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Weber 16401001 Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill - Review

Weber 16401001 is the favorite grill for many people. This is evident from the fact that many users of the griller were satisfied with its high-end performance. If you have ever used this product, you would enjoy it forever. Here are some of the factors that make the griller unique.

Weber 16401001 Review

If you one of those who like well prepared food, you would like to use this great smoker. The best griller you can lay your hands on the market today is the Weber 16401001. You would expect the product to be great, because a known company, Weber, produced it. This grill is remarkably different from other brands on the market.

It is a simple and perfect charcoal grill, because it is designed in the form of a kettle. The design is one factor that makes people to opt for the product. By design, the grill looks very simple and it is easy and simple to operate it. Its grilling is simple and it works wonderfully well. It works in a simple and straightforward manner. Moreover, it works in a very natural way, and that is why you would achieve a perfect grilling. Although it is not a gas griller, it works simpler than the gas powered griller and it cooks better than other similar products on the market, whether powered by a gas or anything else.

Why you must love Weber 16401001

There are several reasons that would make you love this great product. The first thing is that Weber manufactured the smoker. They are foremost producers of high quality smokers in the world. When you use the product, you are sure of efficiency and high quality performance.

The second reason that would make you like the product is that it looks very simple. It does not only look simple, it works in a simple and natural way. It is designed like a kettle and that makes it appealing to many users.

It is heavy; this means that it is not difficult for you to move it from one place to another place. It is sized about twenty-six inches. It is not bulky; this makes it is great for families. This also means that it would not occupy much space in the home. Many people like this great product because of this.

Moreover, it is reasonably priced. Despite the high-end services you derive from it, you would not spend your fortune to acquire it. Because of the prices they are sold in the market, many people could afford it.

The product is good for barbecue lovers. This is because there is no other portable griller for barbecuing that can compare with Weber 16401001. It is good news for such people. You would enjoy a better and healthier cooking by using the great product.

This model is known for its ability to retain heat. This is good; because it can help you prepare your foods efficiently. Moreover, it is simple and easy to clean after use. Again, this important factor makes it outstanding among similar brands on the market. This is one reason this product is regarded as a premium brand.

Weber 16401001 features

The griller is great because of its features. It has a whooping 508 square inches, which constitutes its cooking area. This is great because it provides enough spaces for you to do your cooking. This means that you can prepare large quantities of food, including a whole chicken at a time. This also means that it can serve a small family. This is amazing, because of the size of the product.

Furthermore, Weber 16401001 has a heavy porcelain enameled lid. This measured about 26 inches diameter. It is fitted with this enameled touch to ensure that you get the best from this product. Because of the enameled property, you should be sure that it would serve you for a very long time.

These are fantastic features and users always look forward for these features before they make their choice about grillers. You are going to derive maximum value from this brand when you buy it.

It is simple to clean

One important factor people consider when they are looking for a griller is the cleaning ease. It does not take time before you can clean the smoker. This is because the product has an assembly of stainless cleaning materials and it can be cleaned with just one touch. It is great because users do not worry about cleaning the product after using it.

Cleaning is even made simpler because of the availability of detachable ash catcher. It has an ash catcher, which you can easily detach when it becomes full. This also facilitates grilling with the product, because it leads to indirect heating. Furthermore, the steel-hinged cooking grate makes grilling easy.

You can easily monitor your food through its high capacity and in built thermometer. You can easily monitor the quantity of heating applied to your food as you are cooking. The thermometer is placed where you can easily see it and monitor your food.

Furthermore, it is fitted with a bowl; the bowl has a handle as well as an integrated hook. These are essential because you need them for storage. They are designed in such a way that you do not have trouble while storing your food. The lid is accompanied with a heat shield and this ensures that you enjoy the grilling. You can see that there are lots of features that make the product great and, which would make you to love it.

Weber 16401001 specifications

If you want to know why the product stands out among similar brands on the market today, you have to study its specifications.

The first thing you would notice about this product is that it is always available in black color. This makes it easier to identify the product in the market.

Secondly, you have to consider its dimensions. It measures 42.3 by 24.4 by 32 inches. It also weighs about 56.6 pounds. You have seen that it is fitted with a bowl and lid. The porcelain-enameled lid is about 26 inch.

The cooking area as you can see is spacious enough despite its size. You have seen that it has enough spacing and cooking area of about 508squae inch. This is indeed unique.

The handling area is made of nylon, but it was reinforced by a glass material. This is why you cannot feel the heat when you are using the product.

You would also observe that it has a cooking grate, which was also hinged and composed of stainless steel material. You can see from the specifications above that the smoker has all the qualities that make a great smoker. It is not surprising that many people who want the best would always opt for Weber 16401001. It has great things going for it.

Why is so great about this product?

Here are the reasons the product is great. You can see a lot of them from its features and reviews written by previous users of the product.

First, you would notice that this kettle has a great and unique cooking area. People consider this one important factor when they look for a smoker to buy.

It has aluminum dampers. This helps to prolong the lifespan of the product, because it helps it to resist rusting. This is another important factor, which people look out when they look a griller to purchase.

It offers good and convenient food storage and that is because it has a handle reinforced by glass and a hook.

Furthermore, because of porcelain-enameled coating, you are sure that you are going to use this brand for a long time. It would not wear and tear easily.

Finally, you would see that it is not difficult to assemble this smoker. You do not need to be a technician before you can assemble and use the griller. It does not take more than a hammer and a screwdriver to assemble and install the device for your use. It has a manual, which would guide you until you install and use your product. Weber 16401001 is the best griller you can buy on the market today.

  • It is simple and easy to assemble.
  • It has enough cooking space.
  • It is strong and durable and that is because of the high quality materials used in producing it.

  • The only drawback is that it lacks fancy attachments like other products from the company.

8.8 Total Score
Bottom Line

Weber 16401001 is one of the greatest products from the company. For the food lovers, this is the ideal griller they have been looking for. It is very efficient and very powerful. It was specifically designed to offer its users the best. With its 508 square inches cooking space, it provides enough area to prepare delicious foods for your family members. It is the best of its kind in the market.

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