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Rich Dad Summit Review: For Online Entrepreneurship Newbies

Are you an entrepreneur thinking about embracing the digital platform to help your business expand further? There are many geniuses who are running their businesses online. Unfortunately, not many are easily accessible while others are not willing to readily share their expertise. Well, Rich Dad Summit is an online event organized by Robert Kiyosaki to help starting online entrepreneurs do it the right way. But does it offer what it claims?

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What is Rich Dad Summit?

This is an online entrepreneurship program authored by a well-known and skilled founder of the Rich Dad Company. The program aims at coaching newbies pick up and generate quick profits to attain independence.  It lasts for 2 days and takes place online in real time, where attendees get to learn new techniques and secrets of earning long lasting wealth by investing what they already have.

The entire program is 16 hours long split into 8 hour sessions for two days. Investors from various industries including real estate and online marketers learn various tricks on how to make money from the comfort of their seat. The author explains that this is what real wealth creation is all about: letting your money work for you.  Training sessions are conducted during the weekends, that is, Saturdays and Sundays.

Online entrepreneurs seeking to gain financial independence get to learn from the four most renowned online entrepreneurship influencers namely,  Robert Kiyosaki; Kotton Grammer, SEO and marketing expert; Anik Singal, CEO and Founder of Lurn; and Fred Lam, an e-commerce millionaire. It is a live session hence attendees get a chance to ask questions regarding any topic of entrepreneurship and get answers in real time.

Who is best suited for Rich Dad Summit?

As pointed out earlier, this is an event that will best suite newbies in online entrepreneurship seeking for ways to quickly grow and establish dominance. It is designed for risk takers, since entrepreneurship is all about taking risks. Kiyosaki however explains that it is not just about any risks, but it is about taking wise risks with a win-win situation or negligible loss if any.

If you meet any of the below categories of entrepreneurs, then this is the perfect event that you shouldn’t dare to miss:

  • If taking orders from others make you sick and makes you hate your job. That simply means you want to be your own boss, and this program is the best starter pack for you.
  • If you’ve tried being an entrepreneur before but never made a breakthrough, perhaps you should find out what were your mistakes through this event.
  • If searching for mechanisms of making long term wealth to financially secure your future, get on board right away!

Rich Dad Summit gives you a warm welcome through methods that give you a promise of growing and expanding your financial dominance within no time. Who wouldn’t want to be rich? And that’s the reason why anyone can perfectly fit into this event.

What does it take to be part of the event?

It’s a live online event conducted by four gurus of online entrepreneurship. Hence all you need is a strong internet connection, and a dollar! Yes that’s right! By simply paying $1, you get to access priceless knowledge that no one else wouldn’t offer at as a price. If looking for something more captivating, perhaps the Rich Dad Insider that costs $67 per month can get you on the right track to your financial freedom.

There are known events organized by Robert Kiyosaki where attendance fees were over a thousand dollar, yet still, many more attended. With this 1$ deal, who can dare miss out!

What to expect from the summit?

Of course, online entrepreneurship novices have a lot of anticipations. But just to point out some of the expectations at a glimpse, attendees are taught on procedural ways of starting their own businesses online to become passive earners.

The event has several programs introduced in the course of the session thus attendees can choose ones that they feel can benefit them most. The summit teaches the young entrepreneurs on the best approaches to investing in financing, real estate, ecommerce and many more. Consider this as a virtual stepping stone to achieving your financial glory.

The event is crafted to fulfill a single purpose: providing the right tools, resources and blueprints for attaining impressive amounts of wealth with the least efforts possible. With your $1, you get access to proven to work tactics, tips and tricks of building new money generating systems online. And the good part of it is that you don’t have to attend physically, hence you can stream in from wherever you are.

Day one:

This helps you discover various ways earning money online exponentially. Key speakers on day one include Kiyosaki, Andy Tanner, Anik Singal, Jeremy Bellotti and Andrew Lantz. You will get to learn the following:

  • Developing right mindset to help you build a long term wealth.
  • How to overcome the setbacks hindering you from becoming a successful entrepreneur.
  • Becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Most rewarding and effective business opportunities available both online and offline.
  • Understanding the concept of assets and liabilities.
  • Eliminating the myths in stock markets
  • Making your email list your asset.
  • Building your own success team.

Day two:

Some of the speakers on the second day session include Chris Steele, Jeremy Bellotti, Max Wright, Fred Lam, Andrew Lantz, Anik Singal, Garrett Sutton and Tom Wheelwright. Things to learn include:

  • Letting your money work for you.
  • Making investment in real estate.
  • Investing in Bitcoin.
  • The strength of soft assets.
  • Tax savings attained from entrepreneurship and investing.
  • How to safeguard your assets.
  • Becoming more powerful through contribution.

What do you stand to benefit?

One of the most indispensable benefits of the summit is learning how to grasp opportunities around to become a financially independent person for your whole life. Form the comfort of your seat, you can learn extensive knowledge on how to expand your territory and becoming rich.

What makes it even more interesting is the fact that you get to learn from entrepreneurs who have already established and achieved their financial freedom. This gives you a sense of affirmation that you are certainly learning the correct methods of attaining more wealth.

Attendees get to learn from the experts themselves, rather than spending hours researching online reading through books and articles which can perplex you. This two day event will give you proper guidance and mentorship to implement the strategies taught by the experts in your business.

  • You get to start off your online enterprise the right way and achieve independence quickly.
  • You get access to knowledge on how to expand your current enterprise into a large company.
  • Entrepreneurs get to learn how to create extra income through smart investments.
  • The summit offers skills on how to run your business in autopilot mode while relaxed at the comfort of your seat.

What makes this even much easier to be implemented is that there are no prerequisites required in order to start. Right after the summit, novice entrepreneurs can start implementing the newly gained knowledge to achieve desired results quickly.

Caution on fraud

With anything that turns out to be a big success, there will definitely be fraudsters masquerading as the genuine product to con people of their hard earned cash. Therefore, exercise a lot of caution whenever signing up for any event online that claims to offer the Rich Dad Summit. Always conduct thorough research before joining the summit from any of the websites.

With a little keenness it is easy to spot the fake imposters. Simply watch out for and keep off from websites claim to provide comprehensive high quality reviews when actually their content is software generated with lots of spams all over the web. Always make your purchase from the official site.

  • Rich Dad Summit offers a lot of entrepreneurial skills at very affordable rate of only $1.
  • Extensive investment knowledge is shared to attendees by various successful online entrepreneurs.
  • The event takes place live online hence no need to attend physically.
  • The speakers readily share investment knowledge which is hard to come by.
  • It is best suited for novice entrepreneurs who seek to venture into online entrepreneurship.
  • Invaluable knowledge shared in real time, which can be implemented right after the summit.

  • Attendees must have strong internet connectivity in order to stream the event live without interruptions.

Get Instant Access To The Rich Dad Training!

Rich Dad Summit is the best way for you to kick start your investments online. You can’t wait to learn from Robert Kiyosaki and other experts, simply click this link to go the event page right away. Hurry and book your space today!

9.6 Total Score
Bottom Line

At a fee of just $1, you get access to invaluable entrepreneurship knowledge that is very hard to find from anyone. This event is actually what you might just need to tackle the tough economic times and achieve financial independence. Apart from the internet requirement, you surely don’t have a reason to miss out on this life changing event.

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