Eat Stop Eat

Eat stop eat is a weight loss method recommended by a nutritional expert Brad Pilon. This method is a radical departure from other weight loss programs. The program incorporates two major principles in its weight loss techniques. It advises for intermittent fasting for obese patients to lose weight.

  • It is an effective weight loss technique.
  • It leads to self-discipline and self-control.
  • The method is affordable since it does not involve costs.
  • It cleanses the body system.

  • It is tedious.
  • It could some side effects.

About Eat Stop Eat Program

It recommends strength exercise for overweight patients to gain muscle for fast fat burning. The program believes that the best way to lose weight is to control overeating and the easiest way to achieve it is by intermittent fasting. This is the point of departure from other weight loss methods, which associate fasting to metabolic shutdown. To address this problem, eat stop eat method recommends that by fasting for a short period and eating after that, metabolic slowdown does not occur. It only occurs when there is a prolonged fasting. The method does not recommend prolonged fasting. When there is a short fasting like a day, the body acquires enough calorie deficits, which it is required for accelerated weight loss. Apart from that, it also cleanses the body system.

It is good for the body as it helps to control overeating, which is the major cause of obesity. It further leads to self-discipline and self-control. You could easily fill up by taking small quantities of low calorie beverages. When you stop the fasting, you would eat normally the next day. It may look difficult at a glance, but as you progress with the method, you would start noticing it is simple and easy to follow.

Many people who have used the method have attested that it is an effective weight loss and weight control technique. Nutritionist and physical training experts often recommend it.

It is an excellent fat burning method. You could incorporate this method with weight training. The second aspect of the program recognizes the importance of exercise in weight loss. The method does not constitute an extreme risk to your health. The program does not distort your normal life. You only need to observe the periodic fasting and continue with your routine activities.

This is a marvelous method. Many obese patients have achieved positive results with the program. However, you must observe the program strictly to achieve a satisfactory result.

Eat Stop Eat
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    September 10, 2022 at 9:14 am

    Most people are afraid of the word “fasting” because they associate it with surviving only with water for days. ‘The Eat stop eat program’ focuses on 24 hour fasting periods and these are very easy to do, if you just focus on getting it done. I mixed this with a High Intensity Interval Training session and now I’m more toned in my late thirties than I was I in my twenties.

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