Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-Inch Charcoal Smoker - Review

Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18.5″ are a great charcoal smoker you can use to achieve smokehouse flavoring in your home. You can use it to smoke a whole turkey or a ham at once. This means that you do not have to smoke them differently. It is made from the finest materials and it is a great utensil to have in any home.

Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18″ Review

Weber 721001 Smokey mountain cooker 18 inches are made from porcelain enameled steel. It comes with other fantastic features such as 2 nickel plated and a wide cooking grate. It is the ideal for every home, because of the simple way the product works. If you desire to get the juiciest cuts, moistest, and perfect meat for your home, you have to opt for the cooking device. It works wonderfully well, sometimes; it works low and sometimes slow. It uses two Smokey, which mean that you can smoke two items at a time. After a use, you may prefer to slow down its use for the rest of the nights.

The product users enjoy it because of the fantastic and unique ways it works. It offers a total of 481 square inches for cooking. This is a fantastic cooking space and that is why it could accommodate different things at a time.

The product is fitted with many things such as water pan. Water pan is where water is installed. Also contained in the product includes thermometer. Thermometer is very important, because it measures the product temperature and helps to determine when items are well smoked. It equally contains individual vent on its bowl, this is where the heat is evacuated out of the system. If you purchase the product, you are assured of a ten year limited warranty from the manufacturers.


Here are some of the features embedded in the product. It is fitted with a built in thermometer. This helps to prolong the life of the product, because it allows you to monitor the temperature of the product anytime it is in use. It helps to control the use of the product. With the thermometer, you would easily determine when to switch off the system.

Another interesting feature of this product is the porcelain enameled water pan. This pan ensures that meat smoked through the system remained moistened. This is the best way to preserve the meat you smoke through the system. This is a very important feature as you always can add steam to your Smokey.

Furthermore, it is fitted with a heavy duty cooking grates. The cooking grates are two in number and are produced from plated steels. It is has a heavy-duty steel. This provides the support for the roasting and smoking of meats. This is why both roasting and smoking could be done at the same time.

A unique product

This is a perfect grill for every household. The makers wanted a great product that would stand the test of time. Weber knows the attachment people have for grills and that is why their product surpasses the expectations of its customers. It is not just only this product, other great products from the company is synonymous with quality. That is why the product is another name for family barbecues. It is a great product, you want to use when you want to prepare delicious Smokey for your friends and family members.

The product is innovative

The Smokey is revolutionary in every sense of the world. It has transformed grilling system for the family members. Every family should be striving to own one. The system works perfectly such that you do not need to worry about control. It is fitted with original kettle and fitted with heat controlling dampers, as well as electronic controlling flavorizer bars. Hardly could any similar product on the market match it in efficiency.


Another thing that sets the product apart is its unique performance. Many people look on the product when they consider grill with great performance and expectation. Whatever you want to cook with the product, be it an extensive meal or a burger, you are going to have a great experience with it because it is designed in a way to offer you great satisfaction and efficiency. In terms of performance, it is the best product that you can lay your hands on the market. You derive a lot of satisfaction anytime you use the product.

WSM is a great product that works perfectly. Moreover, it is not difficult to use the product and cleaning process is simple. Anybody can use the product. To learn more about the product, it is important that you study the manuals, this would guide you on how to make efficient use of it.

How it works

When you order the Smokey, you have to season it properly before you begin to use it. Remember that as a new arrival, it would overheat items you grill with it. However, you can easily control the overheating problem by applying grease and gunk inside and the rim. This would ensure there is an airtight seal. There are different ways you can facilitate fast seasoning.

Seasoning method: Phase 1
The first phase involves covering the water pan using aluminum foil. Follow it with lit Kingsford briquettes. After that apply hot water in the pan, and water has to run in the span for more than 350 degrees. The essence of this is to burn off any remnant of manufacturing residues that may remain in the system. After that, you can remove the ash and go to the next phase.
Seasoning method: Phase 2
In the second phase, you have to fill charcoal basket with unlit briquettes. Follow it with half chimney lit Kingsford briquettes in its middle. This would permit a slow burn for 3 hours or more and it would be burning at 72 degrees outside the temperature range. You have to adjust the vent to reach 275 degrees on the device’s thermometer. You have to generate enough grease from the system. You do this by putting chicken parts, bacon strips, pork fat, or any meat you did not plan to grill and which you do not intend to eat. The importance of this phase is to generate enough quantities of grease through those scrap meats.

Furthermore, you generate smoke. To do this, toss a few wood chunks. You need to go through this phase for at least two more times before you begin to use the device to grill meat that you can actually eat.

Seasoning method: Phase 3
When you have repeated phase two for several times you can use it to cook your meat. If you do not like this phase, there is a third phase, which would help you prepare your WSM for use. The most important aspect of the third phase is that you can actually cook your meat without adding water into the pan. Instead, you cover the pan with foil at both the bottom and the top. You have to foil both up and bottom so that you can remove one of the layers after you are done with the cook, you can refoil it after that. The essence of this foiling is to prevent the cleaning of the pan after use. After the seasoning of your WSM, you can as well cook with it without putting water on the pan.

Moreover, dry heating makes for the easy formation of the bark. When the crust is formed, you can introduce moisture to the meat. Spray water using a spray bottle. This would facilitate the formation of bark easily. You can detect whether the bark has been formed by using your fingernail. Use it to scrape the meat surface, this would help to determine whether the bark has formed on the meat or not. If you notice crust coming out from your fingernails, it would be evidence that the bark has not been fully formed. When there is crust, it means that it is still wet. You should grill for about 15 minutes to allow the meat to bark very well. This is an award-winning device as you can see that it is not difficult to use it.

WSM Cleaning

Cleaning WSM is not difficult. It is advised not to wash the inside of the device. Rather, you should use brush to scrape the dome and inside of the device. If you want to clean the grates, you simply put it in a plastic trash bag, using your gloves, spray the device with oven cleaner inside the bag, and allow for half an hour. It is better to clean it this way than doing it outside.

If you are looking for the best Smokey for your meat, a Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18 inches are the ideal product for you. You have a lot to gain when you buy the product. Even if you are not satisfied with it, you can still get your money back. Take action today buy the product. It is the best product you can ever use in your home.

  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • It is well made.
  • It is strong and durable.
  • The parts are easy to assemble.
  • It is effective because it works very well.

  • Many people who use the product are happy with it.

9.8 Total Score
Bottom line

It is evident that Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18 inches are the best product for meat smoking. It can grill more than one item at once because it has provision for grilling different types of meats at a time. It is simple and very easy to use, clean and maintain. It is durable; it is a good device, which you can make part of your home.

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