The Vert Shock Program By Adam & Justin - Full Review

Vert shock was a program produced for everybody, especially those who are engaged in different forms of sports. It provides you with the basic skills that would help you to perform as an athletic and help you to stay fit if you are not a sports person. It is more useful for sports people, because two people who distinguished themselves in their sports formulated it.

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All About Vert Shock Program

The program was divided into three different parts and all were designed to help you improve your jumping skill. It would teach you how to jump and improve your sporting skill if you are already in this type of profession. It is different from such other programs on the market, because it contains information that makes it unique. For instance, it is discovered that the program does not depend only on the training program, which you learn on the field to perform, it relies strongly on shock to help you excel in your career. When you rely on the method, you would observe the remarkable improvement in your jumping skill.

How long does Vert Shock program last?

The program was designed in such a way that you would become a perfect jumper after you have tried it just for eight weeks or two months. It was programmed in a way that you would begin to notice improvements on your skill just within the first week of trying the program. For instance within the first one week of using it, you would discover that you would have achieved at least three to five inches higher in your jumping ability. When you have consistently tried Vert Shock for the second week, you are going to notice a tremendous improvement as you would be able to jump about nine to fifteen inches. The level of improvement is determined by what your previous jumping ability were. When you try it to the final stage, you would have solidified and improved your jumping skill to a perfection level. You would be able to jump anytime you want it, and jump to any length that you want it.

Why Vert Shock different from other programs?

You would notice that Vert Shock is quite different from similar programs available on the market today from the unique ways it works. It does not work like other programs which would require you to spend long hours of training and workouts without any corresponding improvement in your skill. You are going to spend only a few hours with the program and you start observing the improvement in your jumping ability. You can see that the program is different, because it does not take more than two months for you to become a perfect jumper. It is not like other programs that last forever. This is why you can achieve up to three to five inches within the first one week of using the program. It works differently from other products on the market, because it trains your muscle fibers faster than other similar products, you can lay your hands on the market.

The phases of the program

Vert Shock as said earlier has three different phases. The first stage is regarded as the pre shock phase. The second stage is the shock stage while the third stage is the post shock stage.

The first phase
Which is the pre shock phase is expected to last for one week. This is the preparatory stage of the program because it prepares you for various body exercises. Although you can add some jumping capabilities at this stage, it was designed to fast tune your body to the challenges that you would face while doing the program. Secondly, at this stage, you are helped to identify the perfect fiber usage of your body. After this first stage, you would condition your body and observe some improvements in your jumping skill for at least three to five inches.
The second phase
The second phase of Vert Shock is regarded as the shock phase and it is the most intensive of all the stages of the program. At this stage, you would be subjected to a number of trainings such as strength training and plyometric exercises and so on. You would be required to carry out this type of exercises at least three to four times every week. It would last for an hour or less at anytime you are going to do that exercise. During this stage, you are going to understand how to use your nervous system. This is important because it is critical in expanding your energy using the fast twitch muscle fibers and you can achieve this without being exhausted.
The third phase
The last and final phase of Vert Shock is called the Post shock phase. This is the time you would learn how to make effective use of your muscle. It would teach you how to command your muscles to achieve your goals. You can achieve results without knowing how you tuned your body for that result. You can get very powerful and high jump at this stage even without knowing when you have achieved that.

Is there any science behind it?

This is a revolutionary jumping teaching technique. You can understand Vert Shock when you know the science behind the technique. The science behind it, which made it different from other such programs on the market today, is that it was based on the fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers. Anytime there is any discussion about the performance of athletics, you have to look in terms of the muscle differences. Muscle is indispensable in athletic performance. Muscles are usually composed of fibers. Movements are recorded when the muscles contract. In the muscles, you can identify two different types of fibers. The muscles include the slow twitch muscle fibers. These are important muscles. They are smaller than the other fibers. They are designed in such a way that you can achieve an endurance movement. An example of that type of movement include running. This fiber is unique and you can do a lot with it without adding fuel to sustain yourself. This is why you can make a long distance without needing any support. You do not get fatigue easily and this is because of this type of muscle. Athletics who are involved in long distance running rely on this type of muscle.

The second types of muscles you have include the fast twitch fibers. This is bigger than the slow twitch fibers. This is the type of muscle, which you need to achieve the fastest and strong movement. You should know that this type of muscle would also produce the same type and amount of force like the slow twitch fibers. The fiber produces explosive results, because they are often more fired that the other fibers. You require enough energy and fuel before you can sustain this fiber and this is why you would always get tired easily.

Vert Shock - Get Started!

It is not difficult for you to get started with Vert Shock. This is because the requirements are simple. You would need willpower to succeed as well as the training guide, which is contained in the program. This equipment is special. It has a flat surface, which look that used in the basketball-playing arena.

You would not find it hard to get started because the first stage does not demand a lot from you. When you reach the second stage, which is the most tedious of the phases, you would only be required to engage in exercises, which you could do four times within one week. The exercises you do are not difficult and you would not be required to carry out exercises that would last for more than one hour. You can see that you do not need to have special skills before you can use the program. For you to increase your skill, speed and your agility you need to engage in constant practice and occasional workouts. Before you do that, you have conditioned your body for the challenges.

Many people who have used the vert shock program were always successful. It is legit and not scam. This is because of the science of the program and because it was formulated by people who know it all. Two great basketball players produced vert Shock. They are Adam Folker and Darlington. The two were great athletics of their times.

  • It offers useful information about vertical jumps.
  • It shows the importance of both the fast and slow muscle fibers in your body.
  • It reveals how you can achieve explosive performance in your sports.
  • You learn those exercises that would strengthen your muscles and improve your performance.

  • The only shortcoming of the program is that available only on the internet in PDF format. You do not have access to the hard copy.

Get Access To Vert Shock Today!

If you were a basketball player, volleyball player, soccer player, volleyball player, high jumper and so on, this program would advance your career to the next level. You would achieve tremendous success if you make an effective use of the program. It is simple and easy to understand. It has three simple stages, which you would not find hard to implement. It is an indispensable program, and you have to get your copy to reap all the benefits.

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Bottom Line

Vert Shock is a program that every athletic would need. It is the best and works differently from other similar programs on the internet. You can understand the uniqueness from the science of the program. It is the best of its kind designed and this is because it is designed by professionals who know more about the value of muscles in sports.

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