Weber Spirit E210, 46110001 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Weber Spirit E-210 is the popular choice for several homes because of the obvious advantages it has over similar brands on the market. It is famous because it occupies a little space in the home. Thousands of people who lack space in their homes would do with the brand. It is affordable and has unique features.

Weber Spirit E-210 Review

The brand was redesigned a few years ago to improve its performance. You can use this most affordable and smallest standard grill in your home today. It is designed in such a way that it could be folded and used in a small space like a balcony. It should however be used in only places where it is legalized to be used.

Several things make Weber Spirit E-210 better than other brands you can lay your hands on the market. It is fitted with two basic burners. The two burners can make up to 26,500 BTU when heated. It has a porcelain cast cooking iron grates. Because of the way it was designed, it is required that it should be preheated for a long time. This is because of the nature of the grill. The grill is a good conductor of heat, as it can hold the heat for a long period and can transfer it efficiently, making it one of the best grills for effective cooking. It is perfect for burgers and other types of food. It ensures a good cooking because the temperature range is low. Because it uses two different grills, it provides enough spaces for cooking. It was specifically redesigned to create more cooking spaces. You can cook different things from the grill, because of the space; you can prepare a whole chicken or roast it without difficulties.


You have noticed that Weber 46110001 was specifically designed for small spaces. It has a perfect construction, just like other products of the company. The makers were looking for a product that would not only be affordable, but durable as well. Although the product is durable, it is not as durable as the other similar products by this company.

Another factor that contributes to its quality and durability is that the greater parts of its body were enameled. The grill is perfect and even better than the other expensive models from the same company. It is for this reason that the product is better than the stainless Spirit S-210 and several others.

The thermometer is mounted on a hood and has a propane tank gauge. This makes it perfect for cooking. It was built in China and was composed of the best quality materials from China. It uses Chinese technology. A company that is well known for the production of high quality products is responsible for this unique brand.

Moreover, it uses AA battery and a cross power ignition to be powered. 360 square inches cooking areas provide space conducive enough for the preparation of a whole chicken and other types of food.

You should expect the best from the product because it is specifically produced to satisfy user’s demands. This smoker is considered among the best as it cooks beautifully. The features cannot be matched, because they are produced to meet the demands of its users.

Easy to use

The brand is considered very effective and easy to use. It is simple to use the product because of the way it was designed. You only need to study the manuals and begin to operate it. You have seen that it retains and transmits heat very well. This makes it a perfect cooker. It is easy to use because the manuals provide information you need about the use of the product. You can easily fold and unfold it and place it anywhere convenient for you.

Customer support

Customer service support is another thing you would enjoy when you use the product. Apart from the manuals and videos that would guide you in how to use the products, Weber, the manufacturers are known to provide effective customer support to users of its products. You would be sure of getting support from the company once you are finding things difficult with their products. There are different channels you can use to discuss with the manufacturers.


Weber has clearly understood that the major challenge many people face about the grill is getting an affordable one. This is why the company has redesigned the grill to make it compatible with the demand of its customers. This is the most affordable modern grill you can lay your hands on the market today.

Weber Spirit E-210 is composed of flavozer bars, and black enameled porcelain grates. A single door encloses it. The inside space is composed of stainless steel. It also has a hood, which is composed of porcelain enameled steel material. The inside is also made of cast iron aluminum.

The grill stands on four casters and two of them are always locked. As said, you would notice that it is powered by a battery ignition. It looks similar to the S model from the same company. The difference between the S model and Weber Spirit E-210 is the fact that one brand is made from the US, while the other was a product of Chinese technology.

Weber Spirit E-210 has all the basic features. It has a service grill that is always serviceable when the need for it arises. Even users of the Weber Spirit E-210 are surprised about the wonderful effect they get from this brand when they use it. It works efficiently as the previous brands from the United States of America.

You would love the brand because of its quality, durability and the high-end performance. It would always satisfy the needs of your family. It was sturdily built in such a way that you can use it for a number of years without subjecting it to any maintenance.

Weber Spirit E-210 was prepared in such a way that you would enjoy a comfortable cooking using the Liquid Propane Gas Grill. It is fitted with shelves. This would help you in all aspects of your food preparation. If you are looking for that perfect grill for your household, you should go for this product.

When you use the product, you would see that it is designed with perfect technology and exhibits excellent performance which brands from the company are known for. It comes with the same electronic ignition, which previous brands from the company are known for. The slight modification and improvement are that Weber Spirit E-210 uses battery ignition.

Everything about the product is perfect. You can hardly observe anything that wobbles in this grill. Important features in the grill are not only easy to access, but to use as well. Most accessories of the product are easily available. It contains grease drip pans. This is not hidden in a place they could not be accessed unlike similar product from other companies. This pan is situated at the front of the grill and not the back, as was the case with other products.

Just like other products from the company, Weber Spirit E-210 has a vaporizer that is shaped like a V and inverted too. This bar protects and covers the burners when it is working, especially when it is vaporizing. It turns the vapor back into the meat that you are preparing.

Environmental issues

Another unique feature that makes it different from similar brands you can get from the market is the fact that is prepared with the user’s environment in mind. Apart from saving space for its users, it is designed in such a way that it would not tamper with the environment. It does not drop oil to the ground. It ensures that nothing that litters the environment emanates from the grill.

