most of the cases, a person can be successful only if he or she is self-confident. And confidence is something that depends on the appearance and skills that a person has. As far as the appearance is concerned, the weight of the person is a huge factor. A fat person would certainly be low on confidence when compared to a thin and fit person. There are numerous methods to reduce weight but the fact that most of the methods involve a lot of working out and takes a large amount of time for the person to lose weight. But the underground fat loss manual suggests a method that is very quick.

This is banned on amazon and facebook

Yes, it is true that this book and the method suggested by author are banned in many places. Hence the product is not available on amazon. But the author claims that the method is a very effective method and the ban can only explained by the fact that various other products in the field do not want him around. In fact the site starts by saying that the method proposed is a controversial one and that there are many people who believe that the process is unhealthy. Also he thinks that the reasons for the ban might be the controversial fat loss tips in the book and the harsh language that is used in the book. But I cannot say for certain because the results are not actually proved when it comes to the methods that he suggests.

The story is not completely convincing

The site involves the author and the seller who is Matt Marshall telling the story of his life and the method for weight loss that he had invented. He talks about the method in the form of explaining various events and experiences. He even says that there are various studies that support his techniques. In short he completely guarantees the effectiveness of the methods. But the problem is that talking through a story is not a very professional method. Also there is a lot of things to read in the site or in other words the whole site looks very crowded and a new visitor might find it pretty lengthy.

The talk about conventional methods

The author covers about different conventional methods used for reducing weight. He talks about them and says that all of those methods are quite slow and that there are various demerits for each one. In short he says that all the conventional techniques are wrong. In fact, he sites certain scientific studies that were published in prestigious journals like the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Unlike conventional methods which says that carbs intake should be reduced, the author says that extra carbs increase metabolism.

Slow and steady does not win the race

When almost every other weight reduction scheme in the world says that you should always make sure that you never lose weight very quickly. The seller says exactly the opposite. According to him, losing fat slowly is actually a very bad thing as far as the metabolism is concerned. He says that this can been proved by scientists at the Newcastle University. The next point that the seller makes is that losing fat slowly reduces the chances of losing the pure fat. He also claims that the slow dieting or weight loss programmers would have drastic negative effects on the hormones of a person.

According to him, a reduction of about 78% can be seen in the levels of testosterone in people who are on long term diets. Also if you lose fat slowly on long term diets, you would probably gain it back. This is what the author believes.

People might think that all these points that the seller puts forward are actually untrue and that the seller is simply trying to sell his products. But the thing is that most of the methods and products available in the market these days are no different. Hence there is nothing wrong in giving a try.

The products

The primary product that the site offers the customers is the book called ‘ the Underground fat loss manual’. The author himself writes that the book is perhaps the best guide for losing weight in the whole world. In short the book contains tips and methods that need to be followed for a super quick weight loss.

The first part includes a 44 hour jump start. This aims at helping the customer to lose a maximum of 8.8 pounds in the first 44 hours. Yes it does seem a little bit far fetched. The nest part contains natural method to boost the growth hormones. The claim is that the increase would be about 512%. Another method suggested in the book is the usage of alcohol to enhance the overnight burning of fat.

The author openly admits that he has incorporated a lot of controversial tips that would help you to lose weight very quickly. But most of these techniques might not be good for the health of the customer. He goes to the extent of saying that there was some person who tried to sell a copy of the book in a site for about 450 dollars. These bits of information seemed to be a little over exaggerated to me.

Also the book does not have any workout programs to offer to the customers. This can be considered as a disadvantage.

The bonuses

Three major bonuses would accompany you when you purchase the product. The first bonus is that you would get a book called ‘the 10-3-X workout program’. This book is a guide to those who wants to workout to develop hard muscles and biceps. This can be considered as an alternative of a trainer.

The next bonus is that you also get a book called ‘the 60 second hormone fix’ free of cost. This book talks about the different hormones that are responsible for various processes and how to maintain the precise levels of each hormone. And the third bonus is that the book called ‘ the ageless abs’. This book is to those who are above the age of 60 and still wants to stay trim and fit. The exercises are quite easy on the spine and hence there is minimum strain for carrying them out. Also the customers would be provided with the email address of the seller and hence all kinds of doubts and queries can be cleared whenever the customers have them.

The cost

When it comes to the financial part, it can be said that product is not a very expensive one. The amount that you would need to pay to purchase the product is 19.95 dollars. In fact a 20 dollar is not a very high amount for the product. Even if the product doesn’t prove to be as good as the site claims, the amount of money that you lose is just 20 dollars.

Also another key fact is that the site provides a 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product or if you do not want to try out the techniques mentioned in the book, then you can return it to the seller and the entire amount would be returned to you. The only condition is that the return should be within 60 days of the purchase.

The feedbacks

The author has filled the site with lots of replies and mails from customers who have already used the product. In fact, all the feedbacks are positive ones and hence they are not completely believable. He has even posted a video of a previous customer.


  • The major pro is that the author seems to be very confident about the product and that the techniques would bear fruit.
  • The cost is not high.
  • There is a buy back policy.


  • The bad part is that that these techniques might result in a bad health condition according to some others.
  • The feedbacks are not convincing.

Visit this site before going on a diet!
If you wish to lose weight, then you certainly should research about all the different methods that are suggested by various experts. As a part of this process you should certainly purchase the underground fat loss manual. This would be a daring method to loss weight.
9.7 Total Score
Bottom Line

You are the customer and it is up to you to take the decision. Since the price that you have to pay to purchase the product is not so high, there is nothing wrong in getting the book. But using the techniques would be a very personal decision and this should be taken after an extensive research.

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