What Men Secretly Want By James Bauer – FULL REVIEW

Women and men think differently. While this is a fact we are all aware of very few of us truly understand the true dynamics of these circumstances. The ‘What Men Secretly Want‘ Program is a guide book which reveals specific secrets to women to help them understand, attract, and keep the man they desire.

What Men Secretly Want – What is it?

The ‘What Men Secretly Want’ Program is an online pdf guide which offers a simple solution to an age old problem: Relationships in which men suddenly, and seemingly for no understandable reason, begin to withdraw from the women they are involved with or are getting to know on a more intimate level, giving her the silent treatment, distancing themselves, and eventually ending the relationship for no reason. Developed and written by James Bauer, the guide, which comes in incremental newsletter form rather than pdf,reveals a series of fourteen ‘secrets’ which, when applied to a woman’s words and behavior, will effectively attract or ‘re-attract’, and keep, any man at any stage of a relationship.

For Women Who want to Understand, and Keep, Their Men

This program was developed by a man for women, and is based on simply helping women understand the male thought pattern as it applies to their intimate relationships. By revealing the secrets in the pdf book to women they can,in turn,immediately implement extremely minor behavioral changes which James Bauer claims will alter any man’s emotional response to the woman using the program right away. These practices will even deepen a man’s levels of emotion and commitment toward the woman implementing them. Now, one may see these principles as being so simple that they can be nothing short of a scam, but the fact is they are based on study, and have been proven effective in the love lives of literally thousands of women.

How does the Program Work?

The ‘What Men Secretly Want’ Program is based on ‘The Respect Principal’, which is rooted in the fact that, when surveyed, studies showed that most men, when asked if they would rather be unloved than un-respected, opted to be unloved. For those interested in the program an introductory visit to site will take them through a much more detailed explanation of the program and ‘The Respect Principle’ by means of a free video presentation which begins as soon as you land on the site. While one is able to read through the presentation, make sure to have your volume up prior to going to the site if you want to hear it, as it does begin right away.

How do I know if the program is for me, and how much does it cost?

‘What Men Secretly Want’ has been developed for women, to assist them in identifying the differing mental perspectives of men and women and making minor behavioral changes which accommodate, and effectively use, those differences to their advantage. If you are a woman who has struggled with relationships falling apart or never even leaving the gate, and you blame yourself, not understanding what you are doing ‘wrong’, this program is for you.

As for the cost, the initial presentation is completely free. It takes place right on the site, and introduces ‘The Respect Principle’ as well as explaining a bit about how male and female thinking differs. The actual guide itself, which features a detailed breakdown of various secrets women need to know to change their relationships, putting them in ‘long-term’ focus, enhancing their level of personal attraction intensely enough to provide them with the deep, loving personal relationships they desire. But here is the best part: The cost of the guide book is free as well! When you opt to receive the fourteen secrets all you provide is your email address; by doing so you are subscribing to a regular newsletter which provides you with program information and details. The subscriber receives one email per day for 14 days, fulfilling the course. The site is completely secure and promises never to harass with junk email or other forms of advertising. There is no charge for the newsletter, and you are asked for no money whatsoever! The actual guide book does carry a price, and the most detailed and pertinent information is included in it. This is a pdf download which costs $47, payable right on the site. Once again, thousands of women have taken advantage of not only the newsletters, but have purchased the guide and found complete success and satisfaction in their personal relationships as a direct result of practicing the principles taught to them by James Bauer, and there is absolutely no scam involved! It is powerfully effective, and the program will change your life for the better forever.

Some of the topics covered in the ‘What Men Secretly Want’ program include how men think and what they really want in a woman, behaviors you can change and simple words you can use that will literally hook the man of your dreams and keep him for life, and how to win their heart forever. You will discover that the relationship is not about sex, rather you will be building the foundation for the relationship of your life!

Pros and Cons

If you set out to practice these principles diligently and regularly you will find the program is highly effective, and the results will prove that James Bauer has done his homework. The fact that one can take advantage of the 14-day email training course free of charge is also one of the greatest pros to the program. While some believe that the $47 cost of the guide is a bit high those who have put the program to use swear by it, and believe it to be well worth the cost.

6.5 Total Score
Bottom Line

There have been similar programs which do nothing but scam people, tugging on heartstrings to get it done. The fact is 'What Men Secretly Want' is based on studies and resulting facts, making the methods provided highly-effective in changing the direction of your male/female interactions. Act now, as this is the finest program you will find to help you change your intimacy and commitment levels, and in turn your life. Take advantage of this program today!

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