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Everyone loves to hear the language of love, as the fame of the garden scene in Romeo and Juliet and the popularity of love songs and poetry, including the Biblical Song of Songs, make clear. In this article we will do a review of a recent book on the subject.

The Truth About Language of Desire

The book Language of Desire was written by Felicity Keith, a 42-year-old mother, for women who want to use the power of language to gain sexual power over their husbands and boyfriends.

Mrs. Keith got the inspiration to write her masterpiece from a night that she spent in bed with her husband, only to find the bed empty when she woke up a few hours later on that same night. The two of them had been making love passionately when sudden panic began to take hold of Felicity as she wondered what she should say next. All that she finally managed to say was that her husband’s penis felt good; the only response that she got was silence, which she compared to “a tumbleweed rolling across a street in the Old West.”

When she went out to see where her husband had gone, she found a shocking sight indeed: Her husband was naked and masturbating while staring at pornographic videos on the computer, complete with audio of their erotic moaning and words of arousal — the kinds of dirty words that a “good girl” such as Felicity would never even think of saying! (It was the sound of that moaning, indeed, that brought her into that room.)

Very few things that have ever happened to Felicia have made such a terrible impact on her as this incident did. The sight of her husband, playing with himself over images of women he had never met and in all probability never would meet, who for all either of them knew lived on the other side of the globe, made her stay up all night wondering: What could he possibly see in those strange women that he failed to see in his own wife? Besides, this girl was not much prettier than Felicity herself. To cap it all, this incident took place on the night of their wedding anniversary! (She would include “the porn destroyer” in Language of Desire, as we shall see presently.)

You would think that Felicity immediately felt her whole world coming down upon her. Such was not the case, however. Instead, when she saw the smile on her husband Kevin’s face, she found herself more attracted to him than ever! Never before had she seen him looking so “happy and masculine and satisfied.”

The next day, Felicity proceeded to find out just what arouses the sexual imagination in men, and how she could fulfill it. When she applied the results of her research on Kevin, it worked! When her friends asked her to share her secrets, then Language Of Desire was born.

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Among the many topics covered in Language of Desire are:

  • Pavlov’s erection technique — whispering seemingly innocent phrases that cause “unreasonable” arousal.
  • the “cuddle hormone”.
  • the “porn destroyer”.
  • the “erotic telepathy” technique — a method invented by our author of Language of Desire to detect passionate fantasies of which even the man himself may be unaware.
  • the “sexual singularity” — This word from black hole terminology is used in Language of Desire to refer to that powerful word that makes a man feel more desired and appreciated than he has ever been made to feel before.
  • the “lust mirror” technique — an easy but powerful technique in which the more one partner gets turned on, the more the other gets turned on in a feedback loop that finally erupts into mutual desperation and the two partners fall into each other’s arms.
  • the “oral intensifier” — how to make him feel adored and worshiped to the point of being willing to “slay dragons” in order to keep you as a part of his life.
  • the “erotic action movie technique” — how to create a vivid “emotional movie” in your man’s head in which he is a hero who would do anything for you, such that you can use your feminine vulnerability to motivate and inspire him to be the man you have always wanted him to be — and he has always wanted to be too!
  • the “invisible chastity belt” — All those who have read Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four know how Winston’s girl, Julia, wears a chastity belt, the emblem of the Junior Anti-Sex League. Felicity has borrowed this term to label her form of “reverse psychology” that involves “taking sex off the table” in order to make the man desire his woman more than he otherwise would.
  • the monogamous male maximizer.
  • the “madonna moan” — consists of a series of sexual relaxation exercises.
  • As you can see, Felicity is extraordinarily creative when it comes to creating techniques for attracting a mate. The ones outlined above, which appear on the book’s website, are but a sampling of them.

  • The Language of Desire is clean — not slimy and sleazy like so many other products designed for the purpose.
  • There is no “fluff” in the book.
  • Felicity even knows how to make “phone sex” more enjoyable!

  • You can get carried away!

Language Of Desire

Order your copy of Language of Desire, and you will never regret the day you did so. The program is currently available at a discount and is accompanied by a CD on each chapter.

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The Language Of Desire Program By Felicity Keith - Review
Language of Desire is not a scam; it really works, as so many other happy customers have shown. The product has been featured on NBC, FOX and CBS, among other venues.
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Bottom line

Language of Desire is not a scam; it really works, as so many other happy customers have shown. The product has been featured on NBC, FOX and CBS, among other venues.

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