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Red Tea Detox Review: Easier way to lose 15 pounds in 14 days?

Every time you set out to find healthier yet less tiresome methods of weight loss, often you bump into suggestions from the self-proclaimed experts that the only way is vigorous exercise. That’s not true! Red tea is actually one of the healthiest ways of burning down extra pounds without any intense workouts. The program claims to be able to help you burn down up to 15 pounds within 14 days. Sounds like an exaggeration? Well, let’s put it to scrutiny!

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What’s this red tea detox thing?

Before delving into much, let’s start by letting you know what red tea detox is. First, Red Tea Detox is a special detoxification program that’s been designed to help detoxify the body while slashing down the extra pounds. This program’s main ingredient is the naturally occurring indigenous tea from the African bushes.

It is an ancient recipe that’s been in use for ages, its relevance having been passed to generations among the African countries. This ingredient, combined with other simple workouts, the author Liz Swann Miller explains, has helped thousands of both women and men reclaim their fit bodies and boost their happiness. Just a single cup of this African delicacy can help you burn out up to 27 pounds more from your normal workout routines.

So what’s the magic with weight loss? Perhaps you are wondering! Well, when a person drinks a cup of this magic tea, its micro ingredients activates the body to generate more energy by acting as a catalyst in metabolic processes. The natural constituents of the tea initiate the need for more energy, which forces the fats stored in the body to be broken down to release more energy. The resultant feeling after drinking a cup of the Red Tea is that a person feels more energized and invigorated.

Why embrace the Red Tea Detox program?

This weight loss program explains several reasons as to why most people never achieve much when it comes to successful loss of weight. Some of the reasons pointed out include not monitoring sugary beverage intake. Through such drinks, people end up consuming more calories from milkshakes, sugary coffee, soft drinks and cocktails among others. These drinks are what result to bulging out of the waistline in most people dealing with overweight.

What if you are taking green or black tea, are you safe? The author explains such drinks even though may not attribute to high calorie intake, can bring in the issue of caffeine and this is toxic. Thus, in your quest to losing weight, the only best beverage you can use is Red Tea.

Red tea, enjoyed by the Kenyan tribesmen, is used to relieve hunger pangs. Additionally, it does not contain caffeine thus no need to worry about disrupted sleeping patterns. Red tea keeps the body hydrated while helping it detoxify.

Harnessing the magic of red tea

Through an in-depth research into this tea variety, Swan Miller managed to harness the magic in it and was able to create this life rejuvenating Red Tea Detox program. The secret tea recipe when taken in carefully planned routines can help individuals eliminate up to 15 lbs. within two weeks of regular use. Miller’s program has proven to be successful to those people who could not manage to keep up with regular workout routines as prescribed by their gymnasts.

Naturally, the body has a mechanism of burning out extra fats acquired. But when the rate of supply exceeds the rate of burning down the fats, it can result to the excess supply being stored. The metabolism can slowed down further when there is lack of proper blood circulation due to thickening of blood vessels. With the Red Tea Detox program, the ingredients force the body to re-ignite the metabolism process. More of the fat combustion hormones are produced at increasing rates those causing the fat storage cells to shrink while releasing the excess fats.

The natural metabolism is re-ignited every time you drink a cup of the red tea. But don’t be misguided to drink lots of this tea without any planned routine. Even though it is not harmful to the body, but lack of a program may make the efficacy of the ingredients to reduce. This is reason why the author created a detox plan that can be followed to fully harness the magic of the red tea.

Following the detox plan to the letter

Red Tea Detox program consists of an easy to adhere to plan which is deeply based on scientific research and known principles of detoxification. The program is closely based on the latest discoveries on how nutrition, stress and hormone levels relate to fat metabolism in the body.

This program actually lays everything you need to know about effective weight loss in black and white. First, there is well laid out and easy to follow recipe on preparing the tea. It also lists down all the ingredients and where to get them from. The good thing is that these are ingredients readily available in groceries for a less than a dollar.

Included in the program is a comprehensive workout plan that can be followed alongside drinking the red tea to make the body maximize the fat metabolism process. By simply following the plan alongside the red tea, the results promised within 14 days are achievable. Most people often have some difficulties going to the gym, or at least develop some reluctance when the thought of working out crosses their mind. Well, the workout routines laid out in this program do not require specialized training equipment such as dumbbells. But rather they are simple and easy to perform exercises that require no professional trainer or expertise to perform. You simply have to stick to the routine.

Nurturing the mind’s well being

Luckily, the Red Tea Detox program is extensive so users will not only benefit from weight loss and detoxification but also improvement in their mindset. This section is entirely based on developing the right mindset and motivating users to aim their targets.

This section makes this program one of its kind because the mindset bit is what actually makes it so difficult for many people to achieve desired results. By nurturing your mindset in the right direction, you can watch your body cut down those extra calories within days. When you combine the exercises with the red tea and the right mindset being your fuel, you are going to experience true results like never before. This section will train you to kick out all those cravings and stand firm even when it seems harder for you.

Any other bonuses?

Well there’s more than we could ever exhaust in this review. But just to mention some of these bonuses, red tea is an excellent cure for migraine and headache. By simply taking a cup as prescribed, you can kiss good bye those sudden headaches you experience when you least expect them. Actually, headaches act as alarms to issues not right in the body. By detoxifying the body, the red tea is able to eliminate all possible causes of headache, giving you relief and good sound sleep.

It is also helpful for those suffering from eczema. For this reason, regular use of red tea can greatly help improve your skin, making it pliable, smooth and flexible. For those with asthma, its ingredients offer a sense of relief whenever the windpipe is about to collapse. It also strengthens the bones, help those with hypertension and reduce allergic reactions to certain allergens.

Generally, even though the red tea detox program is aimed at helping you reduce weight, you stand to gain a lot more than that. It simply restores the youthful part of you, full of strength and vigor.

  • Offers the easiest to follow weight loss routines with quick results.
  • It makes use of readily available and affordable ingredients.
  • Helps in detoxification and hydration of the body.
  • Comes with simple workout routines that require no expertise or trainer.
  • Quick results are evident within 14 days.
  • No worries on calorie intakes while under the program.
  • Offers other benefits such as relief for headache, eczema and asthma.

  • Program is available online only.
  • Consultations to physicians might be necessary before starting on the program.

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9.8 Total Score
Bottom Line

From what has been listed in this review, one stands to gain a lot from the Red Tea Detox program. Actually, there is no known disadvantage to it use. It rejuvenates the entire body, giving you more energy while burning down the excess fats. It helps re-ignite the body’s fat combustion process by releasing more of the fat burning hormones while reducing fat storage hormones. We would highly recommend it to anyone. If you start your program today, you can see your health improve drastically.

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