The Zero Up Shopify E-Commerce Software by Fred Lam - Full Review

Zero Up may be referred to as a complete marketing package for building and developing a new eCommerce business or scaling an existing one while enabling you to experience complete control over all the offers you want to put forward. Regardless of the fact that you currently own an ecommerce store or not, this program is designed to help you establish one from the ground up. Zero Up is also capable of serving you as a profit multiplier, traffic generator and a funnel builder as per your requirements. The program proves to be really helpful in maximizing offer conversions in order to enhance your profits. In simple words, the program is designed to empower you when it comes to generating a steady stream of income through an ecommerce business with the requirement of only a little amount of running maintenance.

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Detailed review on Zero Up

As discussed above, Zero Up is a strong tool designed to help you create a new ecommerce business or to improve and enhance your existing one. The program is designed by Fred Lam, a marketing expert with several years of experience in the said field. Lam has co-created this product with Jonathon Herbert, one of his partners and a recognized marketing expert. The idea of the system is to provide the marketers of the present day with a high performing tool to bring about improvements in all sorts of ecommerce businesses.

Benefits and features:

One click solution for building up a new ecommerce store
Zero Up enables its users to establish a new ecommerce store by pushing just a single click. Using this system, you won’t be needing any complicated sort of coding or programing to develop your own store since Zero Up does that for you. When you have created your ecommerce store, a few simple steps are required to make the store fully functional. In other words, using Zero Up, you can have your own fully functional ecommerce store within the matter of just a few minutes.

Integrate with Ali Express and Shopify
Zero Up offers an integration feature that enables you to integrate with two of the biggest ecommerce platforms out there: Ali Express and Shopify. Using this feature, your online store would have access to countless possibilities on account of services and products. All you need to do is to look up the desired offers and Zero Up would take of the rest after you hit the Publish button. The said offer would be posted on your store straight away.

Automate your selling process entirely
Zero Up is designed for efficiency and effectiveness. Using this platform, you would be free of doing all your tasks manually. Since it puts an end to all the tasks that involve manual selling, you won’t have to process any of the received orders by yourself. In other words, Zero Up automates your entire selling process completely, leaving you with plenty of spare effort and time that might be utilized for achieving other positive things.

Email auto responders
When it comes to email auto responders, Zero Up provides you with as many as 12 of those. You can easily integrate all of the email campaigns to benefit from different tools available in the market for email automation. Eventually your store gets added exposure to the targeted audience thus maximizing your profits several times.

High conversion funnel within a few minutes
Zero up provides you with a funnel builder that offers drag and drop facility. Regardless of the fact that you possess any prior experience in computing or not, the builder is very simple and easy to use. Within just a few minutes, the funnel builder would provide you with landing pages as well as a comprehensive funnel of your own.

How does the zero up system actually work?

The zero up system is very simple and easy to understand. All it takes is only 3 simple steps to establish your own ecommerce business that contains all the features you may find in any high end ecommerce website on the internet. An overview of these three steps is given below.

Step 1:
The first step requires you to create your own ecommerce store. In order to do so, you need to generate one through shopify.

Step 2:
After you have successfully created your own ecommerce system using shopify, it is now time to edit it according to your own requirements. In order to do so, you need to make use of the integration features offered by zero up to add all the required products to your own ecommerce store. It only takes you just a few minutes to set everything up completely and make it ready for business.

Step 3:
The third and final step requires you to activate the automation feature offered by zero up and start off with generating your own passive income stream.

The process as a whole is very basic and simple. It does not require you to possess any prior experience in the fields of computing or web development. All you need to do is to follow the simple steps described above and you are all set. The official website of zero up also provides tutorial videos to help you in case you are coming across some difficulties in setting up your business. View Demo

Who should buy zero up?

Zero up is an excellent product that is equally useful for anyone associated with an ecommerce business in any possible way. Regardless of the fact that you currently own an ecommerce business or are looking forward to establishing one, the tool is equally beneficial in both the scenarios. The software is designed to provide its utility in any shopping niche and for marketers working out on any level of marketing. Therefore, it does not matter if you are a total beginner in the field of setting up ecommerce businesses since zero up would be the perfect choice to start off with making exceptional profits.

Personal experience with the product

Keeping in view the personal experience I have with the product, it is safe to say that zero up is a fince choice of a software to carry out any kind of ecommerce campaigns. It saves you a whole lot of effort and time that you would have spent on building up the system on your own and enables you to deploy those resources in accomplishing something productive. Considering the level of control and precision offered by zero up, it won’t be wrong to say that it is the best software tool of its kind you may find in the entire market.

In addition to this, one other highly appreciable feature offered by zero up is that it is very friendly to newbies and new users with no prior experience in the field of web development or ecommerce marketing. The tool provides its users with different training programs as well. So it does not matter if you are an old developer or a completely new user since this tool is a fine choice for both.

Pros and Cons associated with zero up

Just like any other product available in the market, zero up also comes with its own pros and cons. A few of both are discussed below to give you an overview on the positives and negatives of the product.

  • Very easy to navigate and use
  • The interface is very friendly to beginners and new users
  • Comes with a whole lot of customization features
  • Offers comprehensive step by step training program for new users
  • Single click solution
  • Highly effective

  • The price is a bit unstable

Start Right Now With Zero Up!

Get Zero Up now if you are looking to develop an ecommerce platform of your own. It offers a whole lot of effective features to help you establish a full-fledged business from scratch.

9.9 Total Score
Bottom Line

In order to sum it all up, it may be said that zero up is a software tool that serves as a complete solution when it comes to developing a new ecommerce platform or bringing about improvements in your existing one. The ecommerce stores built using this tool are highly effective and capable of generating you lots of earnings. Rather than a breakdown of multiple products, zero up is available in the form of a packaged software that serves as a one platform solution for all. The price for the product is $1497 which appears to be on the higher side but when you take a look at what the system is capable of actually delivering, the tag seems to be pretty nominal.

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