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4 Week Diet Review: Can You Lose Fats In Four Weeks?

So many people struggling with weight have resorted to starving, dieting and spending hours in the gym without positive results. Are you among this category of people struggling with stubborn fats? Would you want to have a different approach to what you are doing? 4 Week Diet program by Brian Flatt claims to deliver what you’ve searching for years in just 4 weeks! How? Let’s find out with this review!

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What is 4 Week Diet?

As the name suggests, it is a diet plan created to be implemented and achieve noticeable results within 4 weeks. This program, authored by Brian Flatt, a dietician, is a PDF eBook with 123 pages full of tips and tricks that claim to deliver just the results you want within 4 weeks.

The program actually focuses on helping you cut the fats stored around the waistline, making you to retrieve back that fit and lean body. It also delivers more tips on how to generally lose fats on other body parts as well.  The program has been deeply researched into with scientific foundations to help you maintain your safety as shed off those extra pounds.

4 Week Diet explains that the reason why some people fail in their efforts to cut weight is lack of consistency. By maintaining consistency within the said four weeks the author promises evident results. The program is based on the methodology of fat burning hormones being concentrated in your fat storage sections of your body. These hormones, ghrelin, cortisol insulin and adiponectin work in various ways to achieve the overall result of burning fats.

They assist the body to reinitiate fat combustion, boosting metabolism and stimulating the fat storage cells to release the stubborn fats.

Why endless efforts hasn’t brought results

If you’ve been struggling with weight loss for ages without success the eBook explains that it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Starvation: this is particularly not helpful at all. Those who starve themselves finally end up over-eating when they finally get to eat. Hunger pangs also triggers them to land on virtually anything just to satisfy themselves. And this include foods and drinks rich in sugars.
  • Restrictive diet: a restrictive diet mainly focuses on cutting down on carbs. As the program explains, it is virtually difficult to stay off carbs for good because most of the foods contain carbs. Hence any result achieved is quickly overwritten with more fats into the body.
  • Inconsistent or inappropriate workout: workout is good for weight loss, but it all depends on the types of workouts done. Inconsistency in working out could also result to no significant weight loss.
  • Dieting: this is one of the most commonly sought methods of weight loss. In most case, one may deprive their bodies of certain essential nutrients which could only lead to more health complications.

All the above methods, may or may not give you results. And even in the case that results are achieved, they are not long lasting. In his program, Brian Flatt highlights that the best weight loss program should make the attained results longer lasting.

What is the approach of 4 Week Diet?

In what way does the program help you achieve what the author claims? Basically, this program uses the approach of forcing the fat storing and fat burning hormones to work in sync and help the body lose the excess fats quickly.

The hormones responsible for fat storage are triggered not to store anymore fats while the those responsible fat combustion are triggered burn down already existing fats. This way, the issue of stubborn fats is completely eliminated and if the program is adhered to for 4 weeks, the results will be very evident.

One great thing about the program is that it helps you to specifically slash down fats which in turn helps you reduce weight as well.  The author explains that what actually happens with weight loss through dieting is that a person usually loses water weight as well as muscles instead of the fats. The scale reading will go down but the person will still have their fats.

When you finally start regaining the lost weight, you’ll become less defined. Your muscle tone shall have been lost and your metabolic rate shall have dropped also. But with 4 Week Diet program, you can avoid this problem and keep a uniform balance between weight loss, muscle tone and metabolic rate.

What is contained in the program?

4 Week Diet has a number of features, including packages accompanied with the eBook.

  • Launch Handbook

It’s more of a detailed overview of what the program is all about. This handbook will introduce you to the 4 Week Diet program explaining how it works and the body physiology in general. It contains a comprehensive guide on dieting concept and explains how the body hormones affect the metabolism. It also touches on various limitations to body weight loss.  This launch book goes deeper into explaining why you are overweight and the efforts to cut those extra pounds haven’t been successful so far.

It gives explanation with scientific backing as to why weight gain happens and why it becomes difficult lose the extra pounds. It explains further how your fats can be set on the right path for combustion to happen. Making the fat burning hormones work in unison with the fat storage hormones has also been explained.

  • The Diet Handbook

Here you’ll get to learn how to calculate fat percentage in relation to lean body mass. Armed with this valuable information, you can easily determine how to effectively customize your plan to achieve better results.

It also explains the right food to eat, the best time eat them and the amount. All this is done in an easy and simple to standard manner. And the best part of it is that the recommendations foods are readily available at grocery stores. Foods that you must stay away from have also been mentioned. If you are committed to losing weight, you won’t find this guide book a nuisance to you. Do note though, that the book does not restrict you from enjoying your amazing dishes. It just tells you how to carefully enjoy them.

  • Activity Handbook

The 4 Week Diet program is entirely based on the proper diets to take to achieve results within four weeks. It does not put emphasis on working out as much. But if in case you’d like to supplement your diet with exercise, then this handbook will certainly be helpful to you.

You’ll also find it beneficial if you are extremely overweight and would like to get results quicker. It has easy to perform workout routines carefully laid for you and can be performed at home. With this guide, you won’t have to find a trainer or go to your local gym.

As a matter of fact, you won’t even have to show people what you are up to, only for them to realize when they see your physique changing drastically.  By doing the different workouts for 15 minutes per day, you definitely are going to achieve your targets. The workout routines are scientifically proven to produce effect on certain body parts which end up changing your entire body after the 4 weeks.

  • The Motivation Handbook

The program also comes with a motivational handbook to keep your mindset right. Having the right mindset is the number one recipe to weight loss. Brian Flatt narrates that a person is only able to overcome weight gain in their minds in order for them to achieve the physical results on their bodies. This guide trains the brain to always be ready to take up the task endlessly.

This guide will help you maintain a consistent approach and stick to the plan even after the 4 weeks are done.

  • Hypnosis Audio

Hypnosis can scare the hell out of many people, and it did to me as well. But no need to be scared, this is a good type of hypnosis. If you’ve managed to come all this far, you wouldn’t mind paying this small price to get to the result desired. Again, you are not going to discover how hypnosis relates to weight loss if you won’t give it a try.

The motive behind this audio is to work on your mind to kill all those cravings for unhealthy foods while initiating the mindset to only take healthy foods. There is no rocket science to that, simply listening to the audio.  It will initiate good habits in your mind that are essential to weight loss.

  • Weight Loss Formula

This is a scientific formula to weight and fat loss. It entails eating a combination of scientifically proven healthy foods to initiate the fat loss process. No medically unsafe supplements or drugs involved. Anorexia risks are eliminated completely.

  • Fat and weight loss process used is all natural.
  • No strict dieting involved.
  • Has been customized to meet particular needs of an individual.
  • No rigorous workouts involved. Even where workouts are required, they are simplified to make it easier to perform.
  • The diet plans are delicious and are nothing like the broccoli and carrot diets.
  • You won’t be left feeling exhausted.
  • The program is simple and easy to follow.
  • 60 day money back guarantee.

  • It is available in online eBook formats. No hard copies hence require internet access always.
  • Those with other health conditions should consult their physicians before starting the program.

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9.8 Total Score
Bottom Line

If you’ve been struggling with weight loss and particularly fat loss around your waistline, this is the right program for you. With simple and easy to follow diet plans, the program does not require you to work out to achieve results. The approach used is supported scientifically and proven to be safe. It also entails a couple of features including mindset handbook to give you right mindset to get started. These plus many more, combined with the 60 day money back guarantee, you surely have nothing to lose!

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