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The Wood Profits Program By Jim Morgan - Full Review

Anyone who wants to earn good profits from the woodworking business should definitely look for some professional guidance. You may have heard of wood profits from Jim Morgan and might be confused whether to go for it or not. Here is a true review of “Wood Profits” which you can always trust.

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What really is Wood Profits?

Wood Profits is a training program in woodwork and it helps people to learn and earn from the home-based business of woodworking. Anyone trained with it can start his/her woodworking business from home. The complete package includes audios, guides and e-mail coaching which is aimed to educate people about an organized way to create and run a home-based business of woodworking of their own with very little starting capital.

While searching the internet, you will find that this one is the most famous woodworking program. Morgan founded it in 1995. He started the work in a small garage of 10 x 12 ft. and the progress he made was unbelievable. Yes, in a year he progressed and his working place was no longer a small garage because his workspace soon measured 1400 square foot.

He holds an experience like a pro and his excessive knowledge of this industry helps him very much to create informative and credible products for woodworking business. Today, 22 years have passed and Wood Profits is still helping people to start and run a successful woodworking business. There are thousands of people who are helped and are earning a living by this amazing training program, Wood Profits. It is claimed by Jim Morgan that anyone following Wood Profits training program can easily earn $90,000 - $150,000 per year with a startup cost of just $100.

What all is included in the package?

The package “Wood Profits” include all things one should know about starting a woodworking business from home. In it you get an e-book (downloadable) and audio in mp3 format. You also get an option to have a hard copy of the book and a physical CD. During the purchase, there are many things which you will get and some of them are:

PDF File

  • A complete package of the audio, guide and e-mail coaching which includes processes ranging from right wood to creating a loyal base of customers.
  • There are more than 500 plus deep plans of toys, clock, jewelry boxes and various other projects of woodworking.
  • There are more than 100 blueprints of various famous projects of woodworking with which you can create beautiful and profitable crafts.
  • This shows you the correct way to start a successful woodworking business from home with a starting cost of less than $100.
  • You can learn pricing your work to gain highest profits and the correct way to squeeze the suppliers.
  • There is a lot more in the package…


With this package of Wood Profits, you get the top 500 best-selling plans of Jim. With them you will never run out of the ideas and projects to do business.

VIP Package (requires upgrade)

There are many people who desire to start and earn from woodworking business but some of them take it seriously and want to become an expert or a pro. For such serious users, VIP package is available and this VIP package includes:

  • 150 extra plans which are tried and tested.
  • More than 1000 important documents.
  • Contract and legal binding.
  • A coaching which is one-on-one and unlimited.

What are the Purchasing and Pricing details?

This program has a straight end price and it is just $37. After joining the program, you will shortly encounter 3 upsells and you will also come across down-sell offers – in case you want to shift them down.

Upsell No. 1: $29.97

Upsell No. 2: $39 and the down sell is $29.

Upsell No. 3: $49.97 and the down sell is $39.97.

These amounts are nothing big when compared to the profits one makes after successfully starting and running a woodworking business.

What are the details of the course?

This course is quite comprehensive. In members area, the very first product is a guide to start the woodworking business and this guide consists of 53 pages instructions in step-by-step format. These steps direct one to start a business because all the things required to start and run a business successfully are covered in this. For example, you can learn to develop a business plan, select niches in woodworking market and balancing profits and cost. In the guidebook, you can also get the knowledge to find out local and national customers. This guidebook further discusses how the products can be priced effectively so that profits can be maximized without driving any customer away.

There are different sections in this program which can be very helpful to develop a business plan for woodworking business. Usually it is seen that out of excitement, people rush towards opening a new business venture and start dreaming to make money quickly, but very soon they fail because of improper or no planning of the business. In Wood Profits by Jim Morgan, the emphasis is on creating a robust business model. For example, he has mentioned in the program that the focus of business model should be on a specific niche or product line. He also says that the products chosen will decide the quality and kind of wood one should purchase to make wooden craft products. Wood’s quality affects the overall price of one’s products and it also affects the customer base. These all factors are vital to consider because one should make sure that the wooden products created by him/her fits the customer base; their budget and needs.

Who all can benefit from Wood Profits by Jim Morgan?

This training program is not meant for everyone because it caters experienced woodworkers. But it doesn’t mean that you should bear skills of a professional craftsman; if you hold some sort of woodworking experience, the advantages of this program can be taken by you. There are many things to learn in Wood Profits and one can really improve his/her skills. But if you do not have any experience in woodworking industry, your lot of energy and time will be wasted.

This is a perfect product for all those who wants to start their own business of woodworking or have woodworking passion. The user will get an in-depth knowledge about the different aspects of woodworking job. All the people who are serious and passionate about the business of woodworking can look forward to this great source and with the help of this training program, one can surely earn extra money.

Will Jim Morgan provide his support to the training members?

The support services offered by Wood Profits training program includes ticket system, email support and FAQs. If someone is a starter member, he/she will get a partial email support from Jim Morgan. But, when a member of training program upgrades to VIP, he/she can avail Jim Morgan’s unlimited coaching through email.

Should the voices calling this program a scam be believed?

While talking about this training program amongst your family members and friends or searching the internet to know more about Wood Profits, there are chances that you may come across some voices which calls it a scam. You should not believe them because this program is not at all a scam. In fact, this program is a comprehensive guide to learn, start, run and grow a woodworking business.

You might be knowing the fact that a business can be successful if you give your 100 percent to it. This is the reason woodworking is considered as a hobby by some people and a job by others. And there are not many people who can readily do a hardworking job which require an investment of money, time and energy.

Even though this program is a high quality legit program, it should not be considered as a guaranteed solution to create a one stop woodworking shop. But, anyone passionate about woodworking job should definitely get this Wood Profits training program. So, if you love woodworking, then this program is a great way to have fun and earn some real money.

  • It is not necessary that one should bear professional skills.
  • Robust and comprehensive information is offered.
  • The starting cost is quite low.
  • One can pursue his/her passion and earning at same time.

  • Not meant for complete beginners.
  • Made especially for those who are serious about entrepreneurship.
  • Offered only in the audio and eBook formats.

Start Your Home Woodworking Business Today!

The training program, Wood Profits is a complete value for money package. A person going for it gets everything required to establish a business of woodworking. If you are also looking for a complete guide about starting a woodworking business, then this course/training program is for you and you should get this without delay.

9.5 Total Score
Bottom Line

After analyzing every aspect of this training program, it can be said that Wood Profits by Jim Morgan is worth the price for all those serious people who wish to start their woodworking business from home. This is a resource of high value which can’t be ignored, especially by those who follow their passion.

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