BTV Solo Review - This Beat Making Software Work Well?

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BTV SOLO is one of the most recent music production software to hit the market.

The man behind the award-winning software is Dallas Austin.

He is not new in the industry, as he has won two Grammy awards in the past.

He is known for working for the most notable artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna as well as Lady Gaga and Chris Brown among others.

Why BTV SOLO Is The Best Beat Making Software?

It is not surprising that the new music production software is making great impact on the market.

This is because the man behind the product has used great software in the past to produce great music.

Dallas has known a great deal of hit music, and knows all it takes to produce great sound.

Many people liked the software because you do not need to be a technical guru before you can use it for your music production.

The software is such simple that even beginners can use it comfortably.

It was specifically designed with beginners in mind, as could be seen from its functionality, navigation, layout, as well as versatility.

These were made in such a way that beginners would comfortably use the software.

Preloaded drum kits and sound.

The software is very simple to use because there is reloaded drum kits and sound in the system.

You are sure of thousands of drum kits as well as expert engineered sounds.

These are included for you so that you can use them to create the music of your dream.

Furthermore, the software is fitted with tools that would make it possible for you to import your own sounds from .wav and .aiff 16-24 bit files.

You can import these files and put them in your library.

Thus, it offers great opportunities for you to add those sounds to your library and you can always get at them any time you want.

The software makes it possible for you to sample and chop.

This means that when you import those movies or audio clip you can chop them and adjust them to become part of your sound system, and it would easily fit into your track.


You may think that the software layout is similar to other brands on the market.

They are not similar.

However, the version is not like other popular versions on the market.

If you know BKE Tech virtual software and beat thang hard software, the program is smaller than these are.

BTV SOLO is a simpler version of these models.

This means that the software though smaller and cost effective could do those things that big and expensive software can do in terms of music production, though it does not have a sampler and VSTi.

In addition, the sound level is not the same as it sounds less than the bigger versions.

BTV SOLO is very simple and easy to use

Another thing music maker like in this software is that it is simple and very easy to use.

As said, even beginners can use it without difficulties.

When you compare its interface with similar brands on the market, you would see the differences.

You would simply observe that it is easy and simple to use it.

The interface is unique.

It is simply organized in such a way that users would lay their hands on different drums as well as sounds.

The interface is laid out in an MPC Layout.

This makes music production and organization possible as there is easy and flexible workflow.

If you look at the left hand side of the software, you would easily discover all the drum kits and sounds listed.

You can easily assign keypad at its bottom area.

The software has 16 channels and each of these channels is representing various sequences.

From its screen display, you can find everything that you are currently playing with the software.

It is such displayed in a simple and easy to understand manner that even a novice can notice it.

Also located on the right side of the software are the sound effects.

There are various options on the screen; this would guide you if you want to set anything.

You can find the effect whenever you select any sound.

Because the software operates in a simple way, it would not be difficult for you to use it.

In fact, you can learn how to use it in a matter of hours.

With it, you can produce music within a few hours and it does not take more than a few hours for you to produce the music of your choice.

You can also resort to the external MIDI controller if you like.

The external MIDI Controller alternative

Another great thing about this device is the fact that you can also use external MIDI controller like a drum pad or keyboard to produce music using the great software.

When you do this, you are going to enjoy it because it plays drum patterns and different melodies right from your MIDI system.

This would also be the same thing with the BTV interface.

Another implication of this is that the software makes it easier for you to create beat of your choice without relying on the computer keyboard.

This is one of the great features, which you cannot find similar software on the internet.

This is because such other software are not as sophisticated as BTV Solo, which means that they cannot perform such tasks, because of a decrease in technology.


Another unique feature that makes the software superior is its functionality.

This is because of its unique features.

These enhance things that you do with the software.

When you equate this software with other brands on the market, you would begin to notice the difference.

Most music production tool on the internet is limited on their mastering tools, as well as to the effects that they can create.

When you want to consider the greatness of a musical instrument, you have to consider three different factors such as the use of sounds, the composer’s creativity, as well as mastering the tracks.

The software contains all the features that make all these three possible.

This cannot be found on most online software and many of the cheap music production instruments available on the internet do not have these features.

Drum kits and sound

You can see that the system already has in stock prepared drums and sounds in the system.

Moreover, those sounds and drums already set in the system are appealing and this is one of the software that you can have all of them combined.

When you have the software, you are sure of accessing thousands of sounds and drum kits.

The sounds are exceptionally good, and it equates to the sounds that you can get elsewhere.

You should not be surprised that you were getting these; the creator of the software has already used some of them in his previous music production.

Therefore, he knows the best and that is why he provided them for the benefits of his software users.

If you do not like already provided drums kit and sound, you can import yours and use them in your system.

This software provides tools that would allow you to do that.

However, you should bear at the back of your mind that this would attract additional cost, but know that you have the tools within the software that would help you to achieve that if you want to do sound and drum kits importation.

The program clearly understands the importance of effects in music creation, and that is why they provided tools that would help you to achieve that.

Because of this, the software contained various types of effect tools that would help you in music production, and they range from flangers, phasers, delays, reverbs, coil, as well as vinyl effects and so many others.

Beginners may find some of these confusing, but they would begin to enjoy them when they understand what they are all about and know how best to use them to achieve the desired results.

The effects are indispensable in music production, because they do not only make your music to sound unique; they also help you get in more ideas about your music.

You would master the technique as you continue to use the software.

  • It is the best software for beginners.
  • It already has drum kits and sound preloaded for you, though you can import yours if you like.
  • It has several tones of effect, which you can use to create your own sounds.

  • The major shortcoming is that the software does not have a VSTi plug-in option.

Why you must use BTV Solo for your music creation?

If you are interested in software that would assist you to create your music, you can use the software. It has all the features you need to create your own music. Apart from being affordable, it offers all the features, which are very expensive software on the market cannot provide. Buy yours today to enjoy the unique benefits.

$33.95 $37.00

BTV Solo Review - This Beat Making Software Work Well?
You have seen that BTV Solo is the most creative software you can download from the internet to create your own music. The software is great because a renowned composer produced it. It has all the tools that would help you achieve your major objectives of composing music. You do not have anything to lose when you use the program.
9.8 Total Score
Bottom Line

You have seen that BTV Solo is the most creative software you can download from the internet to create your own music. The software is great because a renowned composer produced it. It has all the tools that would help you achieve your major objectives of composing music. You do not have anything to lose when you use the program.

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