The control panel is in the front of the grill, this makes it easier and simpler to use. This is done in order to free more spaces on the shelf. Moreover, it ensures that it provides for higher performance. It can be used to cook indirectly or it can be used to cook for two zones. The fuel gauge is not difficult to read. It indicates the fuel tank level.

  • It is easy and simple to fold to create more spaces in the home.
  • It is the best environmental grill you can have in your home.
  • It is highly constructed and durable.
  • It is affordable.

  • It is made from lower grade stainless steel.
  • It has no extras, which mean that it is a simple grill.

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Weber 46110001 Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill, Black

The 2013 Spirit E-210 LP gas grill has been completely re-imagined, and the proof is visible in features throughout the grill. With the control panel moved to the front, two stainless steel tables ...

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Replacing my 9 year old Ducane, and couldn't be happier. She was one of the good ones, actually made in South Carolina, but this Weber has better temperature control and gets hot! Nice when you're grilling in winter!Assembly was easy, the firebox and gas line assemble came pre-assembled; you just build the cart and attach the finishing components such as the ignitor, knob cover plate, side shelves and door. Took about an hour and 45 min. The instructions are clear and concise. Needed tools are a #2 Phillips screwdriver and a 7/16ths deep dish socket would be useful for the 8 nuts securing the side table brackets.Deal maker for me was the heavy cast iron grates. These are exactly the same quality as the $699 E-310 Genesis, just smaller, and they leave great grill marks! (Please see picture).Even though this grill has 2 burners it gets hot! Up to 550 degrees within 10 min on high. Turn down the temp and it dropped to 400 within a couple of minutes.A nice feature is the propane tank gauge, which is spring mounted and based on full tank weighing 38 lb.'s. I could tell by feel that my tank was getting low when I picked it up, and the gauge confirmed my suspicion by letting me know that I'm down to a fifth of a tank just with a simple glance at the well-marked hanging scale indicator.This is the 2013 model, with burner knobs moved to the front, providing more useful work space. If needed the side tables collapse, but still feel very secure and substantial when used in the upright position.I'm very pleased with my purchase and would recommend this to a friend.
November 7, 2021
Remember in high school when you were dating that girl and you *thought* you were in love? And then you broke up and a few years later someone better came along and you found out what real love really felt like? Remember that grill that you thought you loved? You know, the one that you bought at Walmart for $199 with 8 burners, a built in sink and a helicopter landing pad? Well, you haven't loved a grill until you've owned this one. Simplicity is key, and combined with great build quality, this grill is an absolute WINNER.Let me just say this: there's a reason why this grill is more than ones from other makers even though it may seemingly have less features and less burners. It is so well made and so easy to put together it's crazy. This thing is a tank. And it's beautiful.It's like comparing a BMW and Kia. They both have CD players and leather seats - but are they equal? Nope.A couple of GREAT things about this grill:1. It is amazingly easy to assemble for a grill. The directions are all pictures, which is kind of annoying, but if you can't read you'll love it.2. It is packed very well.3. It is beautiful when assembled. It is a real work of art.4. It cooks food so darn well - evenly, accurately and with precision. It heats up quickly.5. The fold down trays on the side are a nice touch. The grill takes up a really small footprint when you need it to.A couple of NOT so great things about this grill:1. If you're used to cooking 17 cobs of corn 14 burgers, 12 hot dogs and a two t-bones simultaneously, this is not the grill for you.2. I don't really like the back of the handle - instead of being solid, it has like some ridges (to add grip I guess?) and it feels, well, not good.Read more ›
May 1, 2022
I actually purchased my E210 from a local retailer, but thought I would write a review for it here anyways.Pro's-----* Gets up to 550 degrees in mid winter here in Utah* Very sturdy construction, even the fold down shelves are very stable unlike most grills.* Sides are basically closed with only a few small holes for rotisserie (had a bird build a nest in my last one so this was important for me, no where for them to get in now)* Enclosed Propane area* Propane tank meter (done by weight)* Solid Iron Grills, good weight, good heat retention, great sear marks.* Ignition system is great, battery powered, not one of those little push powered igniters that always break.Con's-----* Cost, at $499 this was the most expensive BBQ I have purchased, and it seemed odd considering it didn't have many of the features that most others in that price range have.* No Side Burner, but really who actually uses that thing anyways.Personal Thoughts:------------------I was a little leery of getting what seemed like a feature lacking BBQ for basically a $500 price tag. But the more I thought about it the more I realized I really didn't want all of those extra little gadgets that I frankly never used. I wanted a well made, well thought out, but otherwise basic BBQ. Enter the E210, which fits the bill perfectly. It is a bit expensive compared to other BBQ's with the same basic features, but what you are paying for is a good design and good quality. I do not regret the purchase at all, it fits exactly what I needed it to. It hits higher temps than most cheap BBQ's, most likely due to the well thought out design with little room for air to escape the BBQ.Read more ›
February 11, 2022
Weber Spirit E210, 46110001 Liquid Propane Gas Grill
Weber Spirit E-210 is the most user-friendly grill you can use in your house today. It is small and foldable. It is the best brand for those who are constrained by space. The product is designed in such a way that it would satisfy the needs of your family. It is easy and simple to use. Most importantly, the brand is affordable.
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Weber Spirit E-210 is the most user-friendly grill you can use in your house today. It is small and foldable. It is the best brand for those who are constrained by space. The product is designed in such a way that it would satisfy the needs of your family. It is easy and simple to use. Most importantly, the brand is affordable.

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