5 Foods To Never Eat

What five foods never to eat?

Don't be lazy and stop eating this food now!

When it comes to eating the right foods, it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what to eat and what to leave alone. There is a tremendous amount of debate in the general public and the media certainly does not make things any clearer regarding the subject. Fortunately, most people can find the road to better health by refusing to eat the foods that are listed below. These are five foods to never eat and there are a multitude of reasons why they should be left alone.

Five Foods To Never Eat And Why

1Artificial Sweeteners These come in many forms, namely aspartame and high fructose corn syrup. They are used to sweeten practically everything that is labeled diet or sugar free and this makes them especially dangerous because these are the foods that most people who are attempting to eat healthy believe that they can consume safely. However, there are many dangers associated with artificial sweeteners. Perhaps the biggest concern is that they have a tendency to throw off blood sugar levels, causing insulin to rise. This forces the pancreas to work harder to get rid of the extra insulin and this in turn can be a primary factor when a person contracts diabetes. In addition, artificial sweeteners are essentially made in a lab and they can and often do cause a multitude of other problems ranging from headaches and blurred vision to mood changes to an irregular heartbeat. For these reasons, they should be avoided. Instead of consuming artificial sweeteners, attempt to sweeten food with natural products that have not been refined or processed.

2Margarine The reason that margarine is so dangerous is because of the trans-fat that is involved in the product. This is another product that is made in a lab and it has a tendency to cause exceptionally high cholesterol levels in most people that consume it. This in turn leads to things such as coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, heart attack and heart failure. Therefore, margarine should not be consumed at all.

3Refined Grains Things like white bread and white rice can be especially dangerous because they have been overly processed to the point that any nutritional value that was ever associated with them has been stripped away in its entirety. This causes them to become little more than empty calories and the carbohydrates that are associated with them can also throw off blood sugar levels, further contributing to the potential for things like diabetes and metabolic disease. Furthermore, these products are very acidic because of the refining process and as a result, they can increase bacteria inside the body. This throws off the overall health of the body, making it more likely for a person to get diseases that are related to bacteria or fungus. Essentially, it lowers a person’s immunity to a point where they are susceptible to a variety of diseases.

4Table Salt The dangers associated with this product have been known for quite some time. It has a tendency to dramatically increase blood pressure, thereby forcing the heart to work harder to pump blood to the rest of the body. Over time, this can lead to chronic high blood pressure as well as heart problems such as heart attack and even heart failure. Consuming too much salt also has a tendency to result in an irregular heartbeat. Moreover, consuming table salt causes the body to retain water. This also forces the heart to work harder and it causes a person to look and feel as though they have gained anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds, all because of the extra water that is being retained.

5Fried Foods The reason that fried foods, especially those that are deep fried, are so dangerous is because they contain all of the things that can do the most harm to the human body. For example, consuming them can cause a person’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels to go through the roof. This in turn makes a person susceptible to heart disease and heart failure. It can also cause a variety of different types of cancer and can lead to obesity, which is another contributing factor for both cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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