The Beat Generals System - Full Review

If you are a creative music enthusiast who loves making music especially indulging beats that make people show some moves, there is a good chance that you may have crossed paths with music making platforms online. Lets be honest here to say that most of the tutorials you find online on making beats are nothing but a pile of garbage that demotivate you and your passion about music. So if you are looking for something legit in this regard, you got to check out beats general. A detailed review on various stuff that it has in store for you is given in the sections below for your convenience and understanding.

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What is Beat Generals

Beat general may be referred to as an online membership program that is created to provide different types of audiovisual tutorials for making different sorts of beats. There is a variety of informative lessons to help you understand the basic essence involved in creating this kind of tunes. Not only that but the platform also enables its exclusive members to make their own unique and professional beats by making using of FL Studio, the finest beats creating software in the market.

Regardless of the fact that you possess some background knowledge about FL Studio or not, the platform may turn out to be very useful for you if you have a spark for creating high quality beats. But bear in mind that you need to get FL Studio installed on your computer if you are interested in pursuing your beats making dream using this platform. For now lets take a look at the stuff offered by the Beat Generals below.

1. Video tutorials

Beat generals provide you with access to more than 2600 HD video tutorials explaining the process of developing the best kind of music. It also explains how you might be able to create professional beats of your own. All the included video tutorials offer detailed information while covering every aspect of using FL studio without leaving anything to your assumptions. The whole content included in the package comprises of almost 10,000 minutes of video viewing but you don’t need to watch everything.

2. High-quality sound samples

Membership offered by Beat Generals also provides you with exclusive links on high end professional quality beats that might be used as a building block when you are working on developing your own beats. As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of these beats that you may use in building your own music.

3. Support for making beats

When you are a beginner at making beats on FL Studio, sometimes you come across situations that require you to consult professionals to help you get out of a complication. Beat Generals allows you the opportunity to communicate with different gurus of music so that you might be able to ask them the solution for your problems and stay motivated till you get the job done.

4. Updates for new styles and sounds on a monthly basis

Undoubtedly the best part about having the membership for Beat Generals is the fact that you do not have to rush into anything. Learning is usually a slow process and this program allows you to take your time in understanding various aspects of creating music and learning how to use FL Studio independently. What makes it even better is that in the middle of your learning period, you also get in touch with the newest tips and tricks that help you create lively and vibrant beats you’ve always wanted to create. If you have been trying your luck with music making for some time now, you would be familiar with the fact that the material provided on other similar online platforms is next to garbage. The trends of music keep on changing at a pretty rapid rate. Something that’s very popular today might become unpopular at the end of the week. Therefore, it is very important for you to get your head into the game and stay there till the end. Beat Generals makes this whole thing very easy for you by allowing you to keep in touch with all the latest trends as it offers latest updates on a monthly basis.

Using beat generals, you get to learn all about the latest stuff on a regular basis. That way you get to identify the trends on stuff that is popular on a consistent basis. Other programs might promise to teach you how to make music in a day or a week but we all know that that’s not possible. So beat generals allows you to take your time to learn about making music while keeping in touch with the ongoing trends and this way, you get to produce something worth all the wait in the end.

Advantages of signing up for the membership of beat generals program

1. Learn making original, catchy beats

If you understand music, you would be familiar with the fact that there is a fine line between making good beats and awesome beats. You would also know that this does not have anything to do with being a good sound engineer. Creating nice beats that make the listeners want to go dancing is more like a gift but you need to put in your fair share of hard work to unravel it. But the sad part is that the majority of the people give up too easily after they come across a few discouragements. Fortunately, Beat Generals does not let you give up that easily since it keeps you occupied with the right kind of motivations to keep going on and on.

Beat Generals is designed to inspire you into learning how you might be able to create beats that make people put hands into their pockets for. It offers lots and lots of stuff to keep you charged until you become able to design your own beats that are capable of making you good money.

2. Learn making beats without purchasing costly equipment

Majority of the people quit their dream of making music very quickly as they lack the required amount of motivation, knowledge, time, equipment and funds. Using Beat Generals, you do not have to worry about any of these things since it allows you to make professional quality music without the requirement of spending thousands of dollars for buying fancy sound equipment. It offers endless possibilities on account of thousands of drum kits and sounds that are only a few clicks away.

3. Easy access to high end video tutorials

Beat Generals offer thousands of high quality video tutorials covering different aspects of making all kinds of professional quality beats by making use of FL Studio very conveniently. Going through these videos, you may produce the music you have always wanted to very easily.

4. Ideal for beginners and amateurs

Unlike majority of the similar type of platforms out there, Beat Generals enables you to learn every single aspect of music making from its very roots. Regardless of the fact that you possess any knowledge or experience in the field of music making or not, Beat Generals is never going to disappoint you.

5. Affordable price

If you take a look at what the program has to offer to its members, the price charged by Beat Generals is highly reasonable. There are also provided different types of discounts and promotional deals that might help you grab the membership at even lower rates.

Limitations associated with the program

Takes lots of time to cover all the content

As discussed above, Beat Generals comprises of 2600 videos covering different aspects of music making. If you are planning on viewing them all, you would have to spare lots of time to do so.

Monthly renewable subscription

The program is cheaper in comparison to other similar programs but you still have to pay a subscription fee on a monthly basis in order to keep on receiving the latest updates.

Hard to apprehend if you find FL Studio difficult

The whole program is based upon FL studio and if you are unable to grasp the concept for this program, you would not be able to go anywhere while using Beat Generals.

  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Good choice for beginners.
  • Teaches you create great beats without any fancy equipment.

  • Lots of material to cover.
  • Requires renewal of subscription on a monthly basis.

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Try Beat Generals now to give your music making side a nice push. It is a high end platforms that offers the right kind of information on how to make music that may actually get people to dance to!

9.6 Total Score
Bottom Line

Keeping in view all the arguments discussed in the above sections, it might be concluded that Beats General offers a pretty good deal. If you have been trying your luck with making music for some time now and haven’t managed to get anywhere, Beat Generals might be your chance to move forward. The program is offered at a pretty nominal membership fee but the best part is that it also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with what the program has to offer, you can always reimburse your money so there literally is nothing to lose here.

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