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There are several products available for overweight patients, but the problem has always been that many of them do not work. This is why many obese patients are reluctant to try many weight loss methods introduced to the market. However, there is one method, which many people acknowledge helping them change their condition. Gabriel method is effective. Former obese patients have used it to attain excellent weight.

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  • The method works.
  • It is safe.
  • It does not recommend stringent conditions.
  • It involves the mind.
  • It prevents obesity forever.
  • Improves overall health.

  • It involves mind, many people could not implement it.
  • It takes time to manifest. It needs patience.

About Gabriel Method Diet Plan

The method emphasized the simple and important things that people tend to ignore in their weight loss efforts. It emphasizes that the obese patient should trust their minds rather than focusing on programs and pills that never work. The method is simple because it does not involve any medication or surgical procedure. You only allow your logic to work for you. Your logic does not only help melt the excess fat away, it also speeds up the metabolic process and weight loss.

The program advises obese patients to avoid crash eating. This is because; when you indulge in crash eating it forces the body to move into a starvation mode. This is counterproductive because the body would start to store accumulate fat. It would also begin to burn your muscles to activate metabolic processes. This means that instead of losing fat, you only lose muscle mass.

The method does not suggest any strict diet as other programs do; rather, it demands that the obese patient consumes more of raw foods. This is because they are more nutritious to the body. The program does not stop you from eating anything, but it suggests you must eat balanced meals.

The method achieves better results when the daily food consumption is split into six small different meals. Recommended foods include those rich in Omega fatty acids, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, skinless poultry, seeds, nuts, fish as well as lean meats and a few others.

The method also recognizes that the exercise is a major ingredient in weight loss efforts and recommended different forms of exercise such as alternate running, walking as well as interval training and so on.

Overall, it is a fantastic program. Many people across the world have relied on the method to reach their weight loss goals. It is affordable. It only requires conditioning your mind to achieve the best result.

Gabriel Method
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    September 10, 2022 at 9:49 am

    I was overweight my entire life so I’m used to hearing a lot of fat jokes. The Gabriel method program helped me focus on what I could do, eat healthier instead of just skipping meals hoping to shed some pounds. By just eating healthy – I didn’t workout – I managed to lose 10 pounds in two weeks, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the scale. Albeit, I don’t have any muscle tone, I just weigh less. Now I have to focus on my fitness to help my skin recover – now it’s hanging a bit in my arms and belly area.

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