Everlesson - Build Your Courses Online: Full Review

Ever lesson may be referred to as the updated variant of Member Hub which is commonly known as a cloud platform for easily setting up and managing different membership websites. It allows you to get integrated with almost all of the major aut responders along with numerous webinar tools (such as Go To Webinar, Webinar JEO etc.), independent software vendors (such as Spin Rewriter, Leads Flow Pro, You Zign, etc.), file hosting services (such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc.) and 3 of the most popular payment processors including JVZoo, Strip and PayPal.

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The standard variant of the program incorporates a number of high end features. Some of them are listed below in order to give you an overview:

  • Bulk user import
  • Course comment boxes
  • Automatic license emails (received when custom registration forms are filled by new users)
  • Gamification (obliging members through rewards after certain activity)
  • Monetization options as automated sales pages, ad tickers, ad banners, etc.

The biggest pro associated with Ever Lesson is the fact that it allows you to setup highly professional sort of websites without any requirement for prior technical experiences. Not only that but this is provided very quickly and easily to serve your requirements.

Since this application is web based, it may be accessed using any kind of device that is connected to the internet through an active line. There is no requirement for any hosting since hosting for all the content is provided by Ever Lesson. In case a member is interested in using domain redirection features, Ever lesson allows it.

Start off with your first membership site using Everlesson

In order to start off, all you need to do is to pick out your desired sales page themes, membership themes and then finally your desired set of theme colors. Ever lesson allows you to pick out on of the predefined colors or set any one of your own choice as well. All it takes is a few seconds and you are done.

The next step is to start creating modules and uploading the required content. In most of the cases, Ever Lesson also requires you to select a video. Different types of URLs are supported by Ever Lesson. These include YouTube, Amazon S3, Vimeo, etc.

After you are done, the application carries out the build on its own and the sales page is ready! Since the process is very simple and quick, it serves as a big time saver as well. When you are all set with building your page, you may provide your members with access to it through the members area.

Structuring a membership site

Ever Lesson allows you to make as many courses or products as you want to for each of your membership sites. You may create packages and levels in this regard. Level may be referred to as a products’ group that comprises of bundled products for only a single category of users. Similarly, a package may be thought of as breaking down individual products to provide their access to different levels like Gold, Silver and Bronze.

The content included in a membership site is usually delivered on the basis of a drip feed after passing a certain lesson or grade. Any sort of digital content of your choice may also be posted according to your requirements.

How to engage your members?

Ever lesson offers a number of unique and powerful engagement features so that you might be able to engage your members more conveniently. It allows you to make use of gamification, according to which you may be able to reward or oblige your members by providing them with points and badges upon taking certain actions.

Ever lesson also provides you with a comment box. It is a built in feature and enables you to submit different types of comments or messages to every single one of your members at the very same time. The resource tab provided by the application also comes in very handy since it allows you to add resource links in collaboration with the time when they are mentioned within the video playback. In order to sum it up, it may be said that Ever Lesson offers a number of members engagement features that come in very handy when you are trying to grasp the attentions of your members.

Are there any shortcomings?

Ever lesson is a highly advanced ad evolved software application that offers a number of features that are hard to find in other similar products. There are lots and lots of options when it comes to customizing your websites and membership areas. It allows you to choose from the built in themes provided by the application while all the other stuff related to your website may also be customized in a very quick and convenient fashion. When we talk about the short comings associated with this product, there is nothing much that comes to mind in this regard. But since we promised you a detailed and thorough review, go through the below paragraph to find more on the shortcomings of Ever Lesson.

There are only 2 sales templates provided in the front end of the product. Both these templates are pretty professional but there is a good chance that the users might be willing for additional options as well. In addition to this, the front end product allows you to make 20 different membership sites all at once. Through these sites, you may have as many as 10,000 members at most in total. This number appears to be more than sufficient for small time website owners but if you are planning on getting into the bigger game, Ever Lesson might not be the best choice to take care of your requirements.

Why should you try Everlesson?

If you are still wondering why is it the right choice to purchase Ever Lesson, you need to remind yourself that it is a fine solution when it comes to conveniently managing and setting up every single one of your membership websites. It does not require you to sign up for additional hosting services while there is no need to deal with any membership scripts or plugins either. The application also offers a number of high end features which are hard to find in other applications of the similar kind.


Ever lesson is available in different package plans but the best and the most convenient option in this regard is to go for the one time special license that is offered by Everlesson for a reasonable price of 497 USD (One time payment only). This package is fully loaded and offers every single one of the features that you might be able to find in any variant of Everlesson. If you believe you can’t spare this amount at once, you may also go for the monthly subscription that comes at 49 USD per month. The offer also comes with a 30 days money back guarantee so if you think about it, you do not lose anything even if you are not satisified by the quality of services offered by ever lesson.

Everlesson Bonuses

Ever lesson has been doing its best to promote itself through different means. Since it is an exceptional software that has a lot to offer, the response from the users is pretty encouraging. Ever lesson has signed several people up for different affiliate programs and different discounted deals are provided to those potential users who are shopping for the product through those affiliates. Some of the most notable offers in this regard include availability of free additional products and applications, availability of bonus points for choice of plugins and courses and other similar kinds of incentives. Therefore, if you are planning on buying this product, it is strongly recommended to buy it through an affiliate who offers you a good deal.

  • Bulk user import
  • Numerous monetization options
  • User friendly
  • 30 days money back guarantee

  • Price is on the higher side

Get started to build your course with Everlesson

Try out EverLesson now if you are having any trouble achieving the success you have always desired with your membership websites. This amazing platform offers a variety of features that are hard to find elsewhere.

9.8 Total Score
Bottom Line

In order to sum it all up it may be said that Everlesson is a fine application that allows you to achieve a good deal of success with your membership websites. There are numerous software applications of this kind that may be bought off the market but this one offers a lot more than you could have anticipated. The biggest advantage of using this software is the fact that it is very easy and convenient to use. Regardless of the fact that you have any prior experience in the field of website development or not, Ever Lesson allows you to make membership websites of your own choice without having to go through any trouble. This software might serve you as the best platform if you are related to website development and other similar gigs. Keeping that in view, it is the most well suited choice for content creators, digital marketers and different types of SEO agencies. In addition to this, it also offers a 30 days money back guarantee which suggests the fact that there is absolutely nothing to worry about even if you are not satisfied with its functionalities.

